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75 Amazingly Easy And Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Take the stress off your plate with these amazingly easy Thanksgiving side dish recipes! Whether you are all about the sweet potatoes, or the stuffing. These Thanksgiving sides have got you covered!

thanksgiving side dish recipes - table set with turkey and all the sides

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner can we agree that the sides are where it’s at? Not to take away from the incredibly delicious turkey, but clearly the side dishes are the winner. Creamy mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, the stuffing…oh the stuffing! My mouth is already watering.

Of course Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and gratitude. But, keeping it real. You also know that Thanksgiving can be a stress induced anxiety fest when it comes to cooking in the kitchen!

All burners are going, extra crockpots simmering, oven is blazing. You are a literal hot mess running around like a crazy person trying to get everything timed ‘just right’. Sound familiar?

That is why I am super pumped to be sharing these recipes with you!

I have compiled the best Thanksgiving side dishes for you because I know you have a lot going on. And, it can be hard to find the time to take care of the family, and research your Thanksgiving menu. Am I right?

The more I can help you focus on your life by providing you with something like this, the easier it will be for YOU!

So, take the stress and sweat out of your Thanksgiving feast this year with these incredibly easy Thanksgiving side dish recipes!

Can You Even Call It Thanksgiving Without Stuffing?

The answer here would be a resounding NO! Stuffing, or dressing as we like to call it here in the South, is a big ole casserole hug. The perfectly toasted bread with savory spices. We simply cannot get enough of this Thanksgiving side!

And, there are a ton of variations for stuffing. So, whether you want sausage stuffing, or classic cornbread stuffing, or want to mix things up with a crawfish stuffing. This list of the best stuffing recipes is for you!

southern cornbread dressing
The Anthony Kitchen

There is something to be said about simple and classic Southern dressing. Yes, we call it dressing down here. ūüėČ

The combination of cornbread and savory spices is what makes it, at least in my humble opinion, the absolute best stuffing recipe!

And this¬†Southern cornbread dressing by The Anthony Kitchen is no exception. This recipe keeps it classic, simple, and timeless. And, perfectly golden on top…thank you very much! You and your family will love this incredibly easy Thanksgiving side dish recipe.

More Best Stuffing Recipes:

  • Cranberry apple walnut stuffing by Cincy Shopper – You will love the cranberry, apple, and walnut combo in this stuffing. The sweet and nutty flavors mix beautifully with the combination of Hawaiian bread and multigrain bread used in this homemade stuffing recipe.
  • Sausage cornbread stuffing by Lydi Out Loud – If I were left to my own devices, I would straight up eat nothing but this on Thanksgiving. The sausage flavored with sage that is mixed into a traditional cornbread stuffing is out of this world delish!
  • Wild rice, sausage, and chestnut stuffing by A Lady In France – You and your guests will love the uniqueness of this homemade stuffing. And since it uses chestnuts, you can always make extra for Christmas dinner too!
  • Sausage and sage stuffing balls by Dear Creatives – You will love how you can make this stuffing recipe as a traditional stuffing, or roll it into stuffing balls as a Thanksgiving appetizer! I think it is such a neat spin on a traditional Thanksgiving recipe.
  • Quinoa kale stuffing by Two Purple Figs – Are you on the hunt for a healthy Thanksgiving stuffing recipe? Then this is the side dish for you! She even puts the stuffing inside of squash rings. It is incredibly elegant, beautiful, and easy!
  • Roasted butternut squash with cranberry apple walnut stuffing by Kids Stuff Worlds – This is another beautiful stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving. Taking an amazingly delicious and easy stuffing, and placing it inside roasted butternut squash. Yummy!
  • Pear cranberry and sausage stuffing by Caroline’s Cooking – You are going to love how the pears, cranberries, and sausage all blend together in this homemade stuffing recipe. It is a one tow punch of savory sweetness that your whole family will devour!
  • Cajun crawfish cornbread dressing by A Sprinkling Of Cayenne – If you want to kick things up a notch with your Thanksgiving stuffing this year, then you have go to make this crawfish cornbread dressing!
  • Wild rice mushroom stuffing by Or Whatever You Do – Are you a mushroom lover? Then, be sure to check out this homemade stuffing recipe. The mushrooms will play nicely with all of the other Thanksgiving side dishes too.
  • Sun-dried tomato cornbread stuffing by Foodie Girl Chicago – You and your family will love how this recipe puts a twist on the traditional cornbread stuffing. By adding in sun dried tomatoes and pancetta. Your guests will delight in the amazing yumminess of this homemade stuffing recipe.
  • Cornbread sausage stuffing by Moore Or Less Cooking – You are going to absolutely love how easy this stuffing recipe is to make. Using only 5 ingredients, this stuffing will come together in no time flat!

