The Busy Mom’s Guide to Excercise

Hello my darlings!

Winter Break is officially over…I hope everyone survived! We had quite a whirlwind around here. Our family and friends came to visit through out the entire break, and I have to say it was absolutely amazing!

When we moved I didn’t realize how incredibly difficult it would be to relocate to a place where we had no family or friends. An extended visit with those we love is always treasured!

With all of that being said this mommy was ready for the kiddos to get back to school…I mean like NOW!!!

You may have noticed that I took a ‘break’ from blogging over the break. I decided to extend this to my social media accounts as well. I must confess that it wasn’t always easy, but my soul NEEDED it.

It was nice to turn 100% of my focus on family and friends.

It also gave me time to truly reflect on my priorities, and getting my house in order.

We moved a little over nine months ago to a new place with a new home and new people. Which meant a new job, new schools, and new friends. I don’t think that I had really taken in how much change our family had gone through during this past year.

Now, I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions…I personally find the whole thing to be silly, and a big set up for failure. I just think if you want to do better, or make a change, then do it. It doesn’t have to be on January 1st. Plus, there is a tremendous amount of pressure to come up with an actual resolution that you may or may not be totally gung ho about, which will indefinitely lead to failure.

But, it just so happens that this was my first time since our move to really step back, and breathe it all in. So, I guess you could say I made some New Year’s Resolutions…semi sort of. 😉

Since our move, I have not been as physically active as I would like. Also, our youngest really started walking, I mean RUNNING, around the time of our move. And she is into everything! Seriously, it’s total crazy town. Running, screaming, hiding in cabinets, hiding under beds, if there is a drawer or shelf to be found everything is coming off of it, and don’t get me started on her fascination with toilets!

All of this is to say I don’t really have a specific time that I can dedicate to working out. Which had me in a ‘funk’. Over the break I realized a compromise…workout when I can.

I mean this quite literally. I do squats and lunges while washing dishes, burpees and mountain climbers in the few minutes I have if I actually get to watch TV, walking lunges while getting the kids a glass of water for the hundredth time today. I have even moved my free weights into the kitchen so I can get a few reps in while cooking.

I may look like a crazy woman, but it helps me feel better, and frankly I am a hot mess momma so I am completely okay with it. 😉

I have also been drinking water like it’s my job. I cannot stress this enough! Seriously, go drink a glass of water people.

I am refocusing my energy back into whole foods and clean eating. I am super excited to share some of my recipes and snack ideas with you in future blog posts.

Ladies, I know it’s hard! You feel like you have no free time, and if you do you just want to sit down. But, I am telling you there are moments in your day that you can use to your advantage. I have listed below a few more ideas for you to get you moving in what precious spare minutes you have.

Wake Up – The very first thing I do is some basic stretches, and drink 2 BIG glasses of water. If I have time, I will do about 10 minutes of gentle yoga.

Dance party – Crank that music up and get that booty shaking! This is great to do with the kiddos.

Cleaning – While cleaning focus on your muscles, and do strong movements. You can also incorporate squats and lunges into just about anything. Vacuuming, sweeping, wiping counter tops, etc.

Cooking – This is another great time to get in those lunges and squats. This is also a great time to do planks, mountain climbers, burpees, and lift some free weights.

TV time – You can do just about any exercise while watching TV. If you have the time to watch 15 minutes…you have time to move that body.

Laundry – Folding clothes is another fantastic time to get in those lunges and squats.

Going back and forth between rooms – You can jog to each destination, or do walking lunges to wherever you need to go.

Stairs – If you have stairs in your home, run or skip stairs when walking up them.

Shower – I know a bit much, but if this is genuinely your free time knock out some lunges, squats, and push ups against the wall.

Nap time – If you get the luxury of the kiddos taking naps this is a great time to get in some free weight strength training, or yoga/pilates.

Before bed – Yoga and stretching. I know, I know workout before bed? Are you crazy? I’m exhausted!!! Truly this is a fantastic way to unwind before bed. It helps to calm the chaos in your head, and I find it helps me to get to sleep quickly.

Let me know your thoughts, and feel free to share any ideas you may have in the comments. XO




2 thoughts on “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Excercise”

  1. We just moved to a new town too and I was a hot mess for the first few months (ok, I still am). These are great tips. I am just now getting into a decent routine and squeezing in walks after the kiddo goes down. I’d like to squeeze some yoga in too, but I’ll just take it one crazy day at a time.

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