This Mom’s Essentials For Backyard Summer Fun

This Mom's Essentials For Some Backyard Fun

During the summer months we spend a lot of time outdoors. Especially in our backyard.

I like to have plenty of games and fun for the kiddos to keep them from getting bored. When the kids are bored, no one is going to be happy!

It also gets incredibly hot where we live, as in living on the surface of the sun HOT! Staying cool while we play outside is a MUST!

So, me being me, I just have to share with you some of this mom’s essentials for backyard Summer fun!

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This outdoor inflatable bowling set by Kleeger is a ton of fun!

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun

Y’all this set is perfect for the whole family! Even the smallest of children have an absolute blast. And trust me, you will want to join in on the action too. 😉

If you have a swimming pool, or visit one close by, pool toys are a must! We are absolutely loving these Jellyfish Sinkers by Melissa and Doug.

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun

These are perfect if you have younger swimmers, or a beginner swimmer. They are easy to spot, and they float down simulating an actual jellyfish!

Fun water play is a constant in our backyard. If you don’t have access to a pool, or even if you do, water guns are a sure fire winner!

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun

This Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blaster is amazing! It is very easy to fill, and reaches long distances. The older kids, and maybe the adults too 😉 , have so much fun playing with these. These will definitely keep you cool!

I am in love with this trampoline waterpark attachment!

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun

Tell me this doesn’t look like the most amazing thing ever?!? This mama would be jumping for days!

Have you seen the new craze with crochet water balloons? These things are fantastic!

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun


They are reusable, and eco friendly. No more hassle with filling up those pesky water balloons, and zero clean up!

If you happen to crochet there is a great pattern by Left In Knots here. If you would prefer to purchase the balloons, you can find them in my shop. 🙂

Another favorite of ours, on those summer nights, is a backyard campfire. These Mystic Fire Colorant packs will turn your fire into a whole new thing!

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun

These packs turn your fire into a rainbow of colors, and lasts for awhile. The kids will be amazed, and you will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood.

And while we are on the subject of campfires…can we just say S’mores?

This Mom's Backyard Finds For Summer Fun

These Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are perfect for little hands. They extend up to 34″, and come in 5 assorted colors in a pack. Perfect for keeping those ‘assigned’ skewers straight. 😉

Our youngest has a slight obsession with bubbles. When I feel like taking our bubble time to the ‘next level’, I go with mega bubbles.

This Mom's Backyard Essentials For Summer Fun

Aren’t these the BEST?!? The kids just love the mega bubbles…okay maybe I do too. You can get the big bubble mix and wand here.

Now pardon me while I get my trampoline water park on!

What are some of your favorite things to do in the backyard during the summer?

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  1. Great ideas. I know my daughter will love all of the water play ideas and I recently thought about looking for a bowling set, so now I just might. Thanks for these

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