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FREE Valentine Template Printable Card For Kids

Are you on the hunt for a super quick and super easy Valentine idea for your child’s class this year? I have got you covered with this incredibly cute and easy FREE Valentine template printable card for kids.

valentine template printable with glow sticks

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to create some cute and simple Valentines for my kid’s classmates. Emphasis on simple, because we both know we have better things to do with our time than work on a complicated craft ALL day!

We are talking made these in just a few minutes simple! Which…ahem…is perfect for the last minute mamas. πŸ˜‰

Another great thing about these crazy easy printable Valentines cards is that they are a non candy option as well.

Now, let me be clear. I am in no way knocking giving out candy. But, both of my children are in classrooms that have kids with food allergies.

Since, our son struggles with his own allergies. I try very hard to be mindful of that, and to not exclude any children.

And, honestly. This Valentine template printable is so stinking cute. The kids will not even notice that there isn’t candy!

Seriously they won’t. My daughter Willow will legit throw down for some candy. She is obsessed with this printable, and completely mesmerized by the glow stick. And, she has yet to ask where the candy is. Now, I call that a winner!

So, are you ready to do this thing? Let’s get started!

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Valentine template printable with glow sticks

Printable Valentines Cards For Kids

Listen mama you are busy! I know it, you know it, we ALL know it. And, if I can come up with a way to make your life even a tiny bit easier I am all about it!

That is part of why I absolutely love this printable valentine. Y’all! You print it, cut it, punch two holes, and insert a glow stick. Seriously, could it get any easier?

Now, you can absolutely head over to a box store, and grab the cute tear out Valentine cards. Or, fill up bags with candy and make everything beyond precious. Both of those are wonderful options!

I have a fond nostalgia of the tear out cards. And, I have nothing but the sincerest of love for the mamas that can make the epic Valentine creations.

However, the thought of going to the store and fighting off the swarms of people around Valentine’s Day fills my heart with dread. And, I genuinely do not have the time in this season of my life to dedicate a bunch of time to crafting.

However, I do LOVE crafting! So, if I can make it super simple and incredibly easy. BOOM! We have a winner!

And, like I said above. Both of my kid’s classrooms have children with food allergies. So, if you are in the same boat as us, or if you simply prefer a non candy option in general. Then this printable Valentines card for kids is perfect for you!

Valentine Template Printable Supplies

Another wonderful thing about these printable valentines is that you only need a few items to get you started. And, they don’t cost a ton either. Which is always a winner in my book.

  • FREE Valentine card template  – You Make My Heart Glow Valentine (You can get this at the bottom of this post.)
  • Hole Punch
  • Glow Sticks

If you are like me and celebrate everything that is Amazon then be sure to grab your glow sticks with the link above. But, these are also almost always available at the Dollar Store, Michael’s, and Target as well.

I do suggest using card stock for this Valentine printable template because it is a bit sturdier. However, if you only have regular printer paper on hand. It will absolutely work. Just know that it may be a bit flimsy.

Valentine template printable with glow stick

Valentine Card Template

First, grab your copy of the FREE Valentine template printable. You can get the template at the bottom of this post.

Next, you will cut out the hearts along the heart template outline.

Then, use your hole punch to make two holes. It works really well to line up the holes so that the glow sticks resemble Cupid’s arrow. πŸ˜‰

I did this easily by making the first hole slightly above and to the left of the ‘Y’ in You. And, I made the second hole by going as far to the right of the ‘From:’ as I could, while still staying in the white portion of the heart.

Next, you will have your child sign the card if needed. And, then just slide the glow sticks into the back of the Valentine template printable.

Side note: I would not suggest ‘cracking’ the glow sticks. This way the recipient can do it on their own, and it won’t be all glowed out. However, if you have a child that is adamant that they want their glow stick glowing. I would try to wait until the day of the party to crack them.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to make some incredibly easy printable Valentines cards for kids. You may even have everything you need on hand too.

And, if your child’s classroom has any food allergies, then you are feeling super confident with this easy printable as well.

You are also jumping up and down at the fact that this Valentine template printable can have all of your child’s Valentines done in just a few minutes! And, it is editable Valentine card PDF template too. Which is perfect for the littles that aren’t yet ready to write their names.

Seriously mamas. Jump on this one because it is SO easy. And, we are all about making life easier around here!

Grab your FREE copy of the Valentine card template HERE!


valentine template printable glow stick valentines cards

Valentine template printable with glow sticks
Glow Stick Valentine's Free Printable


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  1. This is such a sweet idea. My daughter loves glow sticks and they actually sell them at the dollar store which makes it cost effective πŸ™‚

  2. I love the idea of no candy and just fun! My fam and I have “parties” every Friday. We stay up “late” and make snacks and dance and watch a movie. When holidays come around we theme our parties, so I will definitely be trying these for this Friday! Thanks for the share!

    1. Oh definitely! Everyone can totally do whatever works best for them! πŸ™‚ We have food allergies in our family, and both of their classrooms, so a non candy idea works really well. XO Amanda

  3. I love those glow stick valentine, they are original, simple, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, will show them to my daughter as well.

  4. This is a super cute non candy Vday card idea! My daughter has allergies to dairy, eggs, and peanuts so I know how it is! Plus kids love these things haha!

    1. Thank you! Yes we have food allergies over here too. I try to go for non candy as much as possible…plus we may or may not still have candy from Halloween! LOL! XO Amanda

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