20 Gluten Free Freezer Meals

If you have a gluten intolerance, or are looking to cut down on your gluten intake. You will want to check out these 20 Gluten Free Freezer Meals that your whole family will love.

gluten free freezer meals with enchiladas and soup

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Ever feel stuck on what to make for dinner?

Are you tired of having to place yet another take out order, or make another drive thru run?

Do you feel like you just cannot get ahead in meal planning because your busy family is running in a million different directions?

Then, you are going to love these easy freezer meal ideas that are gluten free. They are perfect for busy families that are on the go.

Make life easier with these gluten free recipes for your crockpot and Instant pot, and freezer friendly casseroles and soups too. Free yourself from the dinner rut, and get excited to cook for your family again!


What are freezer meals?

Before we dive into all of the delicious recipes. Let’s take a moment to discuss what freezer meals are.

Freezer meals are simply a way to prepare your recipe ahead of time. This can be done a couple of ways:

  • Dump meals AKA No pre cooking required

Dump meals are what super busy mom’s dreams are made of!

This is where you dump all of the ingredients into a bag, and place into the freezer. You will thaw the bag of ingredients in the fridge overnight. And then toss into a slow cooker, Instant pot, or sheet pan to cook the next day.

  • Partial cook freezer meals

The partial cook freezer meals will be more along the lines of casseroles and some soups. This is where you will cook your meat, and go ahead and build the layers to the recipe. A perfect example of this would be lasagna or enchiladas.

Then you will place your ingredients in a disposable pan, and heat when you are ready to eat.

  • Leftover freezer meals

This is when you will freeze whatever leftovers you have from a meal, and freeze for later. Another one of busy mom’s favorites because it’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

P.S. You can totally freeze pizza leftovers the next time you order delivery. 😉

How do I package meals for the freezer?

Another question that comes up a lot with how to meal prep freezer meals, is how to package the meals to go into the freezer.

Here is a break down of my best tips for how to store your freezer meals:

These are great for any casseroles, enchiladas, and lasagnas. They hold up unbelievably well, and rarely will your food get freezer burn.

These will be your go to for any dump meals. They thaw out great in the fridge, and you just pour the ingredients into your slow cooker or Instant pot. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

  • Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are everything when it comes to freezer meals. I absolutely love these containers for leftovers, and these containers for any sauces or soups.

Alright, now that you know why freezer meals are next level amazing. And, how to best store them. Let’s get to the yummy gluten free freezer meal recipes. Shall we?

gluten free freezer meal soups

Gluten Free Soup Recipes

Soups are of the easiest freezer meals to make. And, these gluten free soups are no exception.

They are delicious, and all can be considered dump meals. Which again, means you dump all of the ingredients into a freezer bag. Thaw in the fridge the night before you want to cook, and then dump the ingredients into a slow cooker or Instant pot when you are ready.

Chicken Enchilada Soup by Jasper and Willow

This soup freezes incredibly well. For either a make ahead meal or for leftovers.

And, whoa mama it is SO good too. Like next level cheesy chicken enchilada goodness in your mouth!

This makes for a great dump meal by simply adding all of the ingredients into a freezer bag. I freeze any leftovers in this food storage container.

Hearty Vegetable Soup by I Heart Naptime

Having a delicious and flavor packed vegetable soup on stand by is a must for busy moms. And, it goes great with some crusty bread, grilled cheese, or just as is.

This hearty vegetable soup is packed with a ton of flavor, and it is super flexible too. Feel free to add or omit any ingredients to make everyone’s taste buds happy.

There are a couple of ways that you can prepare this gluten free freezer meal.

You could omit the meat, and toss all the ingredients into a bag. Then, brown the meat when ready to cook.

Or, you could go ahead and brown the meat ahead of time, and then toss all the ingredients into a bag and freeze. Whatever works best for you!

Cabbage Soup by I Heart Naptime

This easy cabbage soup is another simple gluten free freezer meal idea. Toss all the ingredients into a bag, and freeze. Allow it to thaw in the fridge the night before you want to prepare it. And then add it to your crockpot.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

gluten free freezer meal soup recipes

Gluten Free Minestrone Soup by Moon and Spoon and Yum.

This is a great gluten free and dairy free soup idea for busy nights. It is packed full with a ton of veggies and flavor.

A great way to make sure that everyone is getting a good dose of healthy ingredients.

Southwestern Corn Chowder by Two Healthy Kitchens

This is a stick to your ribs soup recipe. Perfect for those days that you just need your meal to give you a hug.

This gluten free freezer meal makes a great dump recipe. Just place all of the ingredients into a freezer bag, and thaw in the fridge overnight. Then, dump all of the ingredients into your slow cooker.

It also freezes well after making it too.

gluten free mexican food freezer meal ideas with taco casserole, tostadas, and enchiladas

Gluten Free Mexican Freezer Meal Recipes

I don’t know about you, but my family loves Mexican food. Sometimes I think we could eat it every day.

Mexican food has some absolutely delicious gluten free options. Here are some ideas that make for great freezer meals.

Freezer Beef Enchiladas by Jasper and Willow

These enchiladas are quick and crazy easy to make. And, are absolutely delicious too. Like stick to your ribs, your mouth is craving more enchilada goodness right this minute yummy.

This is one of my go to gluten free freezer meals for new moms.

You can build these ahead of time, and place in a disposable pan in the freezer.


