Summer Rules Checklist Template – No Screen Time Until Printable

Cut down on your kid’s screen time, and beat Summer boredom with this FREE Summer Rules Checklist Template. An easy way for kids to learn responsibility, stay creative, and for you to maintain your sanity all Summer long.

summer rules checklist template no screen time until printable

Ahhh the relaxing days of Summer. Pool days, and lots of fresh air. Barbecues and play time. It is magical.

You know what else it can be? Straight up chaos!

Yes, it is amazing to not have a rigid schedule where you need to be in all the places. But, it can also lead to Summer boredom, the house turning into a disaster zone, and kids glued to a screen. Am I right?

I am in no way knocking screen time. Listen, there are moments that those screens are a total life saver for busy moms.

But, you also don’t want the kids staying inside all Summer playing video games, or watching videos. Standing by and watching everything they learned throughout the year just melt away. And, you definitely need those kids to get outside and burn off some of that excess energy.

But, you are also dreading the arguments that you feel are just on the horizon.

‘But mom, I don’t have to go to school tomorrow.” “But mom, Henry gets to play video games whenever he wants over break.” But mom, but mom, but mom. It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Am I right?

And, facing the day with yet another negotiation session in which you inevitably cave, and then feel terrible about said ‘caving’. Isn’t helping you to feel like you are living your best life. Right?

So, let’s stop all of the ‘but mom’ variations in their tracks. Tell that mom guilt to take a hike. And, get everyone on the same page with these easy Summer Rules. So that everyone can actually enjoy the Summer break.

summer rules checklist template

Summer Rules Checklist Template

We both know that it can be real easy for everyone to fall into the screen time trap. Before you know it, the kids have been glued to a screen for hours.

Which is not what you had in mind for your kid’s Summer break.

Again, I am in no way knocking screen time. For busy moms it can be a downright necessity. However, everything should be done in moderation. Even moderation. 😉

And, you know that too much screen time is just not great for anyone. Especially those young and precious minds.

That is where the Summer Rules No Screen Time Until Printable comes in. Each day your kids will ‘earn’ their screen time. By completing these tasks, your kids will not suffer from Summer boredom either.

summer rules checklist printable with kids playing on tablets

No Screen Time Until Printable

These easy Summer rules for electronics are going to be a game changer for your home. By creating boundaries, and setting certain expectations for your children. You are helping set your kids up for success later in life.

Trust me, I know that it can be difficult to not only enforce but follow through with rules. But, I strongly encourage you to see this thing through. You may be surprised at how easily your kids adapt to these expectations.

And, I absolutely guarantee that if you hold the course, and stay patient. You will be amazed at how much calmer your home will become.

Because these rules may be a big change for your family, this no screen time until printable also contains really easy things for the kids to do.


Some of the things your child will learn while earning screen time are:

  • Being responsible

You already know that teaching your kid’s to be responsible is important. But, the key is to do it in easy and bite sized chunks.

Making their beds, brushing their teeth, and putting their dirty clothes in the wash keeps it really easy for them. And by having it on a checklist, that they can easily reference. You shouldn’t have to remind them a bajillion times either.

  • Being helpful and kind

Teaching your kids to be kind, and helpful with others is so incredibly important. Dare I say, one of the single most important traits to teach our kids.

This part of the no screen time until printable is completely up to you. It may mean your child cleaned off a table, or wrote a letter of encouragement to their sibling. I guarantee that whatever it is. It will make your mama heart smile.

  • Being creative

During Summer break boredom is real y’all. And, it can drive a mama out of her mind.

A sure fire way to beat it that Summer boredom is to get your child’s creative juices flowing. It could be drawing a picture, writing a story, or putting on a play. I encourage you to allow your child to do whatever they feel like doing that day for this task.

  • Being active

We all need to be active. Our kids included. And, everyone can always use a dose of fresh air.

So, in order to earn screen time, your child will need to get outside and play for at least 30 minutes each day. For younger kids it may be a good idea to do some water or bubble play. Older kids can run around, throw a ball, or climb a tree.

You just want to be sure to get those bodies moving. And, bonus points for tiring them out, so they aren’t running around like mini torpedoes inside your home. 😉

summer rules checklist no screen time until printable

Summer Rules Checklist (PDF To Print)

As you can see this Summer Rules Printable contains easy and actionable tasks for your child to complete through Summer break.

They will be learning responsibility, staying active, and be keeping their minds sharp. And, they will also be learning that sweet feeling of achievement by putting in a little bit of effort each day.

I encourage you to print the Summer rules checklist template, and put it on the fridge or somewhere easily accessible for your child to see.

If they are able, have them check off each item once it is completed for the day. This is another way to reinforce how good it feels to earn something. Which is an incredible life lesson for your kids.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Summer Rules Printable HERE!



beat summer boredom with free printable summer rules checklist