Ultimate List Of The Best Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween pick a costume your kid will love! With over 100 kids Halloween costume ideas this list has got you covered!

kids halloween costume ideas
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Kids love Halloween! They get to dress up, and beg for candy. What is not to love?

But honestly, during Halloween there is a magical excitement in the air, and I must admit I love it too!

I will shamelessly admit that yes, I am one of those full on Halloween costume planners that adores a family theme!

However, there is one thing that I absolutley do not like about Halloween. The stores! Oh my gosh!

There is no such thing as “let me run into this store real quick and grab a costume!” They are terror driven madhouses, with poor Elsa wigs and light sabers flying all over the place!

So, to save your time and sanity I have you a list of over 100 Halloween costume ideas for kids that you can buy online! Insert praise hands!

And, to save you even more of YOUR time I have this list narrowed down by Girls, Boys, Toddler, Infant, and even sibling Halloween costume ideas! So, get to reading and scrolling, and get your shopping done!

Preferably with your favorite beverage in hand!


kids halloween costume ideas

Best Halloween Costumes For Girls

When it comes to picking out a Halloween costume for our girls, there are so many options! They can be their favorite Disney character, or a princess for a day! They can even go full on girl power!

This list of Halloween costume ideas for girls has all the heavy hitters covered! It’s got your princesses, fairies, TV characters, and even rock stars and astronauts!

  • Girl’s Disney Halloween Costume Ideas

What more can be said about the magicalness of Disney? I mean it takes you to a super special place of mushy gushy feel good, and you can even daydream of being a princess!

What girl wouldn’t want to dress up as her favorite Disney character?

kids halloween costume ideasIf you haven’t heard of Frozen then I am not certain that you live on this planet! Kidding! No, but really…how did you do that?

Let’s face it, our girls are not going to ‘let it go’ when it comes to Elsa! She is one of those iconic characters that our kids seem to obsess and obsess over…am i right?

So, if your daughter knows every word to Let It Go, and has day dreams of living in an ice castle. Then, get her this Elsa costume. This costume is for sizes 3-9 years. 

And, if she is more of an Anna fan. Which I completely understand, because frankly I am too! Get her this Anna costume. Comes in sizes 4-5 years, 5-6 years, and 7-8 years.

Sibling Halloween Costume Idea: If you have a Toddler or baby this Olaf costume would be perfect with Anna or Elsa!

kids halloween costume ideas

So, you may know that my daughter Willow and I are both red heads. When I was a young girl, and Ariel emerged onto the scene I was pumped! You mean there is a redhead, and she is a mermaid! Say what?

Then, I watched the Little Mermaid, and could not get enough. Like combing my hair with a dinglehopper obsessed. Yeah, I was let’s say a unique child.

All of this is to say, I didn’t know how Willow would feel about watching a pretty old movie. BUT, she absolutely loved it too!

And, honestly, who doesn’t love a magical mermaid princess? Is there anything better?

So if your daughter is a mermaid lover too, then get her this Ariel Mermaid costumeComes in sizes XS-Large Plus.

This costume would be great for a Mermaid birthday party too! If your child loves mermaids as much as my daughter does, be sure to check out this Mermaid Lemonade recipe and this Mermaid Bark recipe.

Here are some more Disney Halloween costume ideas for girls:


  • Girls Princess And Fairy Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t we all wish that we could be a princess or fairy for the day? We could be regal, and live in a majestic castle. Or, get to fly around and sprinkle magical fairy dust all over the place!

So, if your daughter has daydreams of living the princess or fairy life too. Then, check out these Halloween costume ideas!


  • TV And Movie Characters Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Our girls love their movie and TV characters! If your daughter is anything like mine then you have got PJ Masks on lockdown in your house.

We get it! TV and movies can take you to a pretty special time and space. Where, our girls can be absolutely anything!

So, whether she is a fellow PJ Masks fan, or gets excited at the thought of being a Ghostbuster! She is sure to find something on this list!kids halloween costume ideasDoes your daughter love Owlette? Whew mine sure does! And, you gotta admit she is pretty cool! She is super smart, and has owl powers! She also knows how to show those boys who is boss too…which happens regularly in my house as well. 😉

So, if your daughter is a fan like mine, then she will love this Owlette costume. Costume comes in size 4-6x.

Sibling Halloween Costume Idea: If your sons are fans of PJ Masks too, be sure to check out these Catboy and Gecko costumes.

kids halloween costume ideas

Do you remember the first time you saw The Wizard of Oz? There is something so fantastical about that movie. Whether it is the craziness of flying houses, or the wicked witch, and let’s not get started on those flying monkeys!

But most of all! The true spirit of Oz shines in Dorothy! And, of course the special friends that she meets along the way! There really is no place like home!

Remind your daughter of this iconic character, with this Dorothy costume! This costume comes in sizes S-L. And, who is Dorothy without her Ruby slippers and her little dog Toto too!

