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Ultimate Guide On How To Organize Makeup

Is it a struggle to locate that lipstick you need? Are you constantly rifling through a drawer full of a mountain of eye shadows? Find all of your makeup in seconds with these easy tips on how to organize makeup.

how to organize makeup with makeup on counter

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Alright ladies, let’s talk makeup! Namely about how that beloved makeup stash can get out of control quickly. Like all over the counter tops, and let’s not forget about the makeup drawer.

You know the one. It has about 10 lipsticks that are the same shade, an eye shadow palette that is approximately 5 years old, and should we even bother discussing the makeup brush situation?

Let’s stop the madness of rummaging through a drawer for 10 minutes to find what you need! And it taking forever to get ready in the mornings. Because you have better things to do with your time in the morning…like squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep! Am I right?

Trust me, once you figure out how to organize makeup in a way that works for you. Your morning routine will go a whole lot smoother and faster too!

How To Organize Makeup

Let me keep it completely real with you. I am not an avid makeup wearer. Unfortunately mom life caught up to me, and it just isn’t the priority that it used to be for me.

But, I used to be a die hard makeup wearer. Those who know me in real life are probably picking their jaws up off the floor since they see me in only mascara and mom bun on the reg.

I watched all the beauty vloggers, still do…not gonna lie. And, got all the things! We are talking highlighters, lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss, ALL the palettes. I mean, can you really have too many nude eye palettes?

So with that, even though I may not wear makeup as much as I used to. I have a ton of makeup! And, it was pilling up quickly. Because, I still buy it. Duh!

And, on those occasions that I need to look my best in the mornings were taking forever! It resulted in unnecessary scrambling, a lot of rummaging, and an overall bad mood because now we were mega late for the school meeting. All because I couldn’t find an eye shadow!

With that, I was DONE! And, I got to the bottom of how to organize makeup once and for all!

No more taking forever to get ready in the mornings simply because you can’t find makeup. Because we all know you are a connoisseur of the finer things in life…like a few precious extra minutes of sleep! And, trying to get your face ready while wrangling a toddler takes stealth like ninja skills.

Having all of your makeup organized in a way that functions for you will have you ready quicker, and will allow for your mornings to go much smoother!

how to organize makeup with makeup on counter

How To Organize Your Makeup

So you’re ready to learn how to organize your makeup, but aren’t really sure where to start. If you have a ton of makeup it can be incredibly overwhelming, and you are left with a helpless feeling of ‘now what?’

When it comes to getting organized the best place to start is at the beginning. Meaning, you need to go back to the time before you had so much stuff. So, how do you get there?

  • Purge Baby Purge

Enter the great makeup purge! PS You should declutter every 6 months to once a year because makeup can get really gross.

You will be going through all of your makeup, and take a look at what you have. Be sure to have a garbage bag handy!

Chances are that you probably have some makeup that has expired. So go ahead and toss that into your trash bag.

Also, you probably have A) Makeup that you simply don’t use, and B) 10 shades of the exact same lipstick or eyeshadow in different brands. Take the time to assess this, and get real clear on what you actually need to keep. You are already purging so you may as well only keep makeup that you truly love.

  • Sort And Separate Your Makeup

Now that you have gone through and kept the makeup that you need and will use regularly. You are ready to start sorting and separating.

Obviously you will sort eyeshadows with eyeshadows. And keep lipsticks and gloss together. But, it is also a good idea to separate your makeup by everyday use, nighttime looks, and special occasion looks too. If you like to were makeup daily then this will really help with determine how to organize your makeup!

Let’s take a look at where you will want to keep your makeup, and some amazing storage ideas to have it easily accessible too. Because easily accessible means you aren’t scrambling in the mornings, and can add some extra minutes to your precious sleep!

Are you looking to get organized once and for all? Tired of the overwhelm that comes with clutter, but not really sure where to start? Once you tackle the beast do you want it to STAY organized? I hear you!

Check out these posts to get and stay organized once and for all.

Makeup Organization Countertop

When it comes to learning how to organize makeup your countertop maybe what works best. No need to worry about cluttering up your counters if you have easy and accessible storage solutions. And, there are a ton of options out there to pick from too!

Whether you need a lot of storage, or take a more minimalist approach to makeup. You are sure to find a solution that works well for you!

how to organize makeup with makeup organizer

Do you prefer to see all of your makeup easily? Then this 7 drawer acrylic makeup organization unit is perfect for you! You will love how you can easily access all of your makeup. Especially if you are rushed for time in the mornings. And, the drawers allow for you to separate you makeup by category too.

It is only 9 inches wide too, and will take up very little counter space. Which is ideal if you have smaller counters so that your makeup isn’t taking up all the space.

how to organize makeup with makeup organizerThis drawer unit with display is a perfect storage solution for organizing our makeup on your countertop too. Personally, I like all the slots on top for your daily makeup needs. And, you could store your makeup that is reserved for nighttime and special occasions in the drawers.

