The Ultimate Guide To Going Back to School For the 1st Time 5 Tips for Parents

I am so excited to have Erin from Perfectly Port Family join us today for a blog takeover! She has such a gift in keeping us mamas encouraged, and I know you will just love her. Erin is sharing her best tips for parents sending our kiddos back to school. As a mama, and former teacher, she has some great tips on how to help ease the transition.

I am also doing a guest post on Erin’s blog about easing the back to school jitters. Be sure to check it out here.

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Is your child heading back to school for the first time?  

Everyone is excited to gather up that list, shop for school supplies, and research all the options on how to take that perfect first day of school photo.  However, your heart feels a bit tender at the thought.  

I spent years ushering weepy parents out the door of my classroom and then before I knew it, it was my turn to be that parent. If I could go back in time, this is what I would tell my tenderhearted self.

5 Tips For Parents Sending Their Kids Back To School
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The Ultimate Guide to Going Back To School

{1} You aren’t alone.  I had a newborn in my arms and was holding the sweet hand of my kindergartner as we walked to school that sunny August morning.  My mom heart was working in over drive to keep it together with a big smile pasted on my face as he looked up at me with his big blue eyes framed by his bright blue glasses.  

  Every parent remembers how they felt that day they dropped their child off for their first day of school, wondering how their child is old enough.  Weren’t they just born yesterday?  You aren’t alone.  

{2} They will be okay.

My mind was swimming with a multitude of scenarios my son might encounter. I remember being worried I wouldn’t be there to help.

They will show them how to open their milk and carry a lunch tray, several times over actually.  They will help them tie their shoes, and zip up their coat if needed.  They won’t let your child get lost in the hallways, or go hungry in the cafeteria.  They will soon find kids to play with on the playground, and make friends in the classroom. Teachers are amazing at teaching all those things beyond academics that will make your student thrive at school.

{3} It’s a transition.  

It’s a new chapter and with that comes a new routine.  It takes time for everyone to adjust.  At first, they will come home exhausted, maybe a tough crabby, hungry for a snack and ready to chill out.  They might even fall asleep.  Don’t expect a full recap of the day upon arrival.  That’s all normal.  

Before you know it, you will be in the new routine, and this transition will be behind you.  Your child will learn new things, and come home telling you all about the important stuff like what was for lunch and what they did at recess (also totally normal).

{4} Don’t let your kid See You Cry.

When you drop them off that first day, give them a big hug and kiss.  Tell them their day will be awesome, and you can’t wait to hear all about it.  Then, walk out that door with a smile on your face.  As soon as you turn the corner you can let that tears come.  

{5} Celebrate.

It may be bittersweet, but it’s a great gift to watch our kids grow and develop.   You may want to be mopey but you will regret it.  Make going back to school exciting.  Make a day out of the school supply shopping, pick out a fun outfit and snap a first day of school picture.  You can even ask your child what special afternoon snack, dinner or dessert they want and make that!

Before you know it, your child will be wrapping up their first year of school.  The school years go so fast.  Just remember, you will always be their parent and they still need you.

Thank you so much to Erin for sharing her heartfelt, and amazing tips with us!

Be sure to check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

5 Tips For Parents On Sending Kids Back To School
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  1. Great tips! As a kindergarten teacher, this is all SOOOO true. The first day is the hardest for the parent’s and the second week is always the toughest for the kids (such a big transition). Celebrating school and positive school talk is so important on impressionable minds.

  2. Great tips!! My twins, who are also my youngest, are starting kindergarten this month. I am definitely excited for them, but I know the day I have to watch the school bus drive away with them in it will be difficult. So I’m trying to plan that day, so I can celebrate a little myself while they are at school.

  3. What great reminders! We just got a letter with first day instructions today. Eek! I think we’ll both be very ready for school by the end of August ?

  4. Thanks for letting me guest post on your site. I am so honored and thankful 🙂 Hope it brings encouragement to other mamas! xoxo ERIN

  5. I will keep this in mind. Thank you for this post, my son is not quit there yet but its never too early to start him up soon!

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