Here are some other TV and Movie character Halloween costume ideas:


  • Unique Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

You already know that your daughter is pretty stinking special! And, she may want to venture outside of the box when it comes to her Halloween costume! Don’t you just adore those unique personalities!

This list of costumes is perfect for those that get a kick out of coloring outside of the lines, and dance like no one is watching!

kids halloween costume ideas

First off, if you have a choice to be a unicorn, then duh! You be a majestic unicorn! Every.single.time.

And, your little girl doesn’t want to be just any unicorn! She is wants to be the princess over all of the unicorns! I mean, who can blame her?

With that said, she NEEDS this Unicorn Princess costume! This costume is as unique as it is beautiful! Keeping it real, I want that headband for myself! 😉

And the tulle skirt comes in multiple colors too! You will be sure to find the perfect match for your unicorn lover! This costume comes in sizes 5-9 years.

Here is a list of more unique Halloween costumes for girls:


  • Girl Power Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to our girls, we know that there is absolutely nothing that they cannot do! And, we want the whole wide world to know it too! Because, girls totally rock!

Lucky for you, there are a ton of costume options that represent her intelligence, bravery, and downright fierceness! Because, frankly speaking, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

kids halloween costume ideasWill the ultimate girl power superhero please stand up? You absolutely cannot go wrong with Wonder Woman!

She is smart, crazy strong, and can kick your butt if you disagree. Sounds, somewhere along the lines of my daughter’s personality! 😉

Is your sassy little mover and shaker a Wonder Woman fan too? Clearly, she knows where it’s at! I dig her style!

So, if your daughter is all about some Amazonian princess action, then you have to get her this Wonder Woman costumeThis costume comes in girls sizes S-L.

Here are some other girl power costume ideas:


  • Other Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your daughter prefer to go the more traditional and classic route with her Halloween costumes? I completely get it!

There is something to be said for the tried and true Halloween costume ideas. They are fun, and playful, and are always a winner!

She is sure to find the perfect costume to match her timeless personality with these ideas:

Best Boys Halloween Costume Ideas

When you are a mama to boys the relationship is hard to explain. There is just something so incredibly special about that bond!

And, through your unique relationship, he has taught you a few things! For instance, way more information then you ever needed to know about superheroes, or video games, or Star Wars, or fart jokes. I digress!

With that said, you want your special guy to stand out, and be all smiles in his Halloween costume of choice! He is sure to find the perfect one on the list!

  • Boys Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to the ultimate costume that is perfect for boys, you absolutely cannot go wrong with superheroes!

There is something about those crime fighters that ignites their hearts! I mean, who wouldn’t want to fly, or shoot spider webs, or keep our world as we know it safe? That’s some epically cool stuff!

kids halloween costume ideasWhen your son thinks of superheroes, does he automatically hear ‘It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Superman!’ It is truly hard to beat the timelessness of Superman.

I mean that guy has it together. Well, as much as superheroes can actually have it together.

Does your son daydream of being Clark Kent? And, are his nighttime dreams are filled to the brim with fighting off the bad guys, and keeping the rest of us mere mortals safe? Then he is definitely a Superman fan!

So, if your son is all about some Superman, then be sure to grab him this classic Superman costumeCostume comes in sizes S-L. 

Here are some more superhero costume ideas for boys:


  • Boys Star Wars Halloween Costumes

If you have a son, then you are probably well aware of all that is the great and mighty Star Wars! It is definitely an epic classic. And, completely understandable why our little guys have dreams of using the Force!


kids halloween costume ideas

If your son finds himself gazing off into literal outer space, dreaming of fighting the bad guys with the force, then he might be a Star Wars fan! And, not just a Star Wars fan, but a Luke Skywalker fan!

Which, I cannot blame him! In case you didn’t know, Team Rebel is where it’s at! And, Luke is so cool! He gets to use the force, and pull Jedi mind tricks, and swoosh around a lightsaber! Really, does it get any more fantastic than that? Ummm, nope!

So, if your son is all about the Rebel Alliance, and knows what’s up. You should definitely get him this Luke Skywalker costume, and his Lightsaber too. Comes in sizes S and L.

Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas: If you have a baby in the family why not dress them up in this baby Yoda costume to keep with the Star Wars theme!

Now, I completely understand that there are a multitude of other characters within the Star Wars movies. And, not everyone is all about Luke Skywalker.

So, if your son prefers other Star Wars characters to Luke Skywalker, then check out these other ideas:


  • Boys Video Game Halloween Costume Ideas

Our boys do love their video games! Whether it is a classic video game, or a newer and better version of what is trending. They seriously cannot get enough!

So, in honor of those gamers that we love so much. Why not let them dress up as their favorite video game character this year?kids halloween costume ideasIf your son has been playing video games for any amount of time, then you for sure know all about Minecraft! And, if your son isn’t quite old enough, just wait for it. Because, he will!

