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Decluttering Your Home Checklist – Eliminate Overwhelm With This FREE Printable!

Learning how to declutter your home and life is no easy feat, and you feel so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to begin! Eliminate the overwhelm, and stay on task with this easy decluttering your home checklist.

You are ready to start decluttering your home, but are feeling a bit intimidated. Oh how I feel you! When we accumulate so much stuff, and papers, and randomness it can feel like we are drowning.

But, you know how much better you will feel once it is complete. When you get your home decluttered it lifts a weight off your shoulders, and gives you some breathing room to just be. Plus, it leaves less things to clean too! *Insert praise hands*

That’s where having this FREE Decluttering Your Home Checklist which is at the bottom of this post, comes in handy! It is always helpful to have a visual guide to keep you on track. PS It’s bright and vibrant too which always helps in keeping you motivated. 😉

By having a pretty printable checklist you can stay focused on decluttering each area of your home. Instead of running around like a crazy person who feels like they have accomplished nothing.

decluttering your home checklist


 How Do I Start Clearing Clutter?

This is a super common question, and it has a very basic answer. Just start! Not the answer you were looking for huh? Let’s break this down for a minute.

So, in essence, when you want to start clearing clutter you will just start by picking up one piece at a time.

But, there are a few tools that will help you get started!

  • FREE Decluttering Your Home Checklist. This checklist goes room by room, and area by area. It helps you to know exactly what you need to do in each space. (You can get your copy at the bottom of this post.)
  • 2 Baskets or Bins. You will need one for donations, and one for items to put away later. The put away basket is for any items that do not belong in the space where you are working. So you can easily put them away where they belong once you are finished.
  • Trash bag. This makes it super duper easy for any items that need to be tossed.
  • Clarity. Get really clear on what you will be keeping. If you have not used it in 6 months, is broken, or does not fill you with joy and is literally weighing you down. Please, for your own sanity, get rid of it!

Next, pick a room, a space, a counter top. It truly does not matter! You just really want to stay solely focused on the space in which you are working.

Now, take a deep breath and pick up one thing. Simply put it into one of the baskets or the trash bag. YES! You did it! You just got started clearing clutter in your home! Doesn’t it feel amazing?

Now pick up another thing, and another thing, and another. Keep this process going until you have finished that one area. You will be amazed at how quickly you can get this done when you take it one step at a time!

How To Declutter Your Home Fast

I don’t blame you one bit if you want to learn how to declutter your home quickly! I mean, who doesn’t? Am I right?

The key here is to stay focused on that one space. Take it in small, bite sized chunks, and FOCUS! Do not leave that space until you have finished the task at hand.

Two things happen, when you move onto other things, or other areas before you have completed the task.

A) You do little pieces of seemingly random actions, and have nothing to show for it. By the end of the day, you feel completely defeated and it appears that you have done relatively little.

B) Your brain gets confused. Multi tasking can be harmful for productivity. When you move around constantly between tasks, it takes your brain a few minutes to ‘shift’ to the next action you are now doing. Think about that for a minute.

It takes time for your brain to rewire itself, and say oh okay so we are doing this thing now. How many times do you run between doing different things throughout the day? A lot right?

As moms, this bouncing around between doing things is somewhat inevitable. That’s why it is super important to focus on what you can control. And, lucky for you, decluttering is one of them!

So, take a deep breath, and focus only on that one space. Buy having your checklist, baskets, and trash bag ready. You have no reason to leave the area you are working on. Which makes decluttering your home go really fast!

decluttering your home checklist

Free Printable Decluttering Your Home Checklist

Alright, now that you are feeling better about where to start decluttering, and how to stay focused. Let’s move on to the checklist.

You are going to love this declutter checklist PDF! It is super pretty and vibrant. Which always helps with staying motivated. 😉

And, it is broken down into easily manageable stages. By going room by room, and also spaces with in each room, you will stay on track with decluttering your home.

Feel free to take this process as slow as you need to. Or, knock out a few rooms or even your whole house in one day!

But, I really want to reiterate this. There is no shame in taking this process slowly! All that clutter did not manifest itself in one day. So, do not feel that you have to get rid of it in one day either.

However, I do advise fully decluttering at least one small area of your home. It could be a table top, counter top, or a bookshelf. Just see it through until it is finished. This is because when you see the immediate results you will feel better, and stay motivated to get started on the next space!

Decluttering Tips

I will also let you in on another decluttering secret.

You may have heard the term Eat The Frog, which basically means to start with the most difficult thing on your list. But I am here to challenge that advice, and tell you not to do it.

If you are literally drowning in clutter, and feel incredibly overwhelmed – DO NOT eat that frog! But Amanda, that is what all the experts say to do. Why wouldn’t I do what they say I should do?

Because, frankly speaking, it is just too much! You are tired, depressed, and let’s be real here…a little embarrassed by all the clutter piling up. How do I know this? Because I have SO been there.

And, I am here to tell you that if I started decluttering in the most dreaded area of my home first. I would not be able to teach you how to declutter, because it would still be a clutter filled mess. I would have never finished the task at hand, and become all consumed with the overwhelming clutter.

By starting with the smallest task first you will see immediate results, and this will give you the momentum to keep going. And quick wins just make you happy!

Just keep going, piece by piece, and remember to breathe. And know that I am right behind you. Cheering you on every step of the way!

Wrapping Up

You now have everything you need to get started on decluttering your home. You also know how to get your home decluttered quickly and efficiently too. All the praise hands for that!

Let’s do this thing, and get you started. Be sure to grab your copy of the FREE Decluttering Your Home Checklist HERE.


decluttering your home checklist

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