All About The Sweet Potatoes

Alright let’s talk Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole for a moment. Ummm, is there anything better? It is like a pre dessert before actually eating dessert!

I love the creamy buttery sweet goodness of sweet potatoes any day of the week. Seriously, sweet potatoes are a powerhouse of nutrition!

But, on Thanksgiving. Oh sweet and dear thanksgiving how I love thee! You get to add in brown sugar, nuts, maybe even a tad more butter than usual. Embrace it, respect it, and don’t worry about calories. It is one day of the year. Take a cue from Elsa, and let it go because my dreams are made of this stuff!

Another fabulous thing about sweet potato casserole is how incredibly easy it is to make! You just through some ingredients together, put it in a baking dish, and boom! Deliciousness in 30 minutes.

So, if you are a sweet potato casserole fan. Then, you are going to love these recipes!

sweet potato casserole with marshmallow drizzle
The Wicked Noodle

Can we all take a moment to admire this sweet potato casserole by The Wicked Noodle? I mean look at all that deliciousness!

This sweet potato casserole has a buttered pecan topping, and then a marshmallow drizzle on top. Hello! I feel like a kid in a candy store! See what I mean about pre dessert?

If you like your Thanksgiving sides to be easy to make then you will love this! It looks so beautiful that you won’t believe how quickly you can whip up this side dish. Really, you can have this dish ready in about 30 minutes.

Some other sweet potato side dish ideas:

  • Slow cooker sweet potato casserole by Cincy Shopper – This sweet potato casserole can be made in the slow cooker. Need I say more? I think we can all agree that slow cooker recipes are pretty amazing on their own. But, they earn triple bonus points for Thanksgiving dinner!
  • Pressure cooker sweet mashed potatoes by Amy and Jacky – For those that are pressure cooker fans. This recipe is for you! And, you will not believe how incredibly creamy these mashed sweet potatoes are.
  • Butter pecan mashed sweet potatoes¬†by Housewives of Frederick County – These sweet potatoes are super easy to make. And, they are perfect if you are trying to keep all the added calories at bay. These bad boys are only 5 WW points! So, you can feel good about devouring this Thanksgiving side.
  • Candied sweet potato casserole by Not Quite Susie Homemaker – Y’all when I talk about sweet potato casserole being like dessert, this recipe is it! It has got marshmallows, brown sugar, and pecans. If you are a sweet potato casserole traditionalist, then this is the recipe for you!
  • Cinnamon and honey glazed sweet potatoes by Dancing Through The Rain – As much as I am gushing over the casseroles. The fact that this side dish isn’t one makes me happy. I love LOVE roasted vegetables. For this dish you simply chop the sweet potatoes, and then toss in cinnamon and honey goodness, and roast. Such an easy Thanksgiving side!
  • Better than sweet potato casserole by Wholesome Yum – While this recipe does not actually use sweet potatoes. Substituting butternut squash and cauliflower instead. Trust me. No one is going to notice the difference. This one is perfect if you are looking for an easy and low carb Thanksgiving side dish recipe!
  • Sweet potato and candied pecans bruschetta by The Worktop – I love the creativity behind this recipe. It is so flavorful and colorful. And crazy easy to make too! Check out this recipe if you are looking for a beautiful Thanksgiving appetizer.
  • Loaded sweet potato bacon pops by Easy Cooking With Molly – You had me at sweet potato with bacon pop! This is another ridiculously yummy Thanksgiving appetizer idea.

Let’s keep it real. At this point in the Thanksgiving madness you and your guests might need a drink or two. Keep everyone happy with these cranberry cocktails!

Get Your Potato Grub On!

Maybe you are more of a classic potato fan. Totally cool! I got you. And, honestly my husband is completely on your side. ūüėČ Yes, we serve both sweet potatoes and classic potatoes at our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Let it never be said that we do not try to keep everyone happy!

When it comes to potatoes there are so many variations. You can have them mashed, or scalloped, or roasted. The possibilities are endless. And, always delicious!

Are you ready to get your classic Thanksgiving side dish grub on? Heck yes!

smoked gouda scalloped potatoes
Sidewalk Shoes

If you like traditional scalloped potatoes then you will fall head over heels for these smoked gouda scalloped potatoes by Sidewalk Shoes. Using smoked gouda takes these scalloped potatoes to next level cheesy goodness!

