Mommy Blogs You Should Be Reading

Mommy blogs are the best, and I have to say that I absolutely love getting to be a mommy blogger!

That is why I was extremely honored, and excited to find out that Erin of Perfectly Port Family nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. It feels so good to know that I am truly helping other mamas out there!

As part of the award, I was asked to answer two questions, and I also get to nominate some other mommy blogs that I am loving! Y’all, these sweet mommy bloggers keep me encouraged on the daily, and I am so excited for you to start reading their blogs too!

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy here.

So let’s dive in to find out why I do what I do, and help you discover some other rockin mamas that you need to be reading like right now! 😉

Mommy Blogs You Should Be Reading

Why I blog?

My family recently moved to a place where I knew NO ONE! It was super scary at first, and I needed an outlet!

Writing has always been extremely therapeutic for me, so I started my blog Jasper and Willow.

About two months ago, I really started to dig in and figure out what I loved most about blogging…because it ain’t easy y’all! 😉

That is when I became super passionate about helping moms discover simple tips and tricks that make MomLife easier!

My goal is to help other mamas know that they are never EVER alone! I love being able to support and encourage each other through this crazy ride!

Four Pieces of Blogging Advice – because two is just not enough! 😉

Be Brave!

When you first start blogging, you are going to notice A LOT of other bloggers who seem to have it all! And, you are going to go a little green with envy!

Here’s the thing…it didn’t happen for them overnight…I promise! So, don’t be discouraged, and keep moving forward.

We all want to hear what you have to say mama, so be brave! AND, I believe in you! 🙂

Be You!

Touching on my first piece of advice, it can be a very dangerous rabbit hole comparing ourselves to others!

Please, PLEASE, be yourself! There is no one else like you, and you were wonderfully made!

It can be tempting to make everything picture perfect…especially on social media, but it’s just not reality. And, your readers will know it and feel it from 100 miles away.

Trust me, they want the real you…because the real you is absolutely amazing!

Take It Slow

When first starting out, you may be tempted to do everything! And, you will burn out…quickly!

There is ALWAYS something you could be doing with your blog! Am I right?!?

Take it slow, and find your groove. Master one thing before moving on to another. You will feel so much better and have confidence in your skills!

Seriously, take it from the type A, control freak mama over here…take one thing at a time!

Connect, Connect, Connect

Y’all there are so many bloggers out there! Make friends!

I was super intimidated to talk to my first blogger…who just so happens to be Erin from Perfectly Port Family. I can genuinely laugh about that now because she is just the BEST, and most encouraging lady EVER!

Bloggers are some of the nicest people, and I happen to know that mommy bloggers are pretty AMAZING!

We all recognize that there is more than enough love to go around, and I cannot tell you how much these awesome ladies have helped me with my blogging journey!

So don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, or a word of encouragement! We are all in this together!

AND, if you ever need any advice or motivation in your journey…please email me! I will totally be your cheerleader!

Now onto some other mommy blogs that you should definitely be reading!

Perfectly Port Family – Y’all as I have already said Erin is the absolute BEST! We met on Instagram, when I first started blogging, and she was my cheerleader from the beginning. I adore her, and you will too! She has the best posts on keeping us mamas encouraged. Be sure to check her out!

Punk To Pacifiers – Delia is pretty much the coolest mama ever! She was one of the first bloggers to reach out to me, and I was over the moon to connect with her. Her blog documents her first time journey through motherhood, and she has some excellent tips. Plus, the cutest little boy ever!

Discovering Whimsy – Amy is absolutely amazing! She blogs about finding joy in each day. When you read her posts you will just instantly feel happy! I just adore her, and I think you will too.

The Mama Playbook – Robin’s energy is contagious! She is an amazing mama, and knows how to relate to being in the trenches of motherhood. Be sure to check out her Monday Morning Coffee Rants…they are the BEST!

Magnolia Moose Mom – I met Jessica on Facebook…the power of social media…and she is just the sweetest! She loves to share her stories, and tips about a more minimal and mindful approach to parenthood. She is also super amazing at supporting other mamas that have businesses with her weekly Monday Mama Entrepreneur posts.

Rogers Party of 5– Caitlin is mama to a sweet little boy, and two precious girl twins! She is a total rock star! She shares such wonderful parenting tips, and really great health tips too!

Present Full Mama – Oh my gosh you guys Archie is just amazing! If you are in need of some uplifting, and ‘judgement free zone’ mommy posts…she is your girl! She has the best way of showing us how to enrich all of our relationships.

Also Known As Mama – Lauren is just one of the kindest ladies ever! She loves sharing her latest finds, whether it’s for us mommies or the kiddos. She is also the champion and pioneer behind the #howsmama campaign, which supports PPD and encourages others to ask how the new mama is doing!

Life Under Clover – I recently met Mara through Facebook, and she is a pretty amazing mama. She has some of the best party tips ever, and is your go to for Printables! Anyone else obsessed with printables like me?!?

Flipping Fanchers – So in another life, or maybe when my littles are grown, I would refurbish old and vintage finds and make them new again! That is exactly what Angie and her husband do! I just love her eye for unique things, and she seriously creates the cutest stuff EVER! I know this isn’t technically a mommy blog, but Angie is a mama and I just adore her AND her blog!

For those nominated here are the rules:

  1. Thank the blogger that nominated you, and provide a link.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. Select 10 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Let the bloggers know that you nominated them.

Let’s keep it going!

For all of you have supported and enjoyed reading my blog…THANK YOU! Seriously, from the bottom of my heart you will never know how much you mean to me! XO

Do you have a favorite blogger, or do you blog yourself?

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! I am so happy to have helped you find some new blogs to read, and it is so comforting to know that we are all in this together! XO

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