Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Hello my darlings! I hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving, and is back in full swing. I know I am!

Things have been moving at turbo speed with my life. In case you didn’t know, I have opened my very own Etsy Shop! I am super excited about this new adventure, and over the moon to offer my handmade goods to everyone. Feel free to check out my shop here.

I have also been doing the #MomLife thing, blogging, and decorating for Christmas! I have to tell you Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. The lights, the decor, baking cookies, snuggling with hot cocoa…I LOVE IT ALL!

I do all of the decorating myself…mostly because I may have control issues. 😉 I also like to create a lot of our home decor on my own. What can I say? I am a DIY kind of girl!

One of my favorite things to make myself are wreaths. They are super easy to make, and I like being able to decide how I want my wreath to look. I have always thought that a wreath on a front door is just welcoming and cozy.

So, I thought I would share with you a tutorial on how I made my burlap wreath. I love this wreath for so many reasons. First, it’s burlap…I mean who doesn’t love burlap?!? Secondly, it makes the perfect base, so I can add whatever I want to it during different seasons and holidays. Lastly, it is super duper easy!

Feel free to make it your own. You can leave it as is with just a simple ribbon, which is beautiful on its own! You can add flowers, floral picks, or letters. You do you! I hope you enjoy this wreath as much as I do. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Enjoy! XO



Wire Wreath form

Pipe Cleaners

Wired Burlap Ribbon at least 3 inches wide (I used 3.5 inch wide ribbon for this project,and used about 75 feet total.)

Let me say that I personally prefer to do this with wired burlap ribbon, but you can absolutely do this with plain burlap ribbon. I prefer the wired ribbon, because I like to fluff and prune my wreath to death…again, I may have control issues. Also, if you have not worked with burlap before, let me tell you, it sheds! And, I mean SHEDS. I have found that with the wired ribbon I have no shedding, which makes me super happy because I don’t have an extra mess to deal with. 🙂

Also, I know it may be hard to contain your jealousy of my super awesome pipe cleaners, but try and maintain yourself. Here’s the deal, pipe cleaners work just as well as floral wire and cost about half the price, and you never see them in the wreath. Shhhhh…it can be our secret.


The first thing you want to do is ‘feed’ your pipe cleaner though the burlap.


Now you will attach the pipe cleaner to the outer ring of your wire wreath form.


Now you will flip the ribbon around so it is on the underside of your wreath form. Then you will feed the burlap up through all three of the open sections to make your loops.


It should look something like this. Twist your ribbon, and feed the loops through again directly to the right of your work. In this project I was able to fit 5 sets of loops across each section.


Keep repeating this process until you have worked your way all the way around the wreath form. When you come to the end, attach with a pipe cleaner like you did at the beginning. If you run out of ribbon, and need to add more, attach the new ribbon with a pipe cleaner to the wreath form.


That’s it! Easy, simple and beautiful!


You can feel free to add to the wreath as well. I added some festive picks, and ribbon for Christmas. I think it looks great! And when Christmas is over, I just remove the picks and swap out the ribbon. It is super easy to transition this wreath from seasons and holidays.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on this year round burlap wreath. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I love hearing from you! XO

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