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Easy DIY Rustic Christmas Decor Centerpiece You Need To Make

Give your home a cozy and woodland feel this Christmas season with this incredibly easy DIY rustic Christmas decor project! Bring the outdoors inside this Holiday season with this natural moss wrapped gift box centerpiece.

diy rustic Christmas decor with moss wrapped gift box centerpiece with bow

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We all want a cozy and inviting home on the daily. But, can we agree that it is pretty fun to kick it up a notch during the holidays?

You want all the soft blankets and throws, yummy aromas to fill the kitchen, and all the beautiful and lovely decor all over your home!

When it comes to holiday decorations, is there anything more fun then an incredibly easy DIY Christmas decor project? You can fill your home with the Christmas decor that you love, and fill your creative spirit too! Double win!

That brings us to this lovely rustic and woodland inspired moss wrapped gift box centerpiece. Isn’t it the cutest? And, y’all! You can make this easy DIY Christmas craft in under 10 minutes! YESSSSS!

DIY Christmas Decor

Okay, let’s talk DIY for a moment shall we? You desperately want to create and make all the things for your home. Like you always want to decorate, but especially at Christmas!

It is warm and cozy and inviting. Because, let’s be honest, it also makes everyone feel good too!

But, you are also drowning in carpool, kid’s schedules, meal planning, and let’s not forget the laundry pile!

Listen, I get it. Oh how I get it! And, I am also giving you the biggest mama hug right now. Because, trust me. I hear you, I see you, and I got you!

Enter this easy DIY Christmas decor project!

You can fill your creative heart desires with this Christmas craft because it is ridiculously easy! And, the steps are so simple that it is incredibly fool proof. Because, you are probably operating on about 3 hours of sleep, and 5 cups of coffee. We need simple, and ‘you cannot mess this one up’ type projects.

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DIY Rustic Christmas Decor Centerpiece

The story behind this moss wrapped centerpiece basically involves the whole “I can totally make that!” mentality. You know the one? Go to store or flip through magazine, notice price of said item. Slowly try to hold back the gasps and internal ‘say whaaaatttt?’. Process the fact that there is no way in the world that you are purchasing this amazing item. Get to creating!

I honestly cannot remember where I saw this, but it was for sure a maagazine. I can clearly remember seeing the price and very loudly, and in public I might add, saying something along the lines of ‘get out of here with that noise’. BUT, I just had to have it. AHHHH why are ALL the things so pretty???

There is something so warm and welcoming about rustic decor to me. Using natural elements and organic lines and edges. It is not fussy, and blends in beautifully in a busy and bustling family home. And, I am always looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside too.

So, I got to work and created this lovely and easy DIY rustic Christmas decor project! And, you are going to be super stoked about it too because you can make it in less than 10 minutes! Because we all know that you love to create, but your time is needed elsewhere with your family! And, ain’t nobody got hours upon hours to create okay?

DIY Rustic Christmas Decor Supplies

DIY rustic Christmas decor project supplies

You can find all of the items used for the moss wrapped gift box centerpiece at your local hobby and craft store. However, if you are short on time (raises hand from the back fo the room), and you need it nicely packaged up and sitting on your door step. Here you go:

When it comes to the ribbon, I used a pretty turquoise because it went with our Christmas theme. But, I honestly feel like the possibilities are endless. A red plaid or black and white houndstooth pattern would be perfection! And, keeping it real. I am leaning towards swapping out the turquoise for a pretty burlap bow this year! Talk about rustic and cozy!

Making Your DIY Rustic Christmas Decor Centerpiece

DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece tutorial

First, you will want to start with the lid. Trim the moss to be able to wrap it around the top and sides of the lid.

Make cuts into the corners of the moss. This will make wrapping the moss around the edges of the box lid much easier. Simply spread some hot glue onto the box, and gently press the moss onto the top.

DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece tutorial

Trim any of the excess moss from the sides of the lid.

DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece tutorial

When you are finished. The top of your moss wrapped gift box should look like this. Isn’t that the cutest most rustic box top ever?

Now you will be doing the exact same process to go up the sides of the box. Simply spread the hot glue on the gift box, and gently press the moss up the sides.

DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece tutorial

Now, you may start to notice that there are some gaps in the moss at the bottom of your gift box. Do not freak out! This is an incredibly easy fix.

Because you are going rustic, and using natural elements, this project is A) not about perfection and B) using natural elements means that it blends beautifully!

Simply cut some small strips of moss to fill in the gaps, and hot glue those bad boys where you need them.

DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece tutorial

See! You cannot even tell there was ever a gap there! Like you seriously cannot tell. Gosh, don’t you love a rustic craft?

Now it is time to put the top on your Christmas gift box centerpiece! YAY!

When it comes to this part, you may need to do a little jiggle to make it fit. You do not want to go crazy shaking the top on, but you also don’t have to be super gentle either. Trust me, it will make sense when you get to this step!

DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece with bow

Finally, you will add a pretty little bow, and then you will have your beyond gorgeous and unique moss wrapped Christmas gift box!

Step back, and take that in! I mean how cool is this thing? And, as far as DIY rustic Christmas decor goes, this thing is at next level amazing creation status!

Wrapping Up

Pun totally intended! 😉

You now know how to make an incredibly easy DIY Christmas decor project that can be made in under 10 minutes! And it can be made with accessible materials that can be purchased at a craft store or online.

Now, get ready to absorb a whole lot of compliments, and to feel the Christmas coziness all up in your home!

So, tell me. What color ribbon will you be using for this project? I love hearing all of your wonderful and creative ideas!



DIY rustic Christmas decor moss wrapped gift box centerpiece tutorial


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