Black Bean Tostadas by Jasper and Willow

These black bean tostadas are a go to for busy nights in our home. You can easily make a batch of the bean dip, and freeze.

Thaw in the fridge overnight, and make the tostadas when you are ready to eat. They take less than 10 minutes to make. Which is amazing for those nights you can barely think straight, let alone make a difficult meal.

Keto Taco Casserole by Whole Lotta Yum

Calling all Keto peeps. This gluten free freezer meal is for you!

You can freeze this delicious recipe ahead of time by going ahead and cooking the beef or turkey. Next assemble in a disposable pan, and then freeze.

If you want to make it now, the leftovers freeze really well too.

gluten free Mexican freezer meals with fajitas and carnitas

Instant Pot Carnitas by Hungry Hobby

Okay these carnitas are seriously delicious. And, who doesn’t love a taco?

You can make this gluten free recipe freezer friendly by placing all of the ingredients in a freezer bag. Thaw overnight in the fridge the night before you want to prepare.

Sheet Pan Fajitas by This Farm Girl Cooks

First off, can you ever have too much Mexican food? The answer is no. 😉

And, fajitas are always a winner. You can eat them as is, or in a GF wrap. Or make some fajita nachos or fajita taco salad. The possibilities are endless.

This is another fantabulous gluten free dump meal. You probably know by now that dump meals are one of my many love languages.

gluten free freezer meals with chicken nuggets, chicken breast, and egg roll in a bowl

Gluten Free Freezer Meals

Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned roast. And what mom doesn’t need a tasty chicken nugget recipe in her toolbox?

Here are some more amazingly easy and delicious gluten free freezer meal ideas.

Egg Roll In A Bowl by Whole New Mom.

Y’all this recipe is so good. And, not even gonna lie. You can totally eat this cold too. Because it is that good!

This recipe works really well to freeze after eating. Or you could prep all the ingredients and toss into a bag. Then place it in a skillet after browning the meat.

Chicken Nuggets by Whole New Mom

What busy mom doesn’t need chicken nuggets on stand by in her freezer?

This gluten free freezer meal is delicious and easy. And perfect for those super busy family nights.

Simply prep all the ingredients, and get your nuggets coated well. Then, place the nuggets on a parchment lined baking sheet and place in the freezer for an hour.

Next, remove the nuggets from the baking sheet, and place into a freezer bag. Now you have homemade gluten free chicken nuggets whenever you need them.

Lemon Garlic Chicken Dump Recipe by Freezer Meals 101

Y’all already know that I am obsessed with dump freezer meals. And, this one is no exception.

This recipe is delicious, and is wonderful served with some roasted broccoli or even some gluten free pasta.

gluten free homemade freezer meal recipes with stuffed peppers and pot roast

Crock Pot Mississippi Pot Roast by The Rising Spoon

Having an easy pot roast on hand is always a good idea. It is hearty and comforting. And insanely easy to make too.

To make this gluten free freezer meal, place all of the ingredients except the pepperoncini peppers in a freezer bag. Thaw in fridge the night before you want to prepare. Then, dump all the ingredients and the pepperoncini peppers in the crock pot to cook.

Low Carb Stuffed Peppers by Low Carb Yum

These stuffed peppers make for a wonderful gluten free freezer meal. And, they are low carb and Keto friendly too.

To turn this recipe into a freezer meal, you can go ahead and assemble through stuffing the peppers. Placing the peppers in a disposable pan.

When you are ready to prepare. Allow the stuffed peppers to thaw in fridge overnight. Simply add the marinara and cheese, and bake.

gluten free freezer meal ideas with smothered pork chops and barbecue chicken

Instant Pot Rojo Fiesta Chicken by This Ole Gal

This is another fantastic dump meal recipe. The barbecue sauce and lime juice in this recipe are such a good combination. It all blends together so nicely. This will be one of your new family favorites.

You know the drill. Dump everything into a freezer bag, thaw the night before, and dump into your Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Smothered Pork Chops by Awe Filled Homemaker

The gravy for these smothered pork chops is next level delicious. Like, you might want to lick your plate good.

Another wonderful dump freezer meal to add to your list.

gluten free freezer meals for breakfast with eggs

Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast time can spell absolute chaos for busy families. Stay one step ahead of overwhelm with these tasty gluten free breakfast freezer meals.

Egg Breakfast Muffins by 9 On A Dime

The herbs de Provence and mozzarella take these egg muffins over the top. You can feel free to add ingredients to this recipe too.

Make a big batch of these, and pop into a freezer bag. Remove as many as needed, and reheat in the microwave in 30 second intervals.

Mini Frittatas by A Clean Bake

This is a perfect gluten free freezer meal breakfast idea for busy mornings. Just bake a batch, and allow to cool. Place the mini frittatas in a freezer bag. Reheat in 30 second intervals until warm.

Breakfast Egg Casserole by Two Healthy Kitchens.

This breakfast egg casserole is beyond delicious. And this recipe isn’t just for breakfast. It works really well for lunch and dinner too.

You can either prep all of the ingredients individually to make later in the week. Or leftovers freeze incredibly well too.

Gluten Free Freezer Meal Success

You now have a ton of gluten free freezer meal ideas in your busy mom toolbox. And, are feeling great about being one step ahead of meal time chaos.

And, you know exactly how to store all of these delicious freezer meal ideas too!


20 gluten free freezer meal ideas






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