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10+ Insanely Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas You Need To Make

Move over Pumpkin because there is a new Thanksgiving dessert in town, and it is all about cranberries! Be sure to finish off your feast with one of these insanely delicious Thanksgiving dessert ideas that are packed with cranberry goodness.

cheesecake on plate

When you think of Thanksgiving what comes to mind? Gathering with your family, and closest friends? Eating too much turkey? Or, maybe you are on team side dishes? Raises hand in delicious dressing with gravy excitement! PS Our name for stuffing is dressing in the South. Just roll with it. 😉

Or, maybe you have a sweet tooth like mine, and you are over the moon exited for all the yummy Thanksgiving desserts! Pies, cookies, and cakes galore. Oh my!

And, we aren’t talking about traditional Thanksgiving desserts either. Nope! No pumpkin pie or pumpkin loaf on this list!

Today, we are all about quick and easy desserts with cranberries! Because one, you have enough to do with managing your family and trying not to melt in the kitchen while cooking. So, ain’t nobody got time for difficult desserts. And two, because who cannot get enough of the tangy sweet zip that cranberries bring? Cranberry desserts are where it’s at!

So, whether you can’t get enough of cranberry fudge, are all about some cranberry cookies, or need someone to break you off a piece of delicious cranberry bark. You will find something perfect for those you love most on this list of cranberry Thanksgiving dessert ideas!

Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Confession time: I love pumpkin pie! Dare I say, it is my all time favorite pie ever. With that, let me say that my pumpkin affection ends there. Yes, I said it. I don’t like pumpkin cookies, or pumpkin loaf. And, strike me down for daring to go there, but I think pumpkin spice lattes are one of the nastiest drinks I have ever tasted. Ducks and runs.

Yes, oh yes I am well aware that I am in the minority when it comes to all the pumpkin love. But, I keep it real with y’all. So, here I am, just a girl standing in front of a Starbucks during Fall wanting a plain iced coffee. Please don’t judge me too harshly.

Now, I am in no way saying that I will be denied a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. Because frankly speaking, those are some fighting words. However, I want to share my undeniable affection for cranberries!

Cranberries have this tart sweetness that punches you right in the mouth with their deliciousness. They blend beautifully with all things dessert. Especially citrus and chocolate. Ahhh, what sweet dessert dreams are made of!

And what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with some quick and easy cranberry dessert ideas? Because, you know you are going to have some extra cranberries or cranberry sauce laying around.

So get to reading, and let me know which cranberry dessert is your favorite!

I mean desserts are amazing, but your Thanksgiving guests might want some sides to go with the turkey too! Be sure to check out these 75 Thanksgiving side dish recipes!

Cranberry Dessert Ideas

white chocolate cranberry fudge

We cannot talk about quick and easy desserts without talking about fudge. Ummmm fudge is seriously one of the easiest desserts ever. And, it’s fudge! I mean, let’s just say that if fudge is wrong I don’t want to be right!

If you are a fudge lover too, then you have got to check out this White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge by Dancing Through The Rain. The buttery chocolate goodness of white chocolate mixed with the cranberries is SO incredibly delicious. Your guests will lose their minds over this fudge!

And, talk about a quick and easy dessert. Seriously the hardest part is melting in the chocolate in the microwave! No stove, no oven, no sweltering away while baking. Yeah, this one is a for sure Thanksgiving dessert winner. All the praise hands!

PRO TIP: This fudge would be perfect for Christmas too! Make a double batch and store in the freezer for later.

cranberry white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Is there anything more convenient and wonderful than a cookie? Especially the yummy goodness of an oatmeal cookie? I mean seriously, it’s like holding a hug in your hand!

And these Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies by Money Wise Moms are no exception! And, take a look at that white chocolate drizzle on top. Yes, I may be drooling.

These incredible oatmeal cookies combine cranberries and chocolate chips into oatmeal cookie perfection. Your guests will gobble this Thanksgiving dessert idea up in mere minutes. So, be sure to make extra for yourself. 😉

PRO TIP: Again, this easy dessert would be great for Christmas too. Make extra cookies, and put them in the freezer until you are ready to serve at your next Holiday party or cookie swap.

Can’t get enough of the cranberry goodness, but would love some caramel dessert ideas too? Be sure to check out this ooey gooey Caramel Popcorn Ball Recipe!

oatmeal cranberry bars on plate

Can we take a moment to discuss the greatness that are bars? They are an oatmeal crust with fruit filled deliciousness that your guest will love! And, keeping it real. I may or may not believe that a bar is completely appropriate for breakfast.

I am also a complete sucker for ways to creatively use leftovers. That is why I was so intrigued by these Oatmeal Cranberry Bars by A Few Shortcuts. She uses cranberry sauce for the filling, and her cranberry sauce love may run as deep as mine. Gosh I love that stuff!

So, if you have extra sauce or an extra can…no judgement here. Then, get on this Thanksgiving dessert idea. I mean, could it be any more Thanksgiving appropriate? I think not!


cranberry pistacchio cashew bark

Let me tell you about my love affair with chocolate bark! Next to fudge it is hands down one of the quickest and easiest desserts ever! And, if that alone isn’t enough to win you over…it is chocolate. I’ll just leave it at that.

That is why I was completely mesmerized by this Cranberry Pistachio and Cashew Bark by Family Food Travel. Pistachios, cashews, cranberries, and chocolate! Say whhhaaatttt? My chocolate cranberry nutty heart is melting over this Thanksgiving dessert idea!

I love that I can deeply rationalize that this is a healthy dessert option as well. Know what I’m saying?

