Ornament Garland DIY Tutorial

Hello my darlings!

We are officially 6 days away from Christmas! I am so excited I can barely contain it!

I thought I would share with you one of my absolute favorite Christmas decorations, my Ornament Garland. It is super easy to make, and I think it is absolutely beautiful. I like how it’s a bit different, but can fit absolutely any decor.

This project comes together quickly, and you can place any color ornaments that will go with your theme. I use two colors (blue and silver), but feel free to add as many as you want. I think a monochrome theme would be very elegant as well.

When purchasing ornaments for this project please do not buy the really nice kind, but do buy shatter proof ornaments. If you have little ones, then you already know the whole ‘we can’t have nice things’ mantra. But seriously, little ones are going to play with this garland…a lot! Also, you will be putting this away, and pulling it back out every Christmas season. There is no need to go crazy when buying the ornaments, because honestly any ornaments will be beautiful with the garland. 🙂


Approximately 100 – 125 Ornaments – I used 3 of the big cylinders full of ornaments from Hobby Lobby

4 Washers

18 Gauge Wire

4 Command Hooks


First you will need to attach your wire to your washer. Thread it through the washer, and make a slight hook in the wire for your first ornament to have a starting point. You will need to measure how long your wire should be from your starting point to the middle point of the space you will be hanging your garland. I used about 3 feet for each garland.


Now you will thread your ornaments in the pattern you prefer the most. This is what your garland should look like after a few ornaments have been added.


You will repeat all of these steps again to make your second garland. Be sure to thread the ornaments close together to make a fuller look.


You are now ready to hang your garland. Be sure to space your two middle command hooks close together, so it will appear that it is one garland with two swags.


There you have it! Isn’t it absolutely beautiful?!?

I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and make this unique garland on your own. It is so easy, and is just lovely.

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below. If you make this garland, tag me on Instagram. I would love to see your designs! XO



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