And, scalloped potatoes are always a hit. They are a timeless Thanksgiving side that everyone loves! So, be sure to check out this recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Some other potato Thanksgiving sides recipes:

  • Potatoes au gratin by Living Sweet Moments – I love how this classic potatoes au gratin takes a unique spin by adding a creamy jalape√Īo sauce. If you are wanting an easy and unique thanksgiving side dish, be sure to check this one out!
  • Loaded mashed potato casserole by The Anthony Kitchen – I mean can you really ever go wrong with adding bacon and cheese to mashed potatoes? If you love twice baked potatoes then check out this recipe.
  • Easy potatoes au gratin by The Typical Mom – You will love how this recipe is the legit real deal easy! You can throw this one together super quick, and everyone is going to love the classic au gratin too!
  • Perfect mashed potatoes by My Heavenly Recipes – Does your family want perfectly light mashed potatoes? Then you need to check out this recipe. No fuss, and an incredibly easy Thanksgiving side!
  • Crispy sage potatoes¬†by Ciao Florentina – This potato recipe is incredibly elegant. Using sage and chanterelle mushrooms, this side dish is a thing of beauty!
  • Cheesy mashed potato casserole by Baking Beauty – This mashed potato casserole is simply divine! I love how the panko topping gives it a bit of crunch. And, this casserole can be prepped ahead of time. Making this a really easy thanksgiving side dish!
  • Cheesy potato and cauliflower au gratin by Erica Julson – You will love how this recipe combines potatoes and cauliflower. A great healthier alternative that ‘sneaks’ in veggies!
  • Rosemary parmesan roasted potatoes by Dash Of Jazz – There is something magical that happens when you combine rosemary and potatoes. And, this incredibly easy side dish is no exception.
  • Crockpot hasselback potatoes by the Country Chic Cottage – Let it forever be known that you will always have me at Crockpot! You will love how easy this Thanksgiving side is to make, and your guests will love that it is unique!
  • Rosemary roasted garlic mashed potatoes by The Baking Fairy – If you love the potato and rosemary combo. As you should. ūüėČ Then you and your guests will love this amazing Thanksgiving side!
  • Easy scalloped potatoes by Spaceships And Laserbeams – You honestly cannot go wrong with scalloped potatoes…like ever! But they are always a hit on Thanksgiving! Try out this stress free and easy side dish recipe.

Other Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

We certainly cannot forget the amazingness of all the other sides. I mean we can’t survive on potatoes and stuffing alone.

What would Thanksgiving be without the corn, or deviled eggs, or mac and cheese? Not any Thanksgiving dinner around my house, that’s for sure!

corn casserole in individual dishes
Spaceships and Laserbeams

How incredibly gorgeous are these easy corn casserole by Spaceships And Laserbeams? And oh my gosh are they good! The secret here is adding in cornbread mix and cheese. Ummmm yum!

You will love how super easy this Thanksgiving side is to make. And, how perfect are these individual portions? I feel like it kicks things up a notch, and no one ever has to know how easy it was to make! Which is a winner in my book every time.

Other Thanksgiving Sides Ideas

  • Easy deviled eggs by Two Kids And A Coupon – Deviled eggs are a traditional Thanksgiving side that everyone loves! And, you will love how super duper easy these are to make!
  • Veggie loaded mac n cheese by Slap Dash Mom – Don’t you love when you can sneak vegetables into a classic dish that everyone loves? Well, this is it! And, it is only 6 WW smart points too.
  • Cheesy broccoli rice casserole by Small Town Woman – Can we talk about the amazingness that is broccoli casserole? Cheesy and warm and delicious! if you are a fan like me, then you will love this recipe. The crunch on top is perfection!
  • Brown butter roasted garlic mac n cheese by Dash Of Jazz – Y’all this mac and cheese recipe is like whoa delish! The roasted garlic and crunchy panko topping take this dish to the next level. You definitely need to check this out, if you are making mac and cheese as a Thanksgiving side.
  • Corn souffle by Living Sweet Moments – If you love corn, then this is the recipe for you. And, you will also love how easy this Thanksgiving side dish is to make too!
  • Slow cooker creamed corn by Cincy Shopper – This recipe uses only 5 ingredients, and is made in the slow cooker. Do I really need to say anything else? EASY Thanksgiving side right here. Get on it!
  • Cardamom apple pearsauce by Snappy Gourmet – You are going to love adding this to your Thanksgiving dinner. It is simple and sweet, and incredibly delicious. It adds in a nice balance to all of the savory and decadent side dishes.
  • Easy ambrosia recipe by The Typical Mom – This side dish is more of a dessert, but it involves no baking! All you need is some fruit and marshmallows. This recipe comes together in minutes!
  • Cinnamon apples by My Heavenly Recipes – These are always a crowd favorite. And, this recipe can be made in about 15 minutes!
  • Slow cooker mac n cheese by Moore Or Less Cooking – Using the slow cooker, and 3 types of cheese. This easy thanksgiving side dish is for all the cheese lovers!

