30+ The Best Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you having trouble finding the right Halloween costume for your daughter? With everything from girl power costume ideas to Disney Halloween costume ideas. This list of over 30 of the best girls Halloween costume ideas has got you covered!

girls halloween costume ideas

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Don’t you just love Halloween? Especially for kids!

The fun parties! Trick or treating! And, there is something magical about getting to dress up in a costume, and play make believe for the night.

If your daughter is anything like mine, then finding the right costume is of the utmost importance!

Luckily, there are now a ton of options! Everything from princess, to superhero, to an astronaut!

Keep reading for more great girls Halloween costume ideas.

There is no need to worry about braving the stores this Halloween! All of these halloween costume ideas can be purchased online! Lucky you!

This list has everything from girl power costumes to unique costumes. And, of course Disney Halloween costume ideas too!

So, keep reading to find the perfect costume to match your amazing daughter’s personality!

Best Halloween Costumes For Girls

Oh mama, do we love our girls! They are fierce and brave. Sweet and tender. Smart and strong. And, lucky for you there are a ton of Halloween costume options that match all of these traits!

So whether she is all about representing girl power, or has princess daydreams. She is sure to find something on this list!

  • Girl Power Halloween Costume Ideas

We all know that our girls rock! And, they can be and do absolutely anything that they put their minds too. Which is amazing!

Thankfully, there are a ton of options that represent the amazingness that is girls!

girls halloween costume ideasIf we are going to talk about the ultimate girl power symbol, then we have got to mention Wonder Woman! This Amazonian princess is not messing around!

She is kicking butt and taking names! But she is also incredibly smart, brave, and kind. Hello…exactly what we want in our girls personalities! Am I right?

Frankly, when looking to a fantastic role model for our daughters, Wonder Woman is where it’s at!

If your daughter is a fan, then get her this Wonder Woman costume! This costume comes in girls sizes S-L.

girls halloween costume ideas

Where are my girl Star Wars fans at? Let us unite in all that is the epicness of Star Wars!

And, let’s not forget that there is some serious girl power in The Force Awakens! There are multiple female characters in strong leadership positions. Can I get a heck yes!

We certainly cannot forget about the formidable Rey. She is strong, brave, and unique. And, basically I fan girl out over her!

If your daughter is one tough cooke, who likes to use a lightsaber with the best of them. Then, get her this Star Wars the Force Awakens Rey costume and Rey’s Lightsaber. Comes in sizes Small and Large.

girls halloween costume ideas

Girls ROCK! You know it, she knows it, we ALL know it!

And, you gotta admit. There is nothing cooler than watching your daughter get down and showcase her awesomeness on stage! There is something super brave about getting up there, and rocking out. Doing her thing, and not giving a hoot what anyone thinks!

So, if your daughter is ready to let the whole neighborhood know how much she clearly rocks. Then, showcase her talent off in this Rocker costumeCostume comes in sizes S-L. And, don’t forget the fishnet gloves, and inflatable guitar to complete the look!

Here are some more girl power costume ideas:

Your daughter is unique, and likes to stand out from the crowd. And, she needs a Halloween costume that represents what makes her, well her. Then, she is going to love these unique costume ideas!

girls halloween costume ideasYour daughter is majestic, and knows how to strut her awesomeness! She is the life of the party, and she loves to see people smile.

She is unique, and has no problem showcasing her endless talents. Gosh, I love her already!

If this sounds about right, and just like your daughter. Then you need to definitely get her this amazing peacock costumeThe sizing is S-L. This is more of a form fitted costume. So, you may need to size up.

It is absolutely stunning, and such a unique Halloween costume idea! She will definitely stand out from the crowd in this beautiful costume!

girls halloween costume ideasYour daughter wants to be a skeleton for Halloween, but doesn’t want to look like everyone else. I get it! And, frankly speaking, I don’t blame her!

She needs to be able to put her own unique spin on it, and showcase what makes her so incredibly special! As well she should!

You should get her this Funky Punky Bones costume! It comes in sizes S-L.

I love how it is completely different, and has such a unique twist on the typical skeleton costume. Don’t you love all the pretty and vibrant colors too?

Here are some more unique costume ideas:

Need costume ideas for all the kids in your family?