Seriously, before they even begin playing video games they are watching Minecraft on You Tube! It is a mild obsession that has them hooked!

So, if your son is a fan that celebrates all things Minecraft. Then be sure to get him this Minecraft character Steve costume. Comes in sizes S-L.

And, don’t forget his sword and pickaxe! Because Steve must have it to do all of his mining and crafting things!

Here are more video game character costume ideas:


  • Other Boys Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your son prefer to keep things simple and classic with his Halloween costume choice? That is totally cool!

Timeless costume choices are like the little black dress or perfect white tee. You absolutely cannot go wrong with them! Honestly, I admire your son’s steadfast and loyal personality! That’s amazingness right there!

So, if he prefers to stick with a timeless costume choice then he will love these ideas!


Cute Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

Ahhh the sweet magic that is toddlers at Halloween! They are now able to walk and even run, and how cute are they bounding up to front doors proudly exclaiming trick or treat!

Bless their precious little hearts! It is enough to make this mama’s heart explode!

And, we all know that their costumes have got to be on point! They will be making their first Trick or Treat debut!

With their favorite TV characters, superheroes, and timeless, and unique costume choices. You will for sure find the perfect Halloween costume for your toddler!

  • Toddler Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

How sweet and precious are our little toddler girls? Or, if you are in the same situation as me, let’s add fierce to that list as well! 😉

You want to find the right costume to show off her distinct personality, and make sure that she shines like the little superstar that she is! I totally get it!

With everything from unique, to princess, to superhero. These costume ideas have got you covered!

kids halloween costume ideas

Does your toddler like to stand out, and be completely unique! Duh! Of course she does.

She is strong, and fierce, and as cute as a button! And, she might have a little sass to go with it. Not, that I would know anything about that one.

If you are looking for a one of a kind, and absolutely precious costume, I think this one fits the bill! Because, I for one am gushing over this adorable Donut costumeComes in size Toddler 12-24 months.

I mean SO cute!

Here is a list of great Halloween costume for Toddler Girls:


  • Toddler Boy Halloween Costume Ideas

Can we talk about how cute our little toddler boys are? I mean the smiles, and cheeks, and most likely dirty hands. They make our hearts melt!

And, they are probably super pumped to pick out their Halloween costume too! And, what’s this! People give me candy? Yep, it is a pretty exciting time for our sweet boys!

If your little boy is all about some pirate or Paw Patrol action. Or, if he wants to be a crime fighting ninja. There is something on this list of Halloween costumes that he will love!

kids halloween costume ideas

If you find yourself singing the Baby Shark song to yourself because you have heard it on repeat about a bajillion times. Then, I would like to give you a big ole hug! Mostly, because I feel your pain. But, also because I am a hugger!

For the life of me, can you please tell me what the obsession with this song is? No, really! Send help, because we are drowning in the Baby Sharkness!

My thoughts are if you can’t beat them, then join them! And, what better way to jump on your little guy’s bandwagon than with this adorable Shark costume. Comes in sizes 1-2T. Heck! Let the whole family dress up as sharks too! Maybe it will finally get this song out of their system!

Here are some more great Toddler Boy Halloween Costume Ideas:

Best Baby Halloween Costumes

When it comes to the absolute cutest Halloween costumes ever, look no further than costumes for babies!

Oh my gosh SO incredibly cute! And, there are a ton of great options to keep our snuggly wuggly preciousness warm too. Which is great! Because really could the weather on October 31st be more unpredictable?

So, whether you are on the hunt for a precious animal costume, or a sweet flower. Or, I even found a costume for those of us who need our babies to represent some classic movie characters! You will find the perfect Halloween costume for your sweet baby on this list!

kids halloween costume ideasYour teeny tiniest love is one in a million! Am I right?

You know it, she knows it, grandma certainly knows it! Now, it is time to let the world know it too!

All concept of time and space are lost when you look into that precious babes eyes. Your heart melts, and swoons, and feels like it may actually burst. You are just so full of love for this sweet baby! It feels magical!

Why not harness that magical and one in a million feeling with this beyond adorable Baby Unicorn costume. Comes in sizes 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 12 months. 

I mean, really! Does it get any more appropriate and precious than this costume? The answer is no! It absolutely does not. Seriously, go get the costume…like now!

Here are some more of the Best Baby Halloween Costumes:

You Are Now A Halloween Costume Rockstar!

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this! It is all about having fun.

Most importantly, it’s all about going through the kid’s candy, and stashing away a few pieces of your favorites.

If for any reason you feel a tinge of guilt about this just remember; you are the one who got the costumes, got them dressed, and walked them around all night. No one needs to know that you got ALL your shopping done from the comfort of your home!

So, did you decide to go with a theme this year, or are you letting everyone do their own thing? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing all the different responses!

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