Shouldn’t we be eating our Thanksgiving vegetables too?

Now that we have sufficiently succeeded with carb overload. Shall we move on to some Thanksgiving vegetable recipes?

Don’t get me wrong. I love LOVE all the potatoes and stuffing, but vegetables can be superstars on their own too.

Especially Thanksgiving vegetables. Think honey glazed carrots, green bean casserole, and deliciously roasted squash. There are even some unique Thanksgiving vegetable dishes on this list!

green bean casserole on plate with turkey
Baking Beauty

Can we talk about the amazingness that is green bean casserole? I mean can you get any more classic Thanksgiving vegetable side dish than that? I don’t think so!

Now, I get that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, have you ever had this epically timeless Thanksgiving side dish made from scratch?

Well, now you can with this green bean casserole from scratch by Baking Beauty. Y’all, I can barely contain myself with how incredibly delicious it is! The fried onions, the fresh green beans, the homemade mushroom sauce. Out of this world good!¬†Be sure to check out this super easy and delicious recipe.

More Thanksgiving Vegetable Side Dish Recipes

  • Spinach souffl√©¬†by Living Sweet Moments – You will love this incredibly easy Thanksgiving vegetable side dish recipe. This recipe uses only 6 ingredients, and bakes in about 30 minutes. And, you can feel great about serving a vegetable powerhouse to your guests too!
  • Honey glazed carrots by Cincy Shopper – Y’all these honey glazed carrots are so good! And, they cook in only 10 minutes too. Another fantastic reason why you need to make this as one of your Thanksgiving side dishes this year.
  • Brussel sprouts in orange cream sauce by A Lady In France – This one had me at orange cream sauce. I mean really, I can barely contain my citrus cream sauce delight!
  • Green bean casserole by Retro Housewife Goes Green – This green bean casserole takes things to the next level by using alfredo sauce instead of cream of mushroom, and adds in bacon. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here sneaking to the back of the house eating a whole bowl of this stuff!
  • Roasted butternut squash by Trial and Eater – You cannot find an easier Thanksgiving vegetable side dish than this. And, roasted butternut squash is absolute heaven in your mouth.
  • Mustard glazed brussel sprouts by Housewives of Frederick County – This brussel sprouts recipe offers a unique spin by mixing things up with a mustard glaze, and adding in some chestnuts. And, it is only 4 WW points too!
  • Traditional green bean casserole by Cincy Shopper -You will love how this classic Thanksgiving side dish has only 4 ingredients!
  • Chili maple roasted carrots by Aggie’s Kitchen – I love how this side dish recipe kicks things up in the spice department by adding chili powder and smoked paprika. And, you will love that you can make them in 20 minutes!
  • Brussel sprout sweet potato hash by Leelalicious- If your family is not quite sold on the idea of eating brussel sprouts, then you have got to make this Thanksgiving vegetable recipe. Combining the brussel sprouts with sweet potatoes is incredibly delicious. And, it is super easy to make!
  • Honey sesame roasted sweet potato and carrots by Leelalicious – I love the Japanese spin on this side dish. If you are looking for something unique to serve this Thanksgiving, you need to check out this recipe.
  • Homestyle green beans by Dinner With The Rollos – You are going to love this easy Thanksgiving side. Using only 4 ingredients, and it cooks up in 20 minutes.
  • Roasted garlic herb parmesan carrots¬†by Small Town Woman – You and your Thanksgiving guests will love these carrots. By adding in garlic, herbs, and parmesan on top. It elevates this side dish in an incredibly delicious way.
  • Brussel sprouts au gratin by Wholesome Yum – Isn’t everything better when it is made au gratin style? Yes, even brussel sprouts!
  • Broccoli cauliflower casserole by Cincy Shoppero – You will love how this traditional broccoli casserole sneaks in even more veggies by adding in cauliflower. And, broccoli and cauliflower blend together beautifully too.

