Hello my darlings!

It’s that time again! Another installment of my latest #FridayFavorites. I just love doing this series. I really enjoy being able to share with you all of my fun finds!

If you have noticed, I am drawn to handmade goods and small businesses. I really believe in shopping small, and supporting local when possible. It just makes me feel good!

I always appreciate some small business love thrown my way too. If you are interested in purchasing some handmade crocheted items, feel free to check out my shop here. I have some great coffee cozies, hats, and headband earwarmers that make great holiday gifts.

Shameless plug over…let’s get to my new favorites. 🙂

My first favorite is Matilda Jane clothing.

I was very recently introduced to the Matilda Jane world, and boy am I loving it. They have the absolute cutest prints ever, and these clothes are super soft.

Another reason that I love Matilda Jane is that they have leggings that will match multiple tops and dresses. Each piece of clothing typically has multiple prints, so you can mix and match for days, which keeps this mommy very happy.

Matilda Jane carries clothes in a range of sizes from baby to Mommy. There are some really great pieces I am eyeing for myself. 😉

Also, Joanna Gaines has teamed up with Matilda Jane, and has recently launched a new line. I may have gone a little crazy buying all of the darling outfits, but I mean check out this dress!

This Seedling Dress is super fun, and just about the cutest thing ever. Plus, I may have a slight obsession with Joanna Gaines. I’m pretty sure she is my spirit animal. 😉

Matilda Jane does not have a store front. Instead they have trunk shows that are held by a Trunk Keeper and a hostess. The set up is super fun, and looks just like a small shop, but in the comfort of a home. You can check out there website here, and ooh and aah over all of the cuteness. You can also find a Trunk Keeper closest to you here.

My next favorite is the Etsy shop Sprouted Designs.

This shop has the most amazing nature inspired designed cloth napkins and flour sack towels. The prints are absolutely fantastic, and I am always a sucker for anything natural and rustic.

I mean these flour sack towels…come on!!! These are amazing! Sprouted Designs even has clothing for your kiddos. I am totally loving this dandelion tee.

Check out Sprouted Designs here, and get your hands on some of these fantastic items.

I hope you enjoy this week’s list, and are able to find some favorites of your own. XO