Free Meal Planning Template With Grocery List

When it comes to how to meal plan for the week, a big part is getting it down on paper. A plan is typically not going to work if it isn’t written down. Am I right? So, let’s get your week off to a great start with the FREE meal planning template with grocery list.

weekly meal planning template with grocery list

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A big part of meal planning is actually writing down your meal ideas, and having something to reference so that you actually remember.

If you are anything like me, than you have the absolute best of intentions. You store all of those wonderful and easy meal planning ideas in your head. And, once you get to the store…you have forgotten everything. *Insert facepalm*

Listen, it is not your fault. Busy mamas have a lot of information we need to keep stored in our brains. And, we must be able to easily access it at all times.

Unfortunately, meal plan ideas and grocery list items seem to fall to the memory bank wayside.

But, today I am offering you a super easy way to never forget your weekly meal plan again! And, bonus points for having an easily accessible grocery list at all times too!

So, let’s get started on how to use your FREE meal planning template with grocery list printable.


How Do I Plan Meals For The Week?

Before we dive into the awesomeness of the FREE meal planning template. (Grab yours at the bottom of this post.)

Let’s talk a bit about how to actually meal plan.

The best way to get started with your meal plan is to assess your upcoming week. Take the time to think about what it looks like, and make note of your busiest days and evenings.

Plan on saving your quick and easy recipes for those extra busy weeknights. This chicken enchilada soup is a recipe that I reach for time and time again on super busy evenings. P.S. It can be made in 20 minutes!

Another great meal planning tip is to think about meal ideas that your family loves. Having a list of family favorites is a great way to stay on top of your meal planning game! Our family absolutely loves these freezer friendly beef enchiladas. Yep, our family LOVES us some Mexican food! 😉

printable weekly meal planner

Free Printable Meal Planner With Grocery List

Having a printable meal planner is half the battle when it comes to meal planning. It just makes life SO much easier to have all of those dinner ideas written down in one place. Rather than random pieces of paper with notes jotted on them, that are all over your home.

There are many reasons that you will love this customizable meal planner. Why don’t we go over a few of them now? (You can grab your FREE meal planning template with grocery list at the bottom of this post.)

  • Printable

For those of you that love to put pen to paper. You are going to love this printable weekly meal planner! You can easily jot down all of your meal ideas for the week, and there is even a handy dandy notes section for you too!



printable grocery list with categories from weekly meal planner

  • Cute Weekly Meal Planner

Okay, so this may sound a little silly, but cute printable meal planners are where it’s at! I mean, planning your meals for the week and creating a grocery list are not necessarily the most exciting things on your to do list.

Making this meal planner template bright and colorful adds a little excitement to the planning process. Don’t you think?

And, who doesn’t love a cute printable planner? I mean really!

weekly meal planning template with grocery list printable pdf

How To Use The Meal Planning Template

The best way to use any meal planner is to pick a day to plan. Try to find around 20-30 minutes that you can sit and think.

I personally like to do my meal planning on Saturday mornings. But, you do whatever works best for you.

Throughout the week think of any meal ideas that you have been craving, that your family mentions wanting, and a few super quick and easy recipes too. Be sure to jot those down, or make a note in your phone.

On your designated planning day, fill out your meal planner. You can do this by printing it, and putting pen to paper. Or, download it, and edit digitally.

As you fill out your meal planner, add in any needed items to your grocery list. The printable grocery list by category makes it easy to find where you need to fill in your items.


Are You Ready To Get Your Weekly Meal Plan On?

You now have exactly what you need to plan out weekly meals for your family. And, you have a few tips on how to get started too! Plus, a couple of quick, easy, and delicious dinner ideas for a busy weeknight.

Remember, you can grab your weekly meal planner template with grocery list HERE.


printable meal planner with grocery list

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