Being A Mom Is Hard: Allow Yourself Some Grace

Do you find yourself thinking “Gosh, being a mom is hard”? Don’t get me wrong, raising these amazing humans is the most rewarding experience ever. But, with non stop schedules, feedings, and constant worry…being a mom is also really hard!

That is why I am so happy to have Molly with My Sweet Lilac sharing her heart today about allowing ourselves some grace. Molly is the Queen of crafts and DIYs, and is also an amazing mama! She is one of the absolute sweetest people EVER, and I feel so blessed to call her my friend!

PS Molly has the most amazing printables, and she also designed my gorgeous logo and header, so be sure to check out her shop too!

Being a mom is hard, let’s allow ourselves some grace!

It’s been a long week already, and it’s only Wednesday. I grab a meal from the freezer to thaw for dinner because I’m the LEAST motivated to cook on Wednesday’s.

We went for a walk outside for a change of scenery, and though it was a good change of scenery, the kids got muddy. I wasn’t planning on a bath night but now it’s a necessity. I’m tired. I’m not sure if we have clean towels, or jammies.

Did I put the laundry in the dryer?

I was hoping for an early bedtime because all I want to do right now is veg on the couch with Netflix.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, I can guarantee you’re a mom, you’re a tired mom, and you are probably a mom just like me. You are a mama who doesn’t have it all figured out, and isn’t even pretending to know it all anymore. You are a mama that loves her kids so much it hurts.

You would do ANYTHING for them and your husband. You fight hard for joy in your marriage, even when you are sleep deprived and hangry, and when throwing in the towel sounds easier.

Being A Mom Is Hard: Allow Yourself Some Grace

Hot mess mamas, semi-pro mamas. Those of you that are at level pro momming, and the mamas that have yet to pass level one. Whether you feel like you have NO CLUE or you’ve got it all figured out. Listen up.

We’re all a mess. We are all human, we all get tired, irritable, lose patience.

We have limits on our energy, resources, and abilities. I’m a mess, married to a mess, parenting beautiful (and we think, brilliant) little messes. Nonetheless we’re doing this mom gig. And quite frankly, the stakes are high.

The demands are high too. I made a list of all my roles and expectations. I counted no less than TWENTY jobs I do every day. Chef. Launderer. Cheerleader. Interpreter. Photographer. Financial planner.

When I reflect at the end of the day, quite often I find myself thinking “Dang, I did so much today. At least I think I did? But there is SO much left to do.” And if I’m honest, I’m left feeling down about my inability to do it all.

But it doesn’t have to be discouraging. You need to know that it’s OK! It’s ok to be tired, to not have all the answers, and to not do all the things all the time.

Being A Mom Is Hard: Allow Yourself Some Grace

It’s ok if you aren’t the smartest, toughest, gentlest, most money savvy, or even the best wife. Sometimes we all just need to give ourselves (and each other) a break.

We need to validate that it is OK that life can feel draining and our responsibilities endless.

What about you, mama? You need to hear this, too. You’re doing it! And you’re doing it WELL. You are allowed to make mistakes. But keep it up! Keep going.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Some days it takes a lot of grit and courage. But here you are, you’re reading this, you’re learning and looking for answers. And you were never meant to be perfect.

Being A Mom Is Hard: Allow Yourself Grace

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This guest post was written by Molly from My Sweet Lilac. Molly is a wife and mama of two kiddos, aged 4 and 2. She blogs about making her house a home to her family. If you enjoyed this printable, check out her monthly newsletter for more freebies.

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