15 Party Favor Ideas Kids Will Love

When it comes to planning parties for our children, there is so much to think about. The theme, decorations, food, activities, and the party favors! One of the toughest things for me is trying to come up with easy party favor ideas for a kids birthday that they will love. And, not just junk. Am I right?

Party favor ideas for kids birthday party

Our son’s birthday is quickly approaching, and I honestly could not be more excited. I LOVE planning a party!

But, while talking with some of my girlfriends I noticed there was one area that everyone seemed at a loss…1. Party favor ideas, especially party favor ideas kids love! 2. What do you call the bags? Party favor bags, goodie bags, swag bags? No really…what do you call them? 🙂

So, whether you call them goodie bags, party favor bags, or swag bags…I have got 15 Party Favor Ideas Kids Will Love!

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15 party favor ideas kids will love


What To Put In Goody Bags?

We have all been there. You go to a birthday party, and your kid comes home with a goody bag full of well…junk. We are talking the cheaply made ‘toys’ that fall apart after about two seconds.

Keeping it all the way real. As a busy mama, you simply do not have the time or space for another thing to come home with you and fall apart.

That is why I rounded up a great list of party favor ideas that are not junk. Which will save you a ton of time when planning your kids next birthday party!

These ideas contain toys they can actually use, imaginative play items, and general party favors that your kids will actually love.

Birthday Party Goodie Bag Ideas

So, with that, let’s get started on these party favor ideas for your kids birthday. I hope you like them as much as we did for Jasper’s birthday party. It was so nice to see the kids actually playing with the toys, and not watch them fall apart within seconds. 😉

yoyo ballsThese LED Jelly Spike Yoyo Balls are a perfect party favor ideas kids will love! They light up, come in a variety of colors, and NO string to get all wonky! You can get these yoyo balls here.

play doh party bag

Play-Doh…enough said! Am I right?

All kids love play-doh, and this set has the prettiest colors too. Not gonna lie, at this price I totally bought extra to keep around the house. Perfect for rainy days, or when we need some quiet play time.

space spinners

These UFO Light Up Spinning Tops will for sure be a party favor idea kids will love! They are so neat as the light up while spinning. Jasper absolutely loved these.

puzzle erasers

How fun are these Geometric Puzzle Pencil Erasers?!? These are also great for using fine motor skills while playing. Which I absolutely love.

It is always a great idea to practice those fine muscle movements and dexterity with kids. And, bonus points for it being fun too.

superhero masks

These masks are perfect for a Superhero themed party! You will love how there is plenty of selection for the kids too.

puzzle balls

What kid doesn’t love a puzzle ball? Yet another super fun way to practice those motor skills. And, the kids will be entertained for several minutes trying to figure these puzzles out too.

fidget spinners

Keeping it real…I have a love hate relationship with these things, BUT my kiddos love them some Fidget Spinners!

light up bumpy rings

Kids will love these Light Up Bumpy Rings! They are seriously super cool.

emoji keychains

These emoji keychains make for the perfect party favor for the emoji lover in your house!

animal squishy toys

Kids can play, and burn off some stress with these adorable Animal Squishy Toys. These are great for ‘calm down’ toys too. If your child is feeling stressed or anxious these squishy toys work really well.

scratch art bookmarks

These Scratch Art Bookmarks by Melissa and Doug allows your child to design their own bookmark, and let their imagination run wild! This is definitely a party favor that kids will love!

superhero slap bracelets

Slap bracelets are stepping back into the scene, and my kiddos are next level obsessed! Any kid would love these Superhero Slap Bracelets!

putty with glitter

I know that kids LOVE them some putty! Bonus points for Putty with Glitter.smiley face spiral notepads

Spiral Notepads are always a big hit too, and are definitely a party favor that is not junk.

packs of crayons

Let it forever be known that kids will always love crayons!

Some other ideas are temporary tattoos, and stickers. There are about a bajillion different kinds out there, so your options are limitless!

Now for the bags themselves. I am kind of a stickler for a quality bag! These are the bags that I have used for all of my kiddo’s parties, and I love them!

They are sturdy, have handles, and come in a TON of color options too. You can get these amazing bags here.

various colors of paper gift bags

15 Party Favor Ideas That Kids Will Love

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  1. I love that these don’t involve candy. Such cute ideas! Kids definitely love this kind of stuff, I’ll have to keep some of these in mind for our upcoming parties and school events.

  2. I haven’t heard of a lot of these, but my kids are really little. The glitter putty looks fun!

  3. These are such great ideas- I know my kids would die over the goo and super hero masks! I’m definitely using some of these for our next party ❤️

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