Hello my darlings!

Is everyone ready for the big day? I am happy to say the I have all of my shopping finished! I cannot tell you how good that feels to say.

I have seen so many lovely things while shopping online, and perusing the shops. So, I decided to mix this week’s list up a bit. I am thinking of it as a Mommy Wish List.

I genuinely do not ask for much at Christmas, or any other time really. Especially after moving into our fixer upper. I prefer put any extra money into our home, rather than something shiny for me. Plus, I’m a mom, and well…aren’t we pretty much used to putting everyone else first?

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely don’t really need much, and I would always rather spend on my children, family, or friends any day.

With that being said, if I did have a Christmas List these items would definitely be on it. Continue reading “#FridayFavorites”