5 Creative Ways To Teach Children About Money

Teaching your children about money is an extremely important life skill that can lead to financial independance. But are you stumped on how to teach your children about money?  You will love these 5 creative ways to teach children about money!

Creative Ways To Teach Children About Money

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As a mama, you absolutely want to set your child up for a successful financial future. But, let’s face it…teaching our children about money can seem somewhat icky, or super boring!

All the praise hands to Kid’s Night In Boxes! This month’s theme was all about money!

As always, Kid’s Night In Boxes delivers on creative and fun ways to educate our children about important life skills! Be sure to check out my other reviews: 5 Ways To Teach Your Child To Be Kind and Day at the Farm.

5 Creative Ways to Teach Children About Money

You will love the fun activities that will take the ‘boring’ out of learning about money. They even included a fun challenge that teaches your child about earning interest with their money.

You will love Kid’s Night In Boxes, because they will educate your child in such a fun and unique way! Plus, they always include a snack. And you know your kiddo loves some snacks!

Creative Ways To Teach Your Children About Money

Read a Book

Reading is such a fun way to teach children about money! It opens their minds in a way that they can understand earning, saving, and giving.

This month’s box included If You Made A Million by David M. Schwartz. With beautiful illustrations, and easy to understand concepts, this book creatively taught our children about earning money, saving money, and how money can earn interest.

You Know You Wanna Pin It

Creative Ways To Teach Kids About Money


Creative Ways To Teach Kids About Money

Work for It

Included in this month’s Kid’s Night In Box, was homemade ice-cream!

You already know that kids love ice cream, so total bonus points there! But, they had to shake this ice cream…and I mean shake vigorously for about 5 minutes!

This was such a creative way to teach our children about how you have to work to earn money!

Set Goals

Creative Ways To Teach Children About Money

Pretend money was included in this month’s Kid’s Night In Box too!

Your child will be able to use these as reference to learn the value of money, and how money adds up over time!

Creative Ways To Teach Children About Money

There is also a fun worksheet that allows your child to dream, and plan goals to save money. This was a really fun activity for our son.

He loved deciding what he wants to save money for in the future, and is so excited to reach goal.

Using a visual guide was a fun and creative way to teach children about money!

Resist Temptation

You might be asking yourself, how exactly do I teach my child about money earning interest? Well, Kid’s Night In Boxes has got you covered!

They included a game in which children cannot touch money for an allotted amount of time. If they resist the urge, then they will be rewarded with more money!

Truth bomb: Sadly, yet not surprisingly, my daughter immediately touched her money!

Start Saving

Creative Ways To Teach Children About Money

Saving money is also an incredibly important part of teaching children about money.

With this month’s box, your kiddos are able to convert the box itself into a piggy bank!

They will be so excited to put their money in their adorable Piggy Box!

Are You Ready To Teach Your Child About Money?

As parents, financial independence for our children is a critical life skill. These creative ways to teach children about money will help your child to be excited about their financial future! And, you will be excited to watch your child grow and learn as well.

Be sure to check out Kid’s Night In Boxes to get started on the path to teach your children about money!

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