The Ultimate Gift Guide Of What Your Wife Really Wants For Christmas

Are you at a total loss on what to get your wife as a gift for Christmas? Is the deadline approaching, and you are still empty handed? Well have no fear because today I am sharing the Ultimate Gift Guide Of What Your Wife Really Wants for Christmas.

Guys, let’s face it…your wife is a pretty amazing lady! If you have children, then you already know she is a multi tasking ninja. She can wipe away tears, and has kisses that can heal all boo boos. With her stealth like skills, she can carry a baby on her hip, balance coffee in her hand, and unlock a car with keys in her mouth.

She is your biggest cheerleader, and she would genuinely fight off a bear with her bare hands to protect you and your babies. #notallsuperheroeswearcapes 🙂 This year, let’s get her what she really wants, because she totally deserves it!

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1. Sleep

Guys, let me tell you…mama is TIRED! We entertain those precious but highly energetic kiddos, cook the meals, run the errands, manage schedules, take the kiddos to all the activities, parties, and playdates, tackle the never ending laundry, and try to maintain some semblance of cleanliness in our homes. And ALL hands up to the mamas that work outside of the house!

We know that you work incredibly hard, and for that we are truly grateful…TRULY! But, you know that thing that you do at the end of the day where you lie down in bed and are asleep in a few minutes? Yeah…what is that like? No seriously, please tell ME?!?

At the end of the day we lie down, and think, and think, and think! AND, if we are super lucky the kids may only try to get in our bed twice! Do you see where I am going with this?

Helping your wife to have a full night of uninterrupted sleep will earn you SO many cool points it will blow your mind…and MEGA bonus points for letting her sleep in! Get up with those sweet kiddos in the morning, and get out of the house if you need to…just let mama sleep!

Be sure to help her sleep in style with some super comfy PJs! Don’t worry, I have got your back! Here are a few of my favorites.

woman in pajamas

woman in pajamas

woman in pajamas

2. Clean the House

For a mama, a clean house is one of the most amazing feelings ever! Just knowing that the floors have actually been scrubbed, surfaces disinfected, laundry has been washed, folded and put away helps us to breathe a bit easier.

Because of the previously mentioned absolutely precious yet highly energetic kiddos this either rarely happens all at once, or happens so much that we are cleaning ourselves into a lemon scented stupor! See mama needs sleep.

So pick up a sponge, grab that mop, or hire a cleaning service. It does not matter! Bonus points if you can arrange for your wife to get out for a bit while you are making all this happen!

3. Coffee

As I said before mama is tired! And most of us run survive on coffee. Seriously guys, we probably do not even want you to know how much we drink coffee on the daily.

Now I absolutely have a coffee machine, because well #MomLife, but you know what makes that coffee taste even better? When my husband makes it for me! 😉

If you don’t have a coffee maker, then you can find one of my favorites here.

I am also a huge fan of the French Press coffee maker. If you want to step your coffee game up to the next level, get your hands on a French Press like now!

french press coffee maker

4. Dinner

As mamas we can get a little burned out by the whole ‘what’s for dinner’ situation. Day in and day out we try to figure out something nutritious and that EVERYONE will eat…which usually doesn’t happen so we end up making several meals in one.

And, I honestly cannot even remember the last time I made it through a meal that stayed hot…because I am up 50 bajillion times to get the kids something! Does any of this sound familiar?

So do yourself and your wife a favor, and handle dinner. Now in my honest opinion you are not required to cook this meal, feel free to do takeout, but there are some ground rules.

Help the kids with whatever they need. They need a drink…handle it. No, not the purple cup they wanted the blue cup…handle it. The food is on the wrong side of the plate…handle it. When in doubt…handle it!

Your wife deserves to make it through a meal with warm food, and seated.

Don’t forget clean up! The dishes, the kitchen, the table…ALL of it! You got this guys…I believe in you! While you are at it…the trash could probably be taken out too. 😉


5. Uninterrupted Shower or Bath

Guys, you know that thing where you get to bathe, and there isn’t a small human constantly opening and shutting the door? Or a tiny human pulling back the shower curtain, banging on the shower door, or just sits while you try to enjoy a bath?

We are SO happy that you get to experience the pleasure of bathing alone, however we typically do not get to do this. If we do happen to achieve this rarity it is because we legit took a 5 minute shower.

So, help your wife to get in a much needed long shower! She wants to bathe in peace, and moisturize, and maybe even get to style her hair.

Trust me, this may be one of the things that she misses the most. Well, besides sleep, but you are already going to help with that one! 😉

Now keep those kiddos entertained, and let mama go take a shower.

Here’s the thing guys. We love you fiercely and deeply, and totally appreciate everything you do! Our love for you is absolutely not measured by things.

But, if you let us sleep in while wearing some super comfy PJs, wake up to an amazing cup of coffee, and get to take a long uninterrupted shower before eating a hot and delicious dinner that we did not have to arrange nor clean up…consider us DONE! Seriously, best Christmas gift EVER!

P.S. If your wife has dropped major hints on something specific that she would like as a gift…get it for her! She deserves it, AND she deserves all of the above listed things too. 😉

You guys are amazing, and I totally believe in you! You SO got this!

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  1. Love this! I think any woman with a kid would love almost all of these items (I’d say all, but some people don’t like the coffee LOL). I have a friend with a newborn, and I think she’d especially appreciate the sleep.

  2. This is so true! Because my baby is only 5 weeks old, I do not have all of those inconveniences but being able to sleep through the night and sleeping in would be amazing! I am saving this to show my husband.

  3. This list is perfect! Every husband should read this. As moms we do SO much care taking. It’s good to remember that we need to be taken care of, too!

  4. Oh I am totally sending this to my husband! This is exactly what I want and NEED! Lol I don’t need fancy jewelry or expensive gadgets although something sweet and thoughtful is nice whenever it’s just a random act. But what I need is a day to sit on the couch and worry about nothing but binge watching my favorite Netflix show with some coffee, hot chocolate, a mimosa preferably. Know what I’m sayin?! Great post, spot on!

  5. Sleep and doing my chores AND his chores. We try to split things up so it’s not so intimidating. I would say breakfast instead of dinner for me. That way he gets up with the kids, gets them dressed and ready.

  6. This list is legit AMAZING! I read the first one and was like, yep you get me. And then the second and third I am nodding my head. Sending this post to my husband.



  7. This post seriously rocks!!! Love it!! I’m sharing it with my brother-in-law and giving it to my best friend (so she can give it to her husband!) Lots of wisdom here!!!! 🙂

  8. YES! Those are exactly the things Mom wants for Christmas (and her birthday…) It’s like you know. 😉

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