  • Girl’s Disney Halloween Costume Ideas

I don’t think our girls will ever be too old for Disney! I mean, I am still pretty much obsessed. And, trust me. I am not alone in my Disney fandom!

Can we blame them? Disney is magical and special and takes us to a place where everything is right in the world!

So, if your daughter loves to get her Disney fandom on. Then she will love these costumes!

girls halloween costume ideas

Alright, we cannot talk Disney without featuring The Little Mermaid! And, mermaids are super duper hot right now. All the cool kids know that mermaids are trending! 😉

Is your daughter a Disney fan that likes to stay on top of the latest trends? Is she always on top of the latest and greatest fashion craze? Then you should get her this Mermaid costumeRanging from sizes XS-Large Plus.

This costume would also be great for a Mermaid birthday party too! If your child loves mermaids, be sure to check out this Mermaid Lemonade recipe and this Mermaid Bark recipe.

girls halloween costume ideasIf your daughter likes her Disney characters to be brave and strong then she must be a fan of Moana! Moana is nothing short of amazing. She loves her family, her friends, and will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe!

She is a character that I think all of us mamas can get behind! And, that soundtrack is killer. No really, I have no shame in admitting that we happily jam to some Moana tunes regularly in my mama mobile!

So, if your daughter loves her some Moana too, then get her this Moana costume and Moana’s Magical Seashell necklace. This costume comes in sizes 5-6, 7-8, 9-10.

Here are some more Disney Halloween costume ideas:


  • Girls Princess And Fairy Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your daughter spend countless hours flitting around pretending to be a fairy? Or, maybe she is devoted to the idea that she will in fact one day reside in her own castle.

You will for sure find her the perfect fairy or princess costume on this list!

girls halloween costume ideasIf you can be a princess over anything, why not be a butterfly princess? Butterflies are beautiful, and transform into something magical! Why wouldn’t she be mesmerized?

Let her showcase her love for butterflies, and being a princess with this beyond gorgeous Butterfly princess dressCostume comes in sizes 4-8 years. Oh, and don’t forget these Light Up Glass Slippers!

Side note: I was completely obsessed with butterflies as a young girl. Keeping it real, I still am! I would have an entire room decorated with them if I could. Alas, I settle for doses of them peppered throughout my home. Which is probably better anyway. A whole room full of butterflies would be a bit extra. Or, amazing! 😉

Here are some more princess and fairy Halloween costume ideas:


  • TV And Movie Characters Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

What is it about those TV and movie characters that simply draws our girls in?  I mean, when it comes to certain characters, they have an undying affection that cannot be tamed!

If your daughter celebrates all things TV and movies. Then, she will love these costume ideas!

girls halloween costume ideasIf you have had the chance to watch the Wizard of Oz with your daughter then you already know that it is pretty special! It is such a timeless classic, that wins over the hearts of girls everywhere.

And, you can’t beat Dorothy! She is a spunky and brave young girl, with a heart that cannot be matched. She is such a whimsical and fantastical movie character. It’s no wonder so many people love her!

If your daughter is a fan of the Wizard of Oz, then be sure to get her this Dorothy costume! This costume comes in sizes S-L. And, Dorothy wouldn’t be Dorothy without her Ruby slippers and her little dog Toto too!

girls halloween costume ideasWhat girl wouldn’t want to be able to grant magical wishes, and live in Zahramay Falls? It is a pretty and magical place. And everyone is so happy! Plus, you get to have a pretty cool animal by your side too!

If your daughter is running around screaming ‘Boom Zahramay’ like a crazy person. And daydreams about having purple or blue hair, and granting wishes to anyone who asks.

Then, get her this Shimmer and Shine Rubie costume to represent her genie divineness. Comes in sizes XS and S.

Here are some more TV and movie character costume ideas:


  • Other Girls Halloween Costume Ideas

Does your daughter want to go a bit more traditional with her Halloween costume this year? Awesome! There is something to be said for keeping things classic, and tried and true.

She is sure to find the perfect costume for her on this list!


Wrapping It Up

Now, you have a ton of ideas for your daughter’s Halloween costume!

And, doesn’t it feel great to not even have to leave the house? 😉 Heck yes it does!


girls halloween costume ideas

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