5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Strong Through The Toddler Years

When you have children of any age, but in particular through the toddler years, how do you keep your marriage strong?

You know the scene. You are knee deep in poopy diapers, a mile long pile of laundry, the never ending list of errands, sippy cups leaking juice all over the floor, trying to maintain some semblance of order in your home…need I go on?

And, all of this is happening while said toddler is losing their mind in one of many full blown tantrums for the day.

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Of course, all of this happens right when your husband walks in the door. You are so incredibly tired, and frustrated, and probably a little sweaty too. 😉

Your first inclination is to run away hand the kids to your husband, and say ‘you deal with it’.

In these hot mess express times how on Earth do you keep your marriage strong? I mean you are exhausted and overwhelmed, and I am fairly sure you are not feeling that this is your most attractive moment.

Embrace Your Partner

I know, I know…things are usually super crazy when he gets home, and you are probably in the middle of making dinner, BUT do it anyway.

Guess what? He may have had a rough day too.

No matter what is going on in our home, when my husband gets home we embrace. It just feels good to fall into his arms…even if one of the kiddos is screaming the entire time! 😉

Make The Time

Date nights can be incredibly difficult to manage. Especially if you move to a new town, and know zero babysitters! (I know all about this one.)

Even if you need to schedule an at home date night after the kiddos are asleep, DO IT!

It is incredibly important to put each other first, and solely focus on each other. Whether it be a nice meal alone, dancing all night, or watching a movie, you will be so glad you did it!

Talk To Each Other

This seems like an easy one, but there are some really long days with kids, a marriage can feel more like an assembly line than an actual relationship.

We can also find ourselves only talking about the kids. #Guilty

Find different things to talk about. Imagine you are back on one of your early dates, and were getting to know each other.

I know it sounds kind of silly, but it’s really important to continue to connect. If you are having trouble coming up with things to talk about, you can find some really fun conversation starter cards here.

Have Fun

It is so important to have fun! Many studies have shown that we actually think better, and are more creative when we are having fun.

Be silly! Have a tickle fest, pillow fight, play putt putt, go bowling, play a game. Whatever you decide just have fun!

Leave your worries behind, remember to breathe, and celebrate life together!

Don’t Stop Dreaming

This is a big one for me.

With the endless to do lists, over worked jobs, screaming kiddos, sometimes it feels like we are just in survival mode. But, don’t ever stop dreaming.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? What would your dream life look like? If money were no object what would you love to do?

Do you dream of traveling to an exotic place? Maybe you want to start your own business.

These are all super fun things to discuss with your partner, and you may learn something new along the way.

Dream together! You never know…one day those dreams may come true.

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  1. Love each of these and like you said they may seem like no brainers but in these years, we have to be intentional. I try to pray everyday for our marriage and to love my husband well because in my flesh, I can be so tapped out by days end! xoxo ERIN

    1. Intentional is exactly right! I completely understand the exhaustion at the end of the day. During those times, I think its so important to run toward each other and not away. XO

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