Taking a Simpler Approach to Christmas

Hello my darlings!

I have been thinking a lot about ways for our family to simplify Christmas.  It seems like every year I see so many people trying to ‘one up’ their previous Christmas. And believe me, I get it.

It is difficult to not get sucked into the abyss of buying a bunch of gifts. We see what our friends and family members are doing and buying, and then there is the constant barrage of commercials. We inevitably say to ourselves “They are great kids, they deserve everything their hearts desire.” And Sally is buying all kinds of things for her kids, and you would never want your children to feel left out. I mean that is just good parenting…right?!?

Let me say I am very far from the perfect parent, and I have absolutely no judgement toward any parents that want to go buck wild with the gift giving. You do you, and what works best for your family. But for me personally…I have had ENOUGH!

I mean it just gets totally out of control. You drive yourself crazy to find all of these toys, that the kiddos play with for maybe a week. Plus, it just adds to the clutter of the one million other toys they already have. And, frankly I just find it to be wasteful.

Which brings me to simplifying Christmas. I stumbled upon this fantastic blog post at Thirty Handmade Days. She was inspired by another blogger to create 4 gifts for her children. That’s it…4 gifts!

They are:

Something you WANT

Something you NEED

Something you WEAR

Something you READ

She even provided these lovely printables here.


I found this idea to be absolutely fantastic! The kiddos will get ‘stuff’ they will actually use and appreciate. And, my house will not be overwhelmed by the insanity of way too many toys.

I will still do the stockings, and maybe one or two things from Santa. But, this is what the kiddos will be receiving from us this Christmas.

What do you think of this idea? What ways do you think you could simplify Christmas for your family? Leave me comment below. XO

2 thoughts on “Taking a Simpler Approach to Christmas”

  1. I can’t quite commit to 4 gifts but my kids didn’t ask for much this year so we are sticking with what they asked for and know they will be happy with that!!! The struggle is real though…

    1. I am all about whatever works best for you and your family. And it is hard, they are just so precious! I feel like as mothers we want to give them the world! I thought this idea was wonderful, and works great for our family. And, i may or may not be sneaking in a few extras in stockings this year. 😉 XO

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