4 Easy Snacks to Make in 5 Minutes or Less!

Sometimes you need something quick and easy to put together as a snack for yourself or your kids. But just like dinner, there’s a mental block that happens with ideas.

5 easy snacks for kids in under 5 minutes

Here are 4 easy snack ideas that you or your kids can make in 5 minutes or less!

Deli Meat Roll-up with Veggies & Hummus

A plate of deli meat, veggies & hummus

Grab a few slices of deli meat and roll them up to make a fun afternoon snack. You can also add a cheese stick into the roll up for fun flavor combinations. Add a side of raw veggies of your choice with some hummus and dig in!

Chocolate Rice Cakes with Nut-Butter & Chocolate Chips

A plate of rice cakes, nut butter & chocolate chips

With SO many flavor combos to choose from, this can be an endless snack rotation that you have on hand! Grab your favorite rice cake flavor, get creative with your spread from nut butters, jelly, cream cheese, or even hummus and top with your choice of sweet or savory toppings.

Apple Nachos

Apple drizzled with nut butter and chocolate chips

Apple Nachos are a family favorite snack or dessert that is simple to make but feels like a dessert! Cut up your favorite apple, drizzle nut butter of choice or even add in some caramel sauce for something extra fun and toss in your favorite toppings from chocolate chips, nuts, coconut flakes, granola, or sprinkles for the kiddos!


Triple berry smoothie in a jar

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie! Toss in 6-8 oz of milk of your choices (dairy/non-dairy), 1 cup of your favorite berries, 1/2-1 banana, a scoop of nut butter and 1 scoop protein (optional) for a protein boost and blend together! Since smoothies are a ton of volume, you can make one and share.

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