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5 Ways To Teach Your Child To Be Kind

Are you preparing your child for our ever changing world? How do you teach your child to be kind?

It seems like every time I turn the news on these days, I am left with these questions. Of course, I teach my child to be kind by example, through words, and expressing our emotions. But, I am constantly left wondering if they truly understand.

That’s why I was so excited to receive our Kid’s Night In Box. This month’s theme was Swimming Through the Sea, and mamas it was wonderful. This box included a book, fun activities, and even a snack to help your child master empathy and kindness in a way that they can understand.

I feel that teaching our children to be kind matters now more than ever. Here are 5 ways you can teach your child to be kind!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see Disclosure Policy here. I received Kid’s Night In Box for free in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.


boy and girl reading book


Read a Book

We received the book You be You by Linda Kranz in our Kid’s Night In Box. This wonderful book is about a fish named Adri, who quickly learns that there are all kinds of fish in the sea. Some are big, and some are small. Some are colorful, and some are plain.

You be You shows our children the beauty in our differences. It was lovely to see my children’s eyes light up, and just immediately understand. Such a lovely way to teach your child to be kind!


girl playing with play doh


Modeling How We Are All The Same

Next, in our Kid’s Night In Box, was a super fun activity with modeling magic and markers. First, the kids picked colors for each of their fish. Then, we dyed the modeling clay, and made the fish.

They each admired their creations, and had so much fun making the fish. We noted the pretty colors, and how different each of the fish looked.

Now, comes the teachable moment. Each of the kids tried on the included blindfold, and I handed them the fish. They noted how the fish did not feel, or smell different from one another. In fact, all the fish were the same!

The kids saw how we should always be kind to one another because we are all the same. This activity was such a great way to teach your child to be kind, and truly made my mama heart smile!

teaching your child kindness with kids night in boxes



boy holding play doh fish


Working Together

My son LOVED this part! He got to combine all of the fish, into one big fish. And, he noticed how even though the fish looked different, it was still the same piece of model magic.

We also discussed how we should all work together. This sweet child saw how all the fish working together, made such a beautiful rainbow. And, how we should do this in our lives every day! (Yes, I may have cried a little!)

boy holding card with fish on it

Learn A New Language

In our Kid’s Night In Box, we got to learn about Louis Braille. The kid’s enjoyed learning about Braille, and how he created this alphabet for the blind.

We received a braille card, and an alphabet key for the kids to learn how to read braille. There is even a message written in braille on the card for your child to read.

This was such a great way for my children to learn about our differences, and finding compassion and kindness in those moments.

boy drawing picture with marker in mouth


Draw A Picture

Thanks to our Kid’s Night In Box, we got to learn about the amazing Joni Eareckson Tada. Joni had a serious accident at the age of 17, and was paralyzed from the neck down.

She did not allow her paralysis to stop her. Joni learned to paint and draw with her mouth. And she has written over 17 books, and has her own radio show!

Our next activity included a drawing challenge using only your mouth. Keeping it real, my son was easily frustrated with this activity. But, THAT was the BEST part!

We were able to discuss why it was challenging, and how Joni and others with disabilities might feel. He took away being patient and kind to others, because we never know what difficulties they may face.

Craft Supplies. 5 Ways To Teach Your Child To Be Kind.

In today’s society it is so important to teach your child to be kind. I am so grateful for this amazing Kid’s Night In Box, and the lessons that it taught my children.

Be sure to get your hands on a Kid’s Night In Box today! They have a new theme every month, and I cannot wait to see what we receive next!

P.S. They even have Date Night In Boxes too! Because let’s face it, going out can be really tough! Be sure to check out all Night In Boxes has to offer here.

Teaching your child to be kind is and important social skill for emotional wellness in children. 5 Ways to teach your child to be kind. #kindness #teachingkids #socialskills #nightinboxes #kidsnightin #activitesforkids #kidactivites #kidcrafts #craftsforkids #kindnessinkids #bullying #empathy #compassion
Teaching your child to be kind is and important social skill for emotional wellness in children. 5 Ways to teach your child to be kind. #kindness #teachingkids #socialskills #nightinboxes #kidsnightin #activitesforkids #kidactivites #kidcrafts #craftsforkids #kindnessinkids #bullying #empathy #compassion





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  1. I had never heard of this box. What an amazing tool to use to teach your children about kindness, which is such an important thing. It’s also a great reminder for adults, too! Amazing product!

    1. It really was the BEST! And, I so enjoyed learning some new things for me too! Watching my kids have fun, and develop a deeper understanding on being kind was the best part! XO Amanda

  2. This is actually really cool! I’d probably enjoy it also. My son is a little young for it, but maybe sometime soon!

  3. What a beautiful idea. I think adults need this too! 🙂 Especially during these times – everyone needs to learn more kindness <3

  4. This is pretty good. Considering the things that our kiddos will have to face in the world currently, it is important for them to learn and understand the importance of kindness. These boxes seem like a wonderful thing. I will definitely be looking more into it.

    1. You are SO right! I just find myself continually battling over how to teach my children kindness and compassion. I found this box so helpful with that! XO Amanda

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