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10 Best Cranberry Cocktails For Your Holiday Party

What better way to kick off your Holiday party than with a refreshing cranberry cocktail? And, we aren’t talking about just Cosmos! We’ve got cranberry gin fizz, cranberry sangria, and even a rumberry punch! So let’s get this party started with these amazingly delicious 10 best cranberry cocktails for your holiday party!

cranberry cocktail in glass

There is something magical in the air during the Holidays! Don’t you love to take in all the beautifully decorated homes, and everyone seems to be filled with genuine cheer! I cannot get enough of all the feel good warm fuzzy vibes!

And, one of my favorite things about this time of year, are all of the Holiday parties! It is such a great excuse to get everyone together, chow down on some delicious food, and if your crowd is anything like mine…sip on some drinks!

There is something really fun and special about serving up a new drink! Especially a pretty drink! Am I right?

And, what better drink theme to feature for the Holidays than cranberry? Hello, it works great as a Thanksgiving cocktail! And, for your Christmas and New Year’s party too! Cranberry is a triple threat Holiday cocktail machine! And, I for one could not be happier!

Need some appetizer ideas to serve at your Holiday party? Then, be sure to check out this Caprese Crostini recipe! Or, this quick and easy pico de gallo makes a perfect dip too!

The tart yet sweetness of the cranberry is taken to the next level in these cocktails! And, you are going to love how easy they are to make too!

So throw on that party dress, grab some on point glassware, and get ready to raise your glass! Because your Holiday party is going to be nothing short of amazing!

The Best Cranberry Cocktails For Your Holiday Party

When it comes to serving cocktails at your Holiday party you want to keep things easy! Your time is best spent showcasing your amazing personality, and spending time with those that you love most!

That’s why I am majorly crushing on these 12 cranberry cocktail recipes. They are super easy to make, and prep. And, there is even a sangria and punch! All hail our gratitude for pour it yourself cocktails!

Keep reading for some refreshing and delicious inspiration. And, be sure to let me know which ones you will be serving at your party! I love hearing all of your ideas!

cranberry cocktails for your holiday party - cranberry orange gin fizz

This Cranberry Orange Gin Fizz by Housewives Of Frederick County is as refreshing as it is beautiful! And, it has a surprise savory ingredient that all of your party guests will be talking about too!

Thyme! Yes, I said thyme. I know what you may be thinking, because frankly I thought it myself. But, let me tell you. When you muddle some thyme into this cranberry cocktail. Let’s just say that something truly magical happens when you mix cranberry and citrus and thyme together. It is clean and refreshing, and it will have your guests come back wanting more!

cranberry cocktails for holiday party - cranberry negroni

You and your holiday party goers will not be able to resist this Cranberry Nigroni by Sidewalk Shoes!

This super easy Holiday cocktail is carried over the top with homemade brandied cranberries! Like whoa! Like over the top, punch you right in the taste buds with goodness whoa.

And, the recipe for the brandied cranberries is included, and is incredibly easy too! PRO TIP: Make extra brandied cranberries for your party guests to take home as a party favor!

cranberry cocktails for holiday party - cranberry orange sparkling wine

This Cranberry Orange Sparkling Wine Cocktail by Hot Eats and Cool Reads makes for the perfect cranberry cocktail to serve at a Holiday brunch! It would also be great served alongside more of a tapas or antipasto theme as well!

And, who can turn down a refreshing sparkling wine cocktail? They are crisp and basically amazing! They can be a nice reprieve from all of the decadent indulgences that we all consume during the Holidays. I’m looking at you truffles and fudge.

cranberry cocktails for holiday party - cranberry orange infused vodka in glasses

While this Cranberry Orange Infused Vodka by Hello Nature isn’t exactly a cocktail, it is nothing short of deliciousness! You can create this infused vodka to be added to any cocktail, and it would also make a wonderful Christmas gift as well. Oh, and did I mention that it is one of the easiest homemade gifts ever?!?

