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The Best Playroom Decor Finds on Amazon

Did you know that you can buy decor you love without leaving the house? Whaaattt?!? You sure can! That’s why I am so excited to be sharing the best playroom decor finds on Amazon.

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Our family recently moved, and I have been slowly but surely putting our home together. One of my favorite rooms to decorate is the kid’s playroom.

We actually didn’t have a playroom in our old home, so that’s probably why I am so excited to get this space finished! I just love that they have their own play area…and it’s not in my living room!!! 😉

The Best Playroom Decor On Amazon


the best playroom decor amazon
When thinking about how I wanted to decorate I took to none other than Amazon. It’s so tough for me to get out with the kiddos and do a MAJOR shopping trip, so that is why this mama LOVES her some Amazon!

I thought it would be fun to show you a peak inside my decorating brain, and share with you some of the decor that I am absolutely loving!

Oh my gosh this Playroom Rules canvas!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - playroom rules printThis is adorable, and I just love the colors in it! I am always on the hunt for cute little prints, and I think this is perfect!

If you aren’t a big fan of bright paint on your walls, then these Colorful Dots Wall Decals are just the thing to bring in some color!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - colorful dots decalsAren’t these just the cutest EVER?!? The decals come in an assorted pack of colors, and come with 27 dots. And seriously for only $11, and not having to paint a wall, you can’t go wrong!

I just love having a chalkboard in a playroom! If you are not wanting to use chalkboard paint, then you will love this Chalkboard Wall Decal!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - chalkboard wall decalIt measures in at 6.5 feet, and you can even cut it to make multiples, or to fit whatever size your lovely heart desires! The chalkboard decal also has an adhesive on the back, and will stick right on your wall.

And, they even include chalk with your purchase! You know, for when you totally forget to buy any. 😉

All playrooms need lots of storage options! I am loving this Black and White Storage Basket.

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - black and white stripe basketI like the neutrality of this basket, and that it is very sturdy. It holds up to 30lbs, so that means I can throw a lot of toys in this baby. Which makes me very happy!

You guys, I am also obsessing over this Farmhouse Style Jute Storage Basket!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - storage basketHow cute is this?!? I love adding some farmhouse elements throughout my home, and this is just perfection!

Continuing with the farmhouse style, I also found this Farmhouse Style Toys Basket.

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - toys basketCan we all just take in the adorableness of this basket together? I am majorly crushing on this one too! I think I may be going a little basket crazy here…but seriously who doesn’t love a basket?

When decorating, I love to add in a rug with some color, and this Modern Abstract Rug is divine!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - modern abstract rugI like to keep my walls and furnishings pretty neutral, but love to add some color in my accessories. This rug is my EVERYTHING! I mean look at all these colors y’all!

Now if you have more of a neutral taste, then check out this Trellis Gray and Ivory Rug.

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - trellis gray and ivory rugI may be more of a color in my rugs kind of girl, but this rug is pretty amazing! I would absolutely put this in my playroom, any time of any day. And, I am LOVING the print!

Y’all teepees are seriously the cutest in a child’s playroom! We love this Black and White Striped Teepee!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - black and white stripe teepeeThe kiddos LOVE having their own little hideaway. It is perfect for a sweet little reading nook, or for secret tea parties with their favorite stuffed animals. 🙂

If your kiddos are anything like mine, then they have a lot of books. I adore this Bookshelf Storage option.

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - bookshelf storageIt’s simple and sweet, and the perfect place to put all of those books. Plus, it is so easy for the kiddos to easily grab a book, and put it back when they are finished.

Of course those precious children will need somewhere to sit! I absolutely love this Beanbag as a seating option. It’s comfy and squishy…what’s not to love?

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - girl sitting on beanbag

When it comes to rooms for the kiddos, staying organized is key! This ClosetMaid Organizer is my holy grail of keeping things organized!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - cubby shelf organizerY’all I have 4 of these things! Yes I may be one of those crazy organizing people, but I just cannot stand clutter…especially on my floors! The ClosetMaid Organizing solutions are my absolute fave, because they are durable, and they look good. AND…

You can get put these adorable Foldable Storage Bins inside the cubbies!

 The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - yellow storage binsPersonally, I am loving these yellow ones in particular, but they have SO many color and pattern options available. I like to get a few sets, and mix the colors up in one of my organization cubes. I know…I’m a wild and crazy woman! 😉

Another absolute must for a playroom is a table and chair set. I am really liking this Kid’s Table and Chairs set, as a cute and practical option.

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - kids table and chairs in playroomThis set is under $60, so you really can’t go wrong. It also has a storage basket underneath the center of the table. So when the kiddos have gotten all cray cray with their toys, just take off the top and swoop those suckers into the basket. Pretty awesome right?!?

My last find is my most hardcore crush of all the items I have shared. Drumroll please…This Eames Style MidCentury Table and Chairs!

The Best Playroom Decor Finds On Amazon - kids table and chair setShut the front door!!! I just cannot get over how amazing this table and chair set is. My midcentury heart is swooning and melting at the same time!

I hope you are loving these finds as much as I am, and are able to add some of these to your play space soon!

Do you have a playroom or play space in your home? What are some of your favorite ways to decorate?

the best playroom decor on Amazon

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  1. I absolutely love the midcentury table and chair set… it’s perfection. And the black and white teepee would be wonderful for a playroom if you have the space! Great finds!

  2. Great roundup! I love the “neutral” decor themes for playrooms! We have very similar dots from Etsy, cubby storage and chalkboard contact paper! I love that I can put the paper over a mirror so we could have the chalkboard but also use it as a mirror someday (yay options). Love it all!!

  3. I love Amazon! I have the storage bins and a very similar tent for my daughter’s playroom. Both are essential to any playroom, in my opinion! It is always important to have ample storage and places to put away toys. My daughter really loves having the tent to play with her animals and have a special place to read. Great picks!

  4. I love your style! I’m finishing my son’s room next week and I just love those stick on dots. They’d make a good distraction for a weird plaster wall.

  5. this is a great round up! I love looking for new fun decor for our playroom. I am eyeing that play tent! thanks for sharing!

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