This Art Project Is A Must For Kids

Summer Break is in full swing, and this mama is trying her best to beat the Summer boredom blues!

You may have read my post on our family’s Summer Bucket List. One of the things on the list that the kiddos really wanted to try was an art project to display in our Playroom.

This mommy’s gears got turning. I needed to find a project that would keep the kiddos entertained, and turn out beautiful. I think we hit the mark!

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You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

Y’all I am super excited to share this super fun art project with you today. It involves paint filled water balloons…what is not to love?!?

The kiddos had an absolute blast doing this, and seeing what color paint would splatter next.

The supplies I used for this project were:

Canvas 16×20 – feel free to use whichever size you prefer

Acrylic Paint in assorted colors

Push Pins

Washi Tape

Water Balloons

Trash bags for ponchos (to keep everyone’s clothes as clean as possible)

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project
Please note: This frazzled mommy grabbed the wrong balloons which are pictured here. I did end up using water balloons for the finished project.

First things first. You will need to decide if you want to create any words on your canvas. We decided to ‘write’ Be You in Washi tape, which I think is absolutely perfect for a play room! 🙂

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art ProjectNext you will place push pins through the back of your canvas. This helps with making the balloons pop.

I used a lot of push pins because I had a two year old participating in the project. I wasn’t sure how well her aim would be, so I wanted to make sure her balloons popped.

If you have older kids participating you may not need as many pins. But, if in doubt I would definitely add as many as possible.

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

The next step is to fill your paint filled water balloons. Confession time: I had no free hands to take pics during the process of filling up the balloons, but I will try my absolute best to describe it to you.

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

Grab yourself one of these handy dandy condiment bottles from the Dollar Store, Target, etc. I would have lost my mind without this thing!

I filled the bottle about a quarter of the way with paint, and added an equal amount of water. Swirl it around a little bit to make sure everything is mixed nicely, and then fill your balloon and tie off.

If you run out of water, add a bit more to the bottle and swirl it around again. Once you reach a much higher concentration of water than paint, add more paint.

I would also probably use Tempura paint next time as it is a bit more liquid, and washable. But hey, I like to live on the edge, so I used acrylic. 😉

Place your paint filled balloons in a safe container where they will not pop!

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

You will definitely want to make some trash bag ponchos for yourself and the kiddos. This project can get cray cray messy in like 1 second!

If you aren’t sure how to do this here is an easy to follow guide.

Now prop that canvas up outside…preferably in a grassy area, and let those kiddos go to town! P.S. You will probably want to join in the fun too!

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

Here is what our finished product looked like after we were all done popping.

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

Once we finished popping the balloons, I removed all of the push pins, and placed the canvas on a flat surface to dry. Once it has completed drying, remove the wash tape.

While the canvas was drying, the 2 year old decided the painting needed a little something extra. She went crazy hand and finger painting all over it! Such is #MomLife!

Honestly I think it is perfect, finger paint additions and all!

You Must Try This Kid Friendly Art Project

The kiddos had so much fun making this, and they are super proud of what they accomplished!

What do you think of this idea? Leave me a comment below.

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