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Easiest Ever Christmas Centerpiece DIY You Need To Make

You are going to love this Christmas centerpiece DIY project. It is beautiful, versatile, AND can be made in less than 5 minutes! Yes, you read that right…it can be made in under 5 minutes! Now, that is our kind of DIY project. Am I right?

When it comes to decorating for Christmas there are endless possibilities. You can go traditional, elegant, or whimsical with the colors and themes. There are the garlands, and outside Christmas decorations too! And, let’s not forget all the beautiful Christmas table centerpieces.

Oh the Christmas centerpieces are things made of decorating dreams. And, their versatility and flexibility have captured our hearts. Everyone knows that a centerpiece does not mean that it HAS to stay in the center of the dining table. Ummmm no! These magnificent projects can go anywhere your precious heart desires!

And being the amazing creative that you are, you are also not one to shy away from a fantabulous DIY project. Especially if it is easy! Well, my friends. You are going to fall head over heels in love with this incredibly easy Christmas centerpiece DIY!

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DIY Christmas Decoration

I think we can all agree that there is a time and place for everything. Including shopping in the stores. I mean, we definitely have our moments where we walk into stores, and think “Oh I can totally make that!”.  PS This project is totally one of the ‘I can totally make that’ type! 😉

Then, we get home, life happens and the kids have to do ALL the things. And, well time just gets away from us. Raises hand in complete agreement!

With that said, there is still a longing in your heart to create and make! You just feel better, and your soul feels nourished when you are crafting and making pretty things! I feel you!!! In fact, that is how this incredibly easy Christmas centerpiece was born!

We had recently moved, and it was our first Christmas in our new home. Let’s just say that there was a looonnnggg adjustment period for all of us to get settled in our new city and our new home.

I desperately wanted our house to feel like a home for Christmas, and I was turning myself into a crazy person. Our home was still in a consistent state of chaos. (Side note: It still is, but it’s more of controlled chaos now!;) )

And, I was chasing the next big thing for Christmas decor. No need to pick this one apart psychologically because clearly I was somehow rationalizing that if Christmas was decorated perfectly we would all magically feel better about our big move. Completely rational right???

Frankly speaking I just did NOT have the time for it. We still had rooms that needed to be put together, boxes that needed to go in the attic, and where was my casserole dish? I felt like a total failure as a mother, and as a homemaker.

Then, I got myself together, and decided enough was enough. I was going to decorate, but I was not going to beat myself up over not having all the garlands and entryway decor and whatever else ‘they’ said that I should have decorated. YOU FEEL ME?

So, I decided that I needed something quick and easy! And, I needed a DIY Christmas decoration for MY sanity. You know that bliss like zoned out state that you reach when working on a craft? I like to call it DIY zen.

Well, this DIY Christmas centerpiece hits all of those marks! One, you probably have all of the supplies on hand. Two, it is super flexible and can be changed each year to go with your theme. Three, and possibly the best reason, it can be made in under 5 minutes!

PS Consequently, even though I beat myself up over decorating that Christmas, this is still one of my hands down favorite Christmas DIY projects ever. Funny how things work out like that huh?

So, are you ready to get your crafting DIY zen on? Let’s do this thing!


Christmas Centerpiece Supplies

christmas centerpiece diy supplies

The lovely thing about this project is that you probably have all of the supplies on hand! If you do need extra ornaments, I do have one piece of advice. Do not go crazy spending money!

This project involves putting ornaments in a cylinder. The Christmas ornaments are used more as pretty filler. And, no one is going to know if you got these ornaments in a bulk plastic tube of 36 or not. 😉

When it comes to the Christmas tree sprays I would say pick out whatever your heart desires, but again there is no need to go crazy on the spending. There are a ton of options at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Feel free to go natural, or whimsical, or elegant. This project is all about you, and what makes YOU feel good!

  • Christmas ornaments – Feel free to use was you have on hand, or you can use these that I LOVE for this project!
  • Tall cylinder – at least 16 inches tall
  • Christmas tree sprays

Want some super easy DIY Christmas decorations? Be sure to check out this Ornament Garland and this Rustic Christmas Gift Box!

Christmas Centerpiece DIY Directions

Y’all, I think you will be over the moon excited about how easy this Christmas centerpiece DIY is to make. And, I am here to tell you. The compliments will be numerous.

And, you have the opportunity to casually say “Oh thank you so much. I made it myself!” As you casually walk away doing the ‘oh yeah, made it in 5 minutes, oh yeah’ dance. Not that I have ever done that before or anything.

christmas centerpiece diy assembly

First place a few of the Christmas ornaments in the bottom of the cylinder vase. Anywhere form 3-5 should be sufficient depending on the size of the ornaments.

Next, you will place your Christmas sprays in the center of the vase and the ornaments. This should anchor the sprays in place.

To finish, you simply keep adding the ornaments in the vase to cover up the spray stems, and to keep the stems in place. You can do this in a pattern, or go willy nilly crazy and just dump them into the vase. Either way, your DIY centerpiece will look fabulous!

PRO TIP: This DIY Christmas centerpiece would also be beautiful for a Winter wedding! So, if you know of anyone getting married this Winter, be sure to share the love and let them know about this super easy DIY centerpiece!

christmas centerpiece diy on display

BOOM! That is it. You are done! Happy dance commence!

Wrapping Up

You know now how to make quite literally one of the easiest Christmas DIY projects ever! And, you also know that it can be made inexpensively with materials the you probably have on hand.

Remember that above all, Christmas is about savoring these precious moments with our families. Not running around like stressed out crazy people who have overextended our schedules, and are chasing the next great decor project. Remember to breathe, focus on the simple and easy, and everything else will work itself out. I promise!

So, get on it! And, be sure to let me know what colors and themes you will be using for this year. I love hearing about all of your wonderful ideas!



christmas centerpiece diy easiest christmas dio decor ever






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