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Easy Small Closet Organization Ideas You Need To Know

Chances are that you feel like you just don’t have enough closet space. Learn how to make the most of your tight space with these easy small closet organization ideas!

small closet organization with hanging clothes

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Does your small closet tend to fill you with dread instead of delight? You are not alone!

It is so easy to let the closet get out of control. I mean, just shove some stuff in it, know that it looks all kinds of crazy, and simply shut the door and walk away. I mean, if the door is closed then it never happened…right?

However, every morning you break out into a slight sweat hoping that the entire thing doesn’t collapse in on you. And fingers crossed you can actually find that top you need to wear today, and it not be full of wrinkles since it was pretty much shoved amongst all the other clothes. Know what I’m sayin?

But, you have finally had enough! You are sick and tired of that closet starting your day off in a bad mood. And, you are ready for a change!

Because, you know that once that closet finally gets organized your life will be SO much easier.

But, that small closet is straight up crazy town! So where do you even start?

Small Closet Organization 101

You are finally at the point to tackle this small closet organization beast, but are confused on where to start. I completely get it!

When all the clothes, and shoes, and bags are overflowing it can feel like an unsurmountable task. But here is the thing. It can absolutely be done!

Yes, you can get that small closet organized, and keep it organized too!

The key is to take this in small chunks. I mean, that closet did not turn into a disaster overnight. So, organizing it shouldn’t be done overnight either.

I feel small results driven tasks are the absolute key to success here. You already have a completely out of control closet, and you don’t need a bunch of overwhelming tasks that involve your undivided attention for several hours. A) because you simply don’t have time for that, and B) because then you are back to clutter paralysis and that small closet never actually gets organized.

So, let’s handle closet organization simply and effectively. And, have it done once and for all! You got this!

How To Organize A Closet

When it comes to any size closet organization you will need to start at the beginning. Meaning, go back in time to the point when nothing was in it. Hard to imagine that ever happened. Right?

Cleaning out the entire small closet is super helpful. It will allow you to step back, and really take a look at the uncluttered space. And, it also allows you to really assess your clothing situation. You will probably find that you have a bunch of clothes, shoes, and accessories that you no longer wear or need.

Since we are taking this in small chunks you may want to consider using a garment rack. This will keep your clothes from being placed on the floor or your bed. Having a garment rack is a helpful visual when deciding what clothes to keep, give away, or toss.

While going through all of your clothes and accessories be sure to immediately place any give away items in a tote, and throw away items in a garbage bag. You are already doing it so there is no need to add extra steps for sorting.

It is also a good idea to go with your gut. If your first instinct was to give that sweater away, stick with it. If you leave it in a pile you are more likely to go back, and decide that you might wear it again one day. PS You are never going to wear that sweater again!

Hanging Clothes In Your Small Closet

Now that you have made your way through all of your clothes it is time to get those babies hung. You want to take the time to be strategic with planning this.

If you start hanging clothes haphazardly, then you will be right back to where you started.

Think strategically, and place like clothing items together. Also, take a look at your closet space and think about what items should go where.

For instance, keep all of your short sleeved tops with other short sleeved tops. Tops, blouses, and skirts work well on a small upper rack. And pants and dresses will work best on a rack where nothing is beneath them.

PRO TIP: If you want to take your small closet organization skills to the next level. Color coordinate your clothing. Move from dark to light or vice versa.

Small Closet Storage Ideas

Now that all of your clothes are hung, and looking all kinds of pretty. Let’s talk about storage options. Because we both know that closet organization doesn’t simply end with just the clothes.

  • Baskets

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the amazingness of baskets? I mean they are beautiful, and hide our stuff!

Consider using some baskets for storage if you have shelves, or place them on a top rack in your small closet. Baskets are perfect for housing handbags, and even shoes that you aren’t using during that particular season.

By using baskets these extra items are put away, but still easily accessible. And, it leaves you with a completely uncluttered closet too!

small closet organization with hanging scarves

  • Get Creative With Unused Space

If you take a step back you will see that there is probably a ton of unused space on your small closet walls. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative.

You can use a towel bar to hang some scarves. Simply knot the scarves to the bar for easy access.

You can also add a peg board to your closet walls. Peg boards are perfect for hanging any jewelry and accessories. And, they are just something that is generally pretty to look at in your closet. 😉

  • Go Vertical With Shoes

When it comes to getting your small closet organized shoes can be a real issue. Especially if you are a fan of shoes!

