5 Tips to Get Your Child to Fall Asleep in a Few Minutes

Moms let’s face it…we are TIRED! And, the thought of it taking hours to get our child to sleep is even more exhausting. That’s why I am super excited to share with you 5 Tips to get your child to fall asleep in a few minutes!

You already know that getting your child to sleep can seem like nothing short of a miracle! I SO understand! It would take me up to two hours just to get my daughter to fall asleep, and I was OVER it!

I received the Adalid Gear Plush for free in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are mine alone. I will ALWAYS keep it real with you! 🙂 This post contains affiliate links. Read disclosure policy here.

So, I came up with a plan. Through lots of trial and error I finally had success!!! (Insert angels singing!) If you are struggling with getting your child to sleep…I hear you, I see you, and I hope these tips help! 🙂

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1. Unplug

This one can be a bit tough, but we do not allow any electronics around an hour before bed. No phones, tablets, or TV…this includes me too!

Honestly, there are enough studies out there explaining all of this, so it’s not like I didn’t know this was true. But, once I actually implemented it…total game changer! I think it really helps our kids to take a beat, feel their bodies, and recognize that they are tired.

2. Bathtime

I like to save our children’s bath time for evening. Mostly because I am running around like a crazy woman in the mornings…#aintnobodygottimeforthat! 😉 But, I also think it really helps to relax my kiddos too! I also find that it takes a bit of the sting out of ‘unplugging’ if we shift almost immediately to bath time.

If you prefer to bathe your children in the mornings or afternoons I would highly suggest a light massage in the evenings.

I know, I know…when is someone going to give mama a massage??? BUT, my rationalization is that if my child gets a good night’s sleep then their brains will grow. And then with their mighty brains they can become millionaires. And THEN mama can have ALL the massages! See what I did there? 😉

3. Drop those hints!

During bath time I start mentioning how I am sleepy. We discuss how the sun has gone down,and the moon is out, and that means that it is nighttime. I also start dropping major hints that we should be thinking about bed.

Some other examples I use are:

My body feels tired. Does your body feel tired?
My eyes are ready to shut. Are your eyes sleepy?
Mommy loves to sleep so that I am ready for fun tomorrow!

This prepares my child for the fact that YES we will be going to sleep soon. It can be very difficult and jolting for her if I just start mentioning bedtime a few minutes before placing her in bed.

4. Cuddle and Story Time

Now this may be a little outside of the box…Hi! My name is Amanda, and I LIVE outside of the box, and I also enjoy coloring outside of the lines! 😉 …but, I do not cuddle or read stories in my children’s rooms. Instead, we do all of this in our bedroom.

I personally have found that my children do much better cuddling in our big bed, and get more relaxed. I think it also has somehow subconsciously inserted in their minds that their bedrooms are for sleeping.

You do whatever works best for you! If snuggling up in your kiddos bed makes more sense for you DO IT! However, I do suggest that you read or tell stories to help them relax.

5. Adalid Gear Soft Plush Toy with Aromatherapy

You guys all of the above listed tips work great, but this Adalid Gear Plushie is what completely sealed the deal for my daughter. Seriously, total game changer!

rabbit plushie plush duck

This plushie has the most calming scent as it contains a pouch that is filled with chamomile and lavender aromatherapy beads. It smells SO good! AND the pouch can be heated for a warm and calming feel, or it can be placed in the freezer, and the plushie can be used as an ice pack. Major mom win for those wiggle worms with boo boos!

This plushie is SO incredibly soft, and my daughter is next level obsessed with it!

You guys, when my daughter cuddles up with her Adalid Gear bunny plushie she is asleep in 10 minutes!!! And, as far as this mom’s opinion goes…if my child is asleep in 10 minutes…I am SOLD!

And because of all their awesomeness, Adalid Gear is giving 10% off to all my readers. Be sure to use the code PLSHIE10. This code is valid until the end of 2017, so it is perfect for any holiday gifts!

I know these tips have helped me SO much in getting my kiddos to sleep. I truly hope they help you too!

And if you are a new mommy, or have an infant be sure to check out Why Won’t My Baby Sleep?

Do you have a nighttime routine to get your kiddos to sleep? Leave me any of your tips below!


5 Tips to Get Your Child to Sleep in a Few Minutes

5 Tips To Get Your Child To Fall Asleep In A Few Minutes


5 Tips to Get Your Child to Fall Asleep in a Few Minutes

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  1. This is pretty much our exact bed time routine!! We don’t have an aromatherapy animal though we might need one!

  2. This post is great! A lot of things I plan on doing once my son gets a little older and is out of the routine we’ve got him in now.

  3. These are great tips! I love the one about dropping hints, I’m going to try that with my kids.

  4. Oh my gosh not doing story time in their bed is genuis! Since we’ve moved my theee year olds bedtime routine has gotten ridiculous, and my husband or I am usually stuck cuddling way past story time.
    These plushies are just adorable. We have a little pillow that is the same thing (but way less cute) and was we noticed a difference we we introduced it to! Happy your bedtime fights are easier now.

    1. You have NO idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that! I was honestly super scared to put that we don’t do story time in their beds out there. Thank you so much for your kind words, and support! I hope that your bedtimes get easier mama! XO Amanda

  5. I totally need to try these tips! I know when I suggest how hungry I am *wink wink*, my son is more likely to eat, so maube the same will happen when it comes to nap time ;).

  6. Putting kids to bed is really a challenging task, I have sorted that out in the way you’ve mentioned. I start talking to them about bed time atleast 30-40 minutes before and then we read our book, have some milk and then start our sleep!

  7. These tips are great! I love the aromatherapy plush animals. I had one of those, and it always helped me relax and go to sleep when it was time for bed!

  8. These are such great tips! I am not a mom yet, but my hubby and I are starting to think about a family in the next few years. I will have to try these some day.

  9. Great post! I’m due with our first in March so I will definitely be trying out these tips. Un-plugging before bed is a HUGE one, we forget how stimulating looking at the bright screen on our electronics can be!

    1. Congratulations mama! And you are SO right. I think it is one of those things that I was just in total denial about. But, I know I have such a hard time falling asleep if I don’t unplug at least an hour before bed. XO Amanda

  10. All great ideas! I like the unplugging an hour before bedtime. My 8-year-old is a night owl. Maybe this will help him fall to sleep faster. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love your sweet list!!! Those cuddly animals look so soft. I also agree a routine is key. We love book time! Always helps my littles wind down ? great post!

  12. great tips!! Story time and cuddles are always a huge hit for my son.
    Aromatherapy oils always work so well to help him fall asleep, especially lavender!

    1. I love story time and cuddles! It’s such a great way to wind down after a long day! I am telling you aromatherapy works absolute wonders! That’s is part of why I am obsessing over this plushie…LOL! XO Amanda

  13. Bedtime is so difficult! Thank you for the tips. I’m willing to try anything. I like the “drop some hints” never thought of that. I’ll try this tonight.

    1. Dropping hints has helped SO much! I think it is a way for them to take a beat, feel their bodies, and realize that they are in fact tired…despite the fact that they will say they are not…EVERYTIME! LOL! XO Amanda

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