11 Easy Small Closet DIY Organization Ideas To Stay On Budget

Getting your small closet organized is no easy feat. And, taking on the added expense of making that closet Pinterest worthy doesn’t excite you. Get your closet organized without breaking the bank with these easy DIY closet organization ideas on a budget.

diy small closet organization ideas on a budget with boots, shoe storage, and clothing storage

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Somehow getting your closet organized became this unsurmountable task that seems to overwhelming to accomplish.

It’s not your fault. You have all of these perfectly curated closets pummeling you over the head all over the internet. Everything is organized just so, and labeled, and filled with all the pretty baskets.

In no way are you knocking those closets. In fact, you admire anyone that has the pixie dust to accomplish it.

But, that isn’t you.

You don’t have time for perfectly labelled baskets, and picture perfect accessory adorned shelves. You are busy, and needed this closet organized like 2 weeks ago. And, the less effort you have to put in the better. Right?

You are just trying to stay afloat with the busy schedules, a never ending laundry cycle, and trying to get dinner on the table without anyone having a melt down.

Ain’t nobody got time for perfectly labeled anything. Am I right?

And, as lovely as those amazing closets are…you don’t exactly have tons of money to drop on getting your closet organized either.

That is where these awesome DIY closet organization ideas on a budget come in. They are quick, easy, and pretty darn creative too. So, you can finally get that closet organized, and move on to what needs your attention most.


How do you organize a small closet on a budget?

When it comes to organizing a small closet on a budget my best tip is to declutter first.

By decluttering your clothes and accessories you will free up space, and be able to focus in on what truly needs to be organized.

Once, you have gotten decluttered. Take a step back, and assess what space you have. And, how to make it work.

The key is maximizing the space that you have, and not spending a small fortune on storage solutions too. So, I strongly encourage you to really take the time to be realistic with what you have, and size it up well.

And, to make life a little bit easier on you. Be sure to grab your FREE Closet Declutter Checklist at the bottom of this post.

diy closet organization on a budget clothing storage and boots

Now that you are ready to move on to putting the remaining items back in your closet. Here are some awesome DIY ideas on how to organize a closet on a budget that will help you along the way.

  • Kid’s Closets

Can we all agree that our kid’s closets can get out of control pretty quickly? There are so many clothes, and other accessories that it can get downright overwhelming.

And, if it is really out of control, then you are probably the only one laying out or picking out clothes for the kids each day. Which isn’t a super hard task, but it is yet another thing added on to your never ending list.

And, it is absolutely something that your kids can do for themselves. Especially with this awesome way to Organize Kids Clothes For School by Jessica Welling Interiors.

This DIY closet organization idea is very budget friendly, and is the gift that keeps on giving. Little hands can easily grab their outfits for each day, and take responsibility at the beginning of the day too.

You will also love this easy DIY closet organization idea on How To Redo A Kids Closet And Adjust It As They Grow by Really Are You Serious?

This is such an easy way to adjust shelving to heights that are appropriate for your child’s age. And, you will love how this encourages accountability and responsibility too.

  • Boots

Let’s face it, boots have this way of completely taking over a closet. You want to get them organized, but are overwhelmed by the sight of them. And, oh my gosh, are they a pain to try to organize.

I mean what do you do? You can fold them, but that still takes up a ton of space.

Enter this budget friendly Way To Store Boots by Organized 31. I mean it is so easy, and you probably have some extra bottles laying around the house. You could use pool noodles too if you have some of those as well.

DIY closet organization on a budget with big bag, shoe rack, and clothing storage box

DIY Small Closet Organization Ideas

Coming up with quick and easy DIY closet organization tricks is what you are all about. You don’t have hours to spend on DIY projects. But, you also don’t want to throw a ton of money at getting organized either.

That is why you are going to love these super simple DIY small closet organization ideas.

  • Purses and Bags Storage Solution

This whole post on Girls Room Closet Organization by Gluesticks by Brandy Nelson is amazing. You will love all of her cute spaces, and storage ideas.

My absolute favorite, and cost efficient closet storage solution, is how she uses a messenger dance bag to store all of the other bags. I mean, how smart is that?

Be sure to check it out, and you can also find out how to make your own messenger bag too.

  • Shoe Storage Solution

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have some of those beautiful shoe shelves in your closet? Well, now you can!

With these super easy DIY Shoe Shelves by Dukes and Duchesses. Y’all it really is super easy. It takes less than an hour to make, and you can use inexpensive materials too.


  • DIY Storage Boxes

I am going to go ahead and let you know that I may have a storage box and basket problem. I mean, they are crazy cute and organizational powerhouses. But, let’s be honest. Their cost can add up quickly.

Luckily, you can now make your own with this DIY Clothes Storage Box by Organized 31. This DIY organization project is perfect for anyone on a budget. As you probably have all of the items laying around.

All you need is a cardboard box, wrapping paper, and mod podge. And, you will love how you can get as creative as you want, and really make this project your own.

How can I organize my closet without buying anything?

Listen, you are busy. And, adding yet another errand to your daily to do list is not exactly at the top of your list. I feel you!

You need easy, and right this minute actionable tricks to organize your closet. Preferably, without having to buy anything.

That is why you will love these DIY small closet organization ideas.

diy closet organization ideas on a budget with hanging sweater, folded shirts, and shoe storage

Figuring out how to hang sweaters properly is going to save you a ton of space. And, bonus points for costing no money.

Learn How to Hang Sweaters by Organized 31 for this super quick and easy closet organization tip. If you are like me, you will be questioning why you never hung sweaters like this before. It’s okay. Now, we know how to do this together. And, our lives are that much better for it. 😉

While you are hanging those sweaters, here is another tip on How to Fold a Sweatshirt by Organized 31. She is pretty amazing. Right?

This is another great small closet organization DIY idea that will save you space without spending any money. And, the filing method is next level amazing. It is great for dressers inside or outside of your closet too.

Another super simple and easy DIY closet organization idea is this shoe storage idea by Organized 31. This idea is technically for packing and moving, but I absolutely love it for storing shoes between the various seasons.

And it works really great for storing athletic shoes if your kids play sports too. Because cleats can take over a closet quickly. Am I right?


Small Closet Organizers Do It Yourself

When it comes to small closet organization, you are probably going to hit a point where you will need organizers. Since, you are wanting to get your closet organized on a budget, why not do it yourself?

Especially, with these crazy easy do it yourself closet organizers. You probably have everything you need for these projects around your home. And, they can be done super quick too. Which is always a winner in my book.

diy closet organization ideas with linen closet and drawer dividers

If you are needing to get your linen closet organized. You are going to love this Linen Closet Organization by Easy Organized Home.

Her suggestions for folding linens, and creating a linen package out of bedding and sheets that go together, is next level amazing. And, all you need for this project is some baskets. How easy is that?

And, theses Custom Drawer Dividers by Simplify Create Inspire are crazy easy to make too. Like you can make these in 15 minutes easy. This works great for a dresser in your closet, and any dresser you may have too.

DIY Closet Organization Wrap Up

You now have a ton of DIY tips and tricks to organize your closet on any budget. And, you are ready to organize pretty much any closet in your home. Whether it’s a your small closet, a kid’s closet, or a linen closet. You are ready.

Now, get out there and try these awesome budget friendly DIY closet organization ideas! And, don’t forget to grab your FREE Closet Declutter Checklist HERE. 



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