How To Declutter Your Home And Your Life

Do you feel like your life is full of clutter? You know that you need to make some changes by decluttering, but feel so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to begin. Let’s eliminate that overwhelm right now, and break down exactly how to declutter.

How to declutter your life and home with messy room and desk

Getting your home and your life decluttered can be crazy overwhelming. Am I right?

I mean you have all the papers, and toys, and clothes to go through. And, let’s not get started on the kitchen counter tops, and when is the last time you actually saw your dining room table?

You find yourself exhausted before you even get started! And, you don’t even know where to begin.

Hi! My name is Amanda, and I am a former clutterer. Yes, it’s a word…I just created it. 😉

I have mastered exactly how to declutter your home, and come up with some easy tips and strategies just for you!

Here you will find all the ways to get your home and life decluttered. Quickly, easily, and efficiently!

So, with that, let’s get started!

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get your home and life decluttered for good


how to declutter with lots of clothes falling out of basket

How To Declutter Your House

Wanna know the secret to decluttering your house? It is taking it room by room.

Sounds super simple right? Well, in theory it is, but we get easily distracted. Seriously, think about how many things you multi task in a day. Roaming from room to room. And, at the end of the day accomplishing very little.

Listen, we have ALL been there.

Finding out exactly how to declutter your home, is just the thing you need! Together, we will break it down. And eliminate the stress and overwhelm that can come with decluttering.

Decluttering Your Home Checklist

So, you have figured out how to declutter your life and home, but wish you had a reference point to keep you on track. I get it!

It can be super helpful to have a pretty printable on hand to go back to, and make sure that you have decluttered all the things. And, whoa mama doesn’t it feel great to scratch an action off that to do list?

Lucky for you I have created the decluttering list specifically for you. This checklist will hit all the areas of your home that are probably in need of a serious decluttering session. So, my to do list friends, head on over and grab your free copy of the decluttering your home checklist now.

how to declutter with messy shoes out of closet

How To Declutter Your Closet

Decluttering clothes is one of those areas that is just plain tough. It can bring up a lot of emotions, and a whole lot of overwhelm too!

You know that you need to do it, and you know that you will feel better once it is done. But, gosh the resistance to it is strong.

Let’s break it down together, and tackle the beast once and for all.

Once you find out exactly how to declutter your closet, the easy way, it really is not so bad. I promise.

You will learn how to get started, and keep that momentum going. Through, you guessed it…bite sized chunks. Because, honestly that is the best way to accomplish pretty much any goal you set in your life.

You will also learn how to ruthlessly purge clothes. Accept where your body is today. And, embracing the season of life that you are in right now.

Because let’s face it. A stay at home mom probably does not need the same wardrobe as a work outside of the home mom. And, that is totally okay! When you are decluttering your clothes, you simply need to get clear on where you are at in your life, and loving yourself. Because you are seriously amazing!

There are even tips on how to create a capsule wardrobe too. P.S. A capsule wardrobe is a total game changer, and makes getting ready in the morning SO much easier!

how to declutter with how to declutter toys and blocks

How To Declutter Toys

If your home is overrun by toys, then you need to read this!

You will learn how to downsize the toys, and get everyone on board too. Sounds to good to be true right? I promise it is not as hard as it seems. Kids can totally be involved and excited about the decluttering process too.

Don’t worry. We will break down exactly how to get everyone on board with decluttering toys. 😉

And, when you declutter toys. You will be amazed at how much more your kids are engaged with the toys that you keep. Like they actually play with them for longer than 5 minutes. *Insert praise hands!*

So, head on over and learn how to declutter toys, and get started now. Your stress level will thank you! Oh, and there is also an amazing declutter tracker freebie that will keep your kids on track too!

How To Declutter Your Mind

Do you find yourself awake at night with an endless swirl of thoughts. No matter what you do you just cannot get them to stop!

That my friend is mental clutter!

Figure out how to unplug, and clear your mind. And how to stay focused and get a clear mindset with these easy ways to declutter your mind.

how to declutter with woman stressed by her to do list

Decluttering Sentimental Items

Another massive roadblock that can come with decluttering is learning how to let go. Especially with sentimental items!

Think baby clothes and blankets, inherited items, a bridesmaids dress from years ago…the list goes on and on!

But how do you declutter those things in your home? I mean, you don’t want to be the person who hurts someone’s feelings. So should you just hold onto it forever, allowing it to collect dust?

Ummm…definitely not! Figure out how to purge memorabilia, and how to deal with the tough emotions that may surface while decluttering sentimental items.

Declutter Motivation

You now have the tools you need to get your home and life decluttered. And, you know exactly how to declutter.

But, what do you do to stay motivated?

I mean, you are excited, and prepped, and ready to take action! But, let’s be honest…that excitement can fade quickly.

These declutter quotes are the perfect motivation to keep your decluttering mojo going strong! Inspirational and motivational quotes are seriously the best. They always help with giving yourself that extra push to keep going.

And, you can grab a copy of the declutter quotes in some free printable wall art too. Hang them wherever you need to in your home to keep you motivated!

How To Declutter Before Moving

Moving can be stressful enough. Remove the added overwhelm of packing up your home and declutter before moving.

It will save you time, and money. And you will be decluttered and organized before moving. There is also a decluttering checklist before moving included too! This will give you quick wins with over 150 items to get rid of before you move.

Wrapping Up

You now have a ton of resources on how to declutter your home, what to do when decluttering clothes, how to get through the overflowing toys, and what to do to stay motivated on your decluttering journey.

You are prepped, ready, and feel the decluttering overwhelm fading away. So, now it is time to take action! You so got this!

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