The Ultimate Gift Guide Of What Your Wife Really Wants For Christmas

Are you at a total loss on what to get your wife as a gift for Christmas? Is the deadline approaching, and you are still empty handed? Well have no fear because today I am sharing the Ultimate Gift Guide Of What Your Wife Really Wants for Christmas.

Guys, let’s face it…your wife is a pretty amazing lady! If you have children, then you already know she is a multi tasking ninja. She can wipe away tears, and has kisses that can heal all boo boos. With her stealth like skills, she can carry a baby on her hip, balance coffee in her hand, and unlock a car with keys in her mouth.

She is your biggest cheerleader, and she would genuinely fight off a bear with her bare hands to protect you and your babies. #notallsuperheroeswearcapes 🙂 This year, let’s get her what she really wants, because she totally deserves it!

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5 Tips to Get Your Child to Fall Asleep in a Few Minutes

Moms let’s face it…we are TIRED! And, the thought of it taking hours to get our child to sleep is even more exhausting. That’s why I am super excited to share with you 5 Tips to get your child to fall asleep in a few minutes!

You already know that getting your child to sleep can seem like nothing short of a miracle! I SO understand! It would take me up to two hours just to get my daughter to fall asleep, and I was OVER it!

I received the Adalid Gear Plush for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are mine alone. I will ALWAYS keep it real with you guys! 🙂 This post contains affiliate links. Read disclosure policy here.

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Gluten Free Berry Crisp

You guys I am SO excited to have the amazing Kara Swanson sharing her recipe for her Gluten Free Berry Crisp with us! I have a pretty major sweet tooth, and having this healthy alternative is a major win in my book!

Kara is a total rockstar when it comes to healthy and approachable recipes. As in, you can pronounce ALL the ingredients, they are good for you, and they are absolutely delicious! Kara loves to empower  women, and has an infectious passion about making a healthy lifestyle simple and delicious.

I am so happy to have her guest post today, and I know you will LOVE this recipe!

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