Going vertical with your shoes truly frees up a lot of storage space.

You can always go old school with an over the door shoe organizer. Or, you can use a simple hanging shoe organizer which works really well as a separator between clothes.

Having a space in your closet that is dedicated specifically for shoes will really help with keeping you on track, and is one of those ideas that actually keeps your closet organized.

small closet organization with shirts and sweaters on shelf

  • Small Dresser Or Shelves

You may have shelves depending on how your closet was made. If you do, those shelves are perfect to store sweaters and handbags.

If you do not have any closet shelves, then you may want to consider a small shelving unit or shelf organizer to store underneath a tall rack.

If you are really tight on space, then revisit the hanging shoe organizer. You can roll your sweaters, and place them in the shoe organizer. This idea frees up a ton of bulky sweater space.

How To Organize Your Closet When You Feel Overwhelmed

If your closet space has gotten seriously out of control then you are probably feeling overwhelmed. I mean, you know exactly what to do to fix the problem, but it’s just so much stuff. Frankly speaking, you feel paralyzed.

I completely get it! When your house is out of control, even small tasks can feel impossible.

That is why I am a big believer in doing a little bit each day. Over time, those seemingly small tasks will add up. And, you will then be in the habit of staying organized! Say what? It cannot be that simple. Oh my friend it really is!

Day 1 – Take all items out of closet and hang on garment rack. This task can take all day if you need it to, but I promise you can get this done in one day.

Day 2-4 – Purge your closet. Take a few days to go through what clothing you will be keeping, donating, or throwing away. This can be one of the hardest tasks so feel free to take your time. But, aim to have it completed within 3 days because we both know that this is the task that can and will be put off forever.

Day 5-6 – Get organized and think about storage solutions. This will be the time to hang all of your clothes where they will function best. Take your time with this, and know that it is okay if you don’t get it right on your first try. It can take a few times to have everything put in the best space possible. This is a good time to think about storage solutions, and purchase what you need.

Day 7 – Put away sweaters, hand bags, and shoes. You should be on a roll right about now, and feeling confident in your organization skills! You can totally knock out this task in one day.

Now step back, and take in all of your hard work! Don’t you feel amazing?

See how easy it is to get yourself organized when you take it in small bite sized chunks? This is hands down the easiest and most effective way to get organized, and stay organized too!

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small closet organization hanging clothes

Keeping Your Small Closet Organized

Now that you have all of the small closet organization ideas you may be wondering how to to actually keep your closet that way!

It is incredibly easy to fall into the trap of starting out gung ho and full speed ahead. And then life happens, you get busy, and well…that closet will be a disaster again with in a couple of weeks.

Here are a few tips that will keep your closet organized for good!

  • Get the Top Tools To Keep You Organized at the bottom of this post!
  • Stay On Top Of The Clutter

We all love a fun shopping spree. And, let’s not get started on the fact that you can’t just go to Target and only by what was on your list. I swear, tees and cardigans just magically fall into my cart.

But, this leads to closet disaster. Take the time to only invest in pieces that you truly need and love. Half of the closet organization battle is by not having a bunch of unnecessary clothes and accessories.

  • Put Clothes Away

Putting clothes back where they belong seems pretty basic, but how often do you actually do it? Life gets busy, and you are tired. You say to yourself that you will hang it up tomorrow, and before you know it you have now said this 10 times in a row. I get it!

However, the only sure fire way to keep your closet organized is by taking the time to place things where they belong. Seriously, it only takes a few minutes. And, once I started doing this. Oh my gosh what a relief it is to not have crap basically falling out of my closet. And to know exactly where your favorite cardigan is too!

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Wrapping Up

You are now a small closet organizing machine! You know exactly where to put your clothes and accessories, and how to keep your closet organized for good!

And, exactly what to do if you are feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter. Because we all know that clutter can be a gigantic beast of a dark cloud that leaves us with zero motivation.

Now get out there and get your small closet organized! So that you can spend more time where you are needed most, and not worrying about a mountain of clutter in a closet. Let’s start your day off with a smile instead of a grumble. You so got this!

Don’t forget to grab your Capsule Wardrobe Checklist HERE! It is such a tremendous help on deciding what to keep, or give away.


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