Since we are talking about Thanksgiving vegetables, we may as well bring up dessert. I mean life is all about balance right? If you need some ideas, be sure to check out these Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas!

maple mustard roast carrots on plate with spoon
Cooking With Brooks

Okay these maple mustard roasted carrots by Cooking With Brooks has me squealing with glee. Using mustard, maple syrup, pecans, and basil. I can hardly stand this exciting flavor combination!

And honestly, you have me sold on pretty much any dish that has pecans! Love that crunch!

I know this pic might be slightly intimidating, but this recipe is really easy to make! You should definitely add this recipe to your Thanksgiving sides this year.

  • Sweet slow cooker carrots by Mom Saves Money – This recipe uses only 3 ingredients, and the slow cooker. Definitely winning at easy thanksgiving sides with this recipe!
  • Creamy zucchini casserole by Low Carb Yum – I have to admit that we don’t typically have zucchini for Thanksgiving. But, I adore zucchini! And, this recipe will definitely be added to our menu this year!
  • Roasted broccoli by Delicious On A Dime – I know what you may be thinking. Roasted broccoli? Really? Well, let me tell you. This roasted broccoli recipe is more like the best EVER roasted broccoli. By adding in lemon and parmesan cheese. We are talking next level delish!
  • Dutch green beans by Centsable Momma – I have to admit that I have never tried Dutch green beans before, but these sound out of this world delicious. I am super excited to taste the brown sugar, bacon, and green bean combo.
  • Turnip casserole by Simply Stacie – Are you a fan of turnips? This delicious casserole is super easy to make, and has an incredible creamy sweetness too.
  • Ginger curry carrots by Dash Of Jazz – Something absolutely magical happens when you combine carrots and ginger. That is why I just had to include this as a Thanksgiving vegetable side dish. Plus, this recipe adds curry too. Go for the unexpected this year, and make this recipe!
  • Green beans with carmelized shallots by Aileen Cooks – If you prefer to keep things simple with your green beans, then you will love this recipe. I love how this recipe uses very simple and fresh ingredients, and lets the fresh green beans shine.
  • Mashed cauliflower with spinach by Low Carb Yum – Calling all Keto peeps! This recipe is for you. It is the perfect Keto friendly Thanksgiving side dish that will keep you on track.
  • Oven baked maple squash by Delicious On A Dime – This Thanksgiving vegetable side dish is as easy as it is delicious. And it is gorgeous too. Everyone will love this simple side.
  • Baked parmesan sprouts with bacon by Kitchen Sanctuary – I mean, doesn’t everything taste better with bacon? These brussel sprouts are tossed with parmesan, and then topped with crunchy bacon. And, they take less than 30 minutes to bake!
  • Brussel sprouts with asiago¬†by Taste And See – This brussel sprouts recipe is super easy, and uses only 4 ingredients. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. Sometimes vegetable dishes are best left to speak for themselves, and this one screams tasty!
  • Garlic cauliflower and celery root mash by Low Carb Yum – If you are on the hunt for a low carb alternative to mashed potatoes, then this is the recipe for you! By adding celery root to this recipe, it gives it more of the ‘real’ mashed potatoes texture.
  • Maple roasted beets and carrots by Salt And Lavender – Where are my beet lovers at? I am gushing over the idea of adding in beets as a Thanksgiving side. I love beets, and am pumped at the beauty and simplicity of this easy recipe. Mix things up, and add this to your Thanksgiving table this year!
  • Oven baked pancetta cranberry brussel sprouts by With Love From Bex – Seriously, pancetta and cranberries! Oh my gosh this recipe is going to be unbelievably delicious! Seriously, if you have any sprouts haters in your family make them eat this. They will be converted for sure!

Thanksgiving Side Dishes 101 Complete!

Whew, you made it! You now have a ton of easy and delicious thanksgiving recipe ideas!

With all of ¬†the Thanksgiving stuffing recipes, slow cooker friendly side dishes, and deliciously easy vegetable recipes. You are going to ROCK that Thanksgiving feast! And, everyone will stand in awe at your amazingness. Because, all the cool kids know that Thanksgiving sides are where it’s at!

Now, tell me. Are you up for trying a different approach this year with some of the more unique side dish options? Or, are you ride or die with the traditional classics? I am super curious to see what all of you are thinking about doing this Thanksgiving!


thanksgiving side dish recipes to feed a crowd

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