This infused vodka would also be pretty much perfection as is. Chill that bad boy, and get to pouring! Anyone else’s mouth watering thinking of the cranberry citrus goodness?

cranberry cocktails holiday party - rubbery punch in glass

Can we take a moment to relish in the greatness that is punch at a party? I mean, you mix it and pour it into a nice pitcher, and boom! That is it!

And y’all, this Rumberry Punch by Or Whatever You Do is some deliciously amazing stuff! This cranberry cocktail is absolute perfection for your bustling Holiday party! And everyone is going to lose their minds over it too!

Utilizing cranberry simple syrup, and cranberry ginger ale. This Rumberry Punch is beyond refreshing!

Since we are all about spreading the cranberry love. Check out these Cranberry Dessert Ideas!

cranberry cocktails holiday party - spiced cranberry cocktail in glass

Are you wanting to kick things up a notch, and on the hunt for an elegant cranberry cocktail to serve at your Holiday party? Then look no further than this Spiced Cranberry Cocktail by Tammilee Tips!

Isn’t it gorgeous? And, who would have thought to add rosemary? Don’t you just love the sprig of rosemary resting in the cocktail!

This cocktail is perfect for anytime of year, but I feel like it screams dinner party! What do you think?

I will for sure be serving this as a Thanksgiving cocktail as well.

cranberry cocktails for holiday party - spiced cranberry orange sangria in glasses

Try to maintain your excitement, because we have another big batch cocktail on deck! Seriously, these are the absolute best for a party! You can make it, and walk away. I mean, except to come back and get seconds for yourself of course! 😉

So, in honor of our big batch cocktail devotion, I present this Spiced Cranberry Orange Sangria by The Baking Fairy. The only problem with this Sangria is that you will want to drink it ALL the time! Oh my gosh, words can barely contain my excitement!

First off, you can never go wrong with Sangria. Secondly, this sangria has cranberries, citrus, and cinnamon! Talk about cranberry cocktail Holiday party perfection! I mean, it screams Happy Holidays!

cranberry cocktails for holiday party - blushing russian cocktail in glass

I love that this Blushin’ Russian Cocktail and Mocktail by The Good Hearted Woman has a non alcoholic version included! Because, some of our Holiday party guests may not be drinkers. But, we certainly do not want them to feel left out!

And, this cranberry drink is super interesting because it uses half and half! So, if your are looking for a unique cocktail idea for your Holiday party. I think this is a clear winner!


cranberry cocktails for holiday party - spiced cranberry mule in glass

I don’t know about you, but I celebrate a delicious Moscow Mule. Maybe it’s the ginger goodness. Or, maybe it’s the super cool copper mugs in which the drink is served. Whatever it is, I adore them!

So, if you are like me, and love a good Mule. You have got to try this Spiced Cranberry Mule by The Good Hearted Woman. It is oh so dreamy, and the perfect cranberry cocktail for an intimate holiday party!

Cant you see everyone sitting close to a fire, and sipping on this spiced cranberry mule deliciousness? Trust me. Your party guests will love this drink!

cranberry cocktails for holiday party - cranberry apple spice mules in glasses

Like I said. I am a total sucker for a delicious Mule cocktail! So naturally I just had to include this Cranberry Apple Spiced Mule by Dash of Jazz.

Y’all, this one is absolutely perfect served as a Thanksgiving cocktail. And, I love how apple and cinnamon are added into cranberry Mule. When those flavors are combined together, it just screams Thanksgiving. And, let’s keep it real. We all need a drink after doing all that cooking in the kitchen! 😉

Wrapping Up

You now have a ton of ideas for cranberry cocktail deliciousness to serve at all of your Holiday parties! Whether you go for a cranberry Sangria, or cranberry spiced Mule. Or, the elegant and charming spiced cranberry cocktail. You seriously cannot go wrong!

All of your party guests tastebuds will be screaming in delight, and coming back for seconds, with any of these cranberry cocktail ideas. So, which ones will you be serving at your Holiday party? Let me know in the comments!


best cranberry cocktails for your holiday party


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