4 Things All Moms Should Be Wearing

We have all seen it…the LISTS. You know the ones? The lists that tell women, in particular moms, what they should no longer be wearing.

There was a recent list I read, ‘what women over 30 should never wear’, and honestly it just made me sad.

This list included items such as graphic tees (ain’t nobody taking my #MomLife tee from me!), and hoop earrings. What the what? Hoop earrings??? Seriously, a staple of my wardrobe.

So with all the lists telling us what not to wear, I thought it would be a nice idea to list some things I think all moms SHOULD be wearing, on the DAILY! 🙂

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Mama you know how to wear a baby on your hip, hold a toddler’s hand, carry book bags and a purse, and clench that cup of coffee, all while walking to your car. #Fierce

You are responsible for raising these tiny humans into amazing people. EV.ER.Y.DAY

Yes, you may have stretch marks, have an added pooch that wasn’t there before, and bags for days under your eyes.  But let me tell you something, you have EARNED them. All of it is because you rock at being a mommy!

Work those aisles in Target like a runway, sashay that school pick up line #likeaboss, and know that you are amazingly beautiful just the way you are!


I feel very passionate about this fashion must!

We need to have grace for ourselves, others, and especially mommies.

If you’re having one of ‘those’ days, the ones where you question if you are doing anything right, and the kids are literally climbing the walls…wear grace.

When you see another woman who is on the verge of tears because the weight of the world is closing in…wear grace.

When you are at the store and you see a mommy whose children are running and screaming, and you can see that her head is about to explode (P.S. it’s probably me 😉 )…wear grace.

We are all in this together, and we need to show grace to one another. Never ever assume you know someone else’s journey.

No mom has it ALL together. No mom has an Instagram or Pinterest perfect life. We all need a little help, and a whole lot of grace.


This is the only actual fashion item on the list.

Seriously though, if you are a mom get you some flats! I am certainly not saying to never wear heels, it’s just that #MomLife will be a lot easier to manage in a good pair of flats.

It is incredibly difficult to chase a small child, balance groceries, and dodge sippy cups being hurled at you in every direction in heels.

Think like a ninja. Trust me, ninjas don’t wear heals! 😉

Whatever You Want

I think this goes without saying, but wear absolutely whatever you want!

You want to wear red lipstick? Go for it! Graphic tees with leggings are your jam? Rock on mama! You are more of a tee with a blazer kind of gal? Get it girl!

Here’s the thing…you are a grown woman who is fully capable of deciding what makes you comfortable.

Please don’t ever let one of those ‘lists’ make you feel less than you are. And definitely don’t let them make you throw out your most favorite, worn in, thread bare sweatpants or t-shirts EVER!


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  1. Seriously​, best list of what moms should wear ever!! We absolutely need to wear what makes us feel good!?

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