Don’t SWEAT It! 2022 Fitness Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Are you wondering what to get for girls who like to work out? Don’t SWEAT about gift giving for your favorite fitness lover this holiday season!

We are giving you the top gifts that your gym bestie would love!

It’s time to start crossing gifts off the list so you can enjoy the holiday too!

Don’t forget to snag yourself something fun so you can continue to show up during this busy season in style!

We even categorized it in price points so you know exactly what you are looking for!

Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

Best Workout Gifts for Women

$50 and under – Workout Gifts for Her

Jump rope – Get fitter faster with a speed rope!

Jumping rope is a great addition to your training if you want to improve your cardiovascular health, stability, and coordination.

With easy to adjust handles you can be ready to get your fitness on within minutes!

Fitness journal and workout planner – Sure we love technology but there is something about writing your training out in a journal to look back on to see your progress year to year. Plus it’s easier to keep yourself focused and not scrolling on your phone!

Resistance bands – Your gym in a bag!

Not sure where to start on your fitness journey?

This set can get you started to work on upper and lower body while adding pulling strength into your workouts!

With 5 resistance levels, you can constantly level up your training!

Stability ball – No bench? No problem!

Getting yourself a stability ball can be the best investment for a home gym on a budget!

You can use this for upper and lower body workouts or even as a chair to sit on to help with core strength and posture! 

Glute loop bands – If you are looking for something high quality, but at a lower price point, these are a DEAL!

You get all three bands to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

These bands are thick and have a non-slip grip on the inside to keep them from sliding around like traditional resistance bands made of rubber.

They are easy to store and even come in a small carrying case to take with you wherever you go!

Yoga mat – This mat has a non-slip surface with plenty of grip to keep it in place.

Plus, it has reversible textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction to do all your  stretches, poses, and workouts in peace

Leggings with pockets – Because, who doesn’t love pockets?

Do you need some comfy leggings with pockets that make you look and feel your best?

These are it!

With the high waisted comfort and maximum coverage you can squat with confidence!

Maven Thread headbands – If you are looking for thick headbands that fit and don’t slip off, these are it!

No more wispy hair in your face!

And, they have the most adorable designs too. You will definitely find something to match your workout style. 

The stretchy band features nonslip grip and moisture-wicking material, so no matter the sport you’re playing or the exercise you’re doing, you can give it your all.

It comes in a 2” or 4” depending on your personal preference.

Kettle Gryp – You may have seen these on Shark Tank.

Turn your regular Dumbbell into a new versatile fitness tool, so you get more bang for your buck!

The  handle is made of durable ABS plastic that is texture molded to give a soft feel, yet non-slip grip for any intensity of workout!

It’s lightweight and can even be packed with you when you travel!

Instead of buying expensive kettlebells, this is a great way to save your money & space!

Foam Roller –  Post leg day foam rolling hurts so good!

Recover  quickly and stay injury-free with this foam roller from 321 Strong.

Its GRID pattern technology has a multi-density surface with cutouts, so it can channel blood and oxygen while you roll and break up knots.

$50 and over – Fitness Gifts for Her

Hydrate Spark 3 Water Bottle – This smart bottle syncs to an app on their phone where they can track their daily intake.

If they haven’t sipped in a while, they’ll not only get an alert to drink, the water bottle will glow until they take a chug.

The latest version includes a rechargeable battery and fast-charging cable! Never miss a sip again!

Salmon Running vest – This lightweight running vest has space for your phone and multiple other pockets, including a soft water bottle pouch for the ultimate hands-free running experience.

Not to mention plenty of space for water and snacks, which we know your running buddy always has! 

Versa Gripps – Don’t put your wrists at risk while you lift.

These straps are padded to prevent the material from digging into your hands, and have padding around the wrists, while the hook style helps to maintain a firm grip.

The weightlifter in your life will thank for their pain-free lifts when you gift them these.

Wave Series Wave Pro – Sore muscles? Not when you use the Wave Series!

This vibrating massage ball that helps to ease muscle tension and increase range of motion and flexibility. 

Fitbit Charge 5 – If you want to track some metrics without having a bunch of added technology to deal with, the Fitbit charge 5 is our watch pick!

It’s the perfect fitness tracker for someone who doesn’t want a bulky watch, but still wants solid info on their overall health.

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells – Take your fitness to the next level with adjustable weights.

With one stack of weights, you can easily move from light weights to heavy with the change of a pin!

You can save space in your home workout area and grow with your fitness.

These weights move in 10 pound increments, reducing the amount of individual dumbbells you need to buy and find space for!

The Best Fitness Gifts for Women

There you have it! A bunch of gift ideas for fitness lovers right at your fingertips.