This option also comes in a ton of colors too. And would work great for a dorm room, or shared bathroom situation with roommates.

how to organize makeup with makeup organizerAnother great way to organize your makeup on your countertop is with this adjustable carousel. And this thing has a ton of storage. You may find this makeup storage option very handy if you are a fan of skin care too. You could easily add your morning skincare necessities, and primer to the carousel alongside your makeup and brushes. Talk about an efficient morning routine!

How To Organize Makeup Drawers

If you have some extra space in your bathroom or vanity than drawer storage is a fantastic option for how to organize your makeup. You can stash it away, and keep your counter tops clutter free!

This can be done easily by purchasing some small baskets or containers that will fit easily in your drawers. Be sure to purchase enough for each of your makeup categories. For instance, one for lipsticks and lipgloss and one for eye shadows.

If you prefer to have an option that is already made for you then you will love this vanity drawer organizer. This is a great way to organize your makeup and have it easily accessible in a drawer. And, the less clutter you can manage on your countertops the better. Especially if you have a toddler that is a little handsy and loves to grab whatever is in site. Not that I would know anything about that. 😉

DIY Makeup Organization

If you are more of a DIY creative type, then first let me say welcome! I love to create and make too! Is there anything better than the joy and satisfaction of knowing you made that beautiful creation all by yourself?

Going vertical and utilizing unused wall space is a great idea for how to organize makeup. If this sounds like a good solution for you, then be sure to check out Magnetic Makeup Board by Liz Marie Blog. I love how you can swap out fabric to make this work in your space. And who doesn’t love a magnetic option?

Are you a mason jar lover, and sway toward a more rustic look? Then this Mason Jar Organizer by The DIY Playbook is definitely for you. It is seriously the cutest thing ever, and having all of your makeup needs super accessible is always a winner.

I am also completely fingerling out over this Makeup Holder by PS I Made This. Ummm how seriously cute is this for a teen, or in a dorm? And, don’t you just love the stud accents? What an incredibly cute and easy DIY makeup organizer.

Makeup Organization On The Go

It is important to keep your makeup organized when traveling too. I mean you certainly don’t want all of your makeup spinning out of control haphazardly in your luggage. Trust me on this. I may or may not have had liquid foundation explode, and bronzer completely shatter in my luggage. It was NOT pretty!

Even though you may be traveling with a scaled down version of your daily makeup needs. You will still want it to stay organized, and not shoved in random pockets of your luggage.

how to organize makeup with makeup organizer

This travel makeup organizer is amazing for travel! It has a ton of compartments that are padded. Which if you travel frequently then you know this is incredibly important. It is also water proof, and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. Because let’s keep it real. Travel organizers can get funky pretty quickly.

Although I am listing this a great option for how to organize makeup when traveling. It would also work really well for home use too. You could easily place all of your makeup and brushes in it, and just use it when you need it in the morning.

Makeup Organization For The Makeup Junkie

I know that some of you are super serious about your makeup addiction. I completely get it! Before I succumbed to the bare bones minimum I had a ton of makeup too. With all the looks, and newest trends, it is seriously hard not to buy all the things!

If you are an avid beauty blogger follower then you probably already know that the IKEA Alex 9 drawer unit is where it’s at. Seriously, I think all the beauty gurus have this thing. It is quite an investment, but if you are serious about makeup then this is legit makeup organization at its best.

You can easily label and sort the drawers, and it has plenty of room for all of your palettes. The makeup organization and storage options are endless with this drawer unit. So, if you are a die hard makeup fan then the Alex is for you.

Makeup Organization Tips

Now that you have gotten all of your makeup organized you may be wondering how to keep it that way. I mean, you just invested this time in getting organized, we certainly don’t want to waste it by ending right back where you started in two weeks. Am I right?

  • Purge Every 6 months

You should go through all of your makeup at least once every 6 months to review what has turned a little funky. And also to really reflect on if you are actually using that item. Trends are totally okay, and you should have no shame in that. But, what is working for you today may be ‘so yesterday’ 6 months from now. I you aren’t using it then get rid of it.

  • Keep Daily Products Up Front

Assess which makeup products you are using every day. Those items are best stored front and center. Either on your counter top organizer or a drawer organizer. The point is that you use these things everyday so you want them easily accessible. This will make your morning routine go much smoother, and will keep those most used items well organized daily.

Wrapping Up

You now know how to organize makeup. And are a makeup storage rockstar! You know how to keep your makeup organized on your counters, in a drawer, and even on the go. Doesn’t it feel amazing?

Having all of your makeup easily accessible makes your morning routine so much easier. Because we all know you could use that time for other things. Like sleeping a few extra minutes, or savoring that cup of coffee before the morning madness begins.

So tell me. What is your favorite makeup must have? Are you make up obsessed, or more like me with just the necessities please?


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