No, but seriously it is so stinking good, and you can make a ton of it quickly and easily. So, if you are feeding a crowd for Thanksgiving, this easy dessert is where it’s at!

PRO TIP: This is another easy Thanksgiving dessert that freezes to perfection. So, make a double batch and save the extra for later. It would make for a wonderful homemade food gift for the holidays.

If your little girl loves chocolate bark as much as I do be sure to check out this Mermaid Bark Recipe. It will make her heart swoon!

cranberry walnut cookies with cup of tea

If you are a fan of crispy cookies, then you have to make these Cranberry Walnut Cookies by Low Carb Yum.

These cookies are made with almond flour, and are perfect for any Thanksgiving guests that are gluten intolerant, or are looking to go low carb. And, they have a hint of cinnamon that just makes these cookies sing!

I love having healthy dessert options available to any of my party guests. And, let’s face it, it’s not like we couldn’t use something healthy after over indulging during the Holidays. Why not with a cookie? 😉

Be cranberry orange cookies on napkin

And, because Lisa is amazing she is also sharing her Cranberry Orange Cookies too! Which can also be found on Low Carb Yum.

These citrusy sweet cranberry cookies are made with coconut flour. if you have not used coconut flour before, let me tell you, I love it! It is such a great healthy and gluten free option. And, you cannot tell the difference wither!

These cookies are another great healthy dessert option. There is something magical that happens when you combine orange citrus with cranberries. It brings out the best in both of these flavors! So, get on these cookies because they make a fantabulous Thanksgiving dessert idea!

cheesecake on plate

Your family and friends will love these divine Mini White Chocolate Cranberry Cheesecakes by Small Town Woman. Everyone will love the tarty sweet decadence of these quick and oh so easy desserts. And, pretty much everyone loves a great cheesecake. Am I right?

Combining tart cranberries with citrus, which chocolate, and cheesecake. Whoa mama! Stand back because this thanksgiving dessert idea is going to be devoured with a quickness!

PRO TIP: This is another easy dessert idea that would work great for Christmas parties too! And, cheesecake freezes wonderfully. Feel free to double the recipe, and pull those bad boys out at your next Holiday party.


cranberry white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies on plate

You really cannot beat a tried and true oatmeal cookie. The buttery sweet and nutty goodness that just melts in your mouth. Hands down one of my favorite cookies…in case you couldn’t tell.

If you are an oatmeal cookie fan like me, than you will love these Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies by Trisha Dishes. Chewy and buttery deliciousness mixed with white chocolate and cranberry yumminess. Your guests will love this Thanksgiving dessert idea, and the fact that it is a super easy dessert will be your little secret! 😉

While we are on the subject of cranberries and Thanksgiving…you may be needing a drink! 😉 Be sure to check out these Cranberry Cocktails that are perfect for your Thanksgiving holiday feast!

orange and cranberry thumbprint cookies with mug

Can we take a minute to observe the preciousness that is these Orange and Cranberry Shortbread Cookies by Recipes From A Pantry? I mean, I cannot get enough of the adorable thumbprint cookie cuteness!

And, I love the idea of mixing cranberry and orange citrus with a shortbread cookie base! There is something so timeless and tasty about a great shortbread cookie. Wouldn’t you agree?

You will love that this is an incredibly easy dessert, and your kids can help make them too! Don’t you love when the kids can help bake in the kitchen? It is such a fun way to spend time together as a family!

PRO TIP: This is another great recipe to make for the Christmas holiday too. And, these cookies would be perfection for your Holiday cookie swap.

double chocolate chip cranberry cookies on plate

Will all the chocolate chip cookie lovers please stand up? These classic cookies that have won everyone’s heart just have to make an appearance at the Thanksgiving table!

So, if we are talking about chocolate chip cookies, and double chocolate chip at that. Then, we must include these Double Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies by The Baking Fairy.

These chewy and oh so yummy cookies include white and dark chocolate, and of course tart cranberries. Let me say this, make extra, and then hide them! Because, I am telling you this Thanksgiving dessert idea is going to disappear quickly. Like, you look down, and you suddenly realize that you somehow managed to eat 6 cookies. I mean not like that has ever happened to me though. Yeah right. 

PRO TIP: Another perfect Christmas dessert idea! You know the drill. Double the batch, and freeze. Don’t you love a fantastic double and freeze recipe?


cranberry peppermint holiday bark

We are rounding out our list with this creamy and decadent Cranberry Peppermint Bark by Urban Bliss Life. This bark is as beautiful as it is tasty! I mean look at all that cranberry chocolate amazingness!

As I said before, chocolate bark is where it’s at. This is such an insanely easy Thanksgiving dessert idea that takes mere minutes to make! And, this one combines cranberries, marshmallows, pecans, and peppermint. Whaatttt? Let me tell you, your tastebuds will thank you for this flavor combo. Because it is so incredibly delicious!

PRO TIP: Yet another easy Christmas dessert idea for you. Because that’s how I do! Don’t you love a great twofer? Make a double or triple batch for Holiday parties, or as a Christmas gift, and freeze.

Wrapping Up

You now have a ton of Thanksgiving dessert ideas with cranberries. Whether it is fudge, or cookies, or bars, or bark. There was definitely something on this list that is perfect for your family and friends.

So tell me, are you ride or die with your pumpkin love? Or, have you now been persuaded to join team cranberry desserts?

Either way, I think we can all agree that easy Thanksgiving dessert ideas are where it is at! At least it is in my book.

Which cranberry dessert was your favorite? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!

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