Fine Motor Skills Fun

Hello my darlings! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I know we did.

We had some family come for a visit, and got to celebrate a very untraditional Thanksgiving. I adore almost anything ‘outside of the box’. And, after moving to a brand new city of strangers, a family visit is always happily welcomed. 🙂

Over the course of the weekend, I noticed that our son’s fine motor skills have drastically improved.

We have been struggling with some fine motor skills issues for awhile. After discussing this with my son’s wonderful and amazing teacher, she shared some amazing exercises with me. I am super excited to spread the love, and to share these tips and tricks with you today!

First, what are Fine Motor skills anyway? Fine Motor is the development and coordination of small muscles, and are typically associated with the hands, fingers and eyes. Some examples are: writing, cutting, tying shoes, zipping, etc.

Why are Fine Motor skills important? Developing and strengthening these muscles are very much needed for writing and cutting in Kindergarten. Children with less muscle strength typically struggle to write, which can drain self confidence.

As I said earlier, my son’s teacher is absolutely amazing! We adore her, and she always takes the time to truly understand where each of her students are in their learning process. She took the time to meet with me to discuss our ongoing Fine Motor skills issue, and even provided me with some wonderful exercises.


The first exercise is what we call Beads in a Bowl. You can use this with rice, beads, or even Cheerios. You will need 2 bowls, beads, and some tweezers. We use alphabet beads, because our son is deeply interested in letters. You can find some great alphabet beads here.

I typically have him find specific letters, and we also utilize this time to spell our sight words. He will find the letter, pick it up with the tweezers, and place the found letter in the empty bowl. This exercise has definitely developed those finger muscles!


We call this next exercise Number Links. For this exercise you will need some chain links. We happen to use some cards with the numbers 1 – 20 printed on each one, but this is not absolutely necessary. You can always call out numbers to your child, and/or have them make patterns with the various colors. You can find some chain links here.

When doing this exercise, we make it fun by ‘pick a card, any card’, and once the card is selected he will need to join that many links. We also like to do Pattern Power, and have him come up with a color pattern with multiple repeats. I would have to say that this is his favorite exercise.


I like to call this exercise Happy Hole Punch. You will need a hole puncher, and some paper. We like to use paper with the alphabet, but feel free to use whatever you have around the house. Your child may prefer brightly colored construction paper. I always say you do what makes you, and your child, happy!

This exercise is very self explanatory. Have your child use the hole punch throughout the paper. This exercise builds up those hand muscles quickly! You will definitely notice an improvement when they are using scissors…with parental supervision of course! 😉

I truly hope that these exercises help you and your kiddos as much as they have mine!

Let me know your thoughts, or any other exercises you may have tried, with a comment below. XO




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