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How To Make A Burlap Wreath The Easy Way

Learn how to make a burlap wreath the easy way! Spruce up your home with this easy step by step burlap wreath tutorial!

how to make a burlap wreath

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Raise your hand if you love burlap! ??‍♀️

Burlap is amazing! Because 1) It is cute, 2) It is extremely versatile, 3) It is SO easy to work with! Like you can make this burlap ribbon wreath in under 30 minutes easy to work with!

This DIY burlap wreath makes for the perfect base for any wreath project!

You can easily add bows and ornaments for a Christmas wreath, or floral picks and ribbon for different seasons.

Or, you can keep it simple, and ‘as is’ for a minimalist Fall wreath.


how to make a burlap wreath

First, can we talk about front door wreaths for a moment?

Aren’t they cozy and inviting? Don’t they feel like a warm hug when you walk up to someone’s door?

When we moved into our new home, one of the first things I crafted was this burlap ribbon wreath!

I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly easy this wreath was to make. It took less than 30 minutes y’all! I call that a crafting WIN!

So, are you ready to get started on your very own burlap wreath? Let’s do it!

Burlap Wreath Supplies

Before we get started, let’s take a minute to talk about the burlap ribbon.

You can most certainly use wired or regular burlap ribbon for your wreath. I have used both types myself.

If you have not worked with burlap, or burlap ribbon before let me warn you. Burlap sheds! And, I mean SHEDS!

I have found that with the wired burlap ribbon I have no shedding! Which can we collectively cheer for less mess?!?

Also, I may or may not have control issues. And I primp and fluff my burlap ribbon to death!

I like the wired ribbon, because it can hang with my wreath fluffing control issues.

how to make a burlap wreath

Before we get to making the wreath, can we talk about how it’s almost Fall?!?

I am SO excited, because Fall is my jam!

Fall is definitely my favorite season! I feel like it eases us into extra snuggle time on crisp nights, ooey gooey and belly filling meals, bonfires, pumpkin patches, and football!

My husband and mother would be very upset if I didn’t include football! ?

This burlap ribbon wreath is perfect on your front door for Fall!

Are you a Fall lover too?

I know Fall is full of pumpkin everything, but it also takes my mind to ooey gooey caramel dreams! Right?

If you are a caramel lover too, be sure to check out this Caramel Popcorn Balls recipe. It is incredibly easy to make, and is the best treat to devour on a crisp Fall evening!

And, if you are anything like my family, and football viewing is going to be on lockdown this Fall season, go ahead and check out these Irish Pub Nachos too. Oh my gosh y’all it takes the decadence and nurturing amazingness of shepherd’s pie, and puts it on top of french fries. I mean, hello? Serious, deliciousness!

Or, if you are looking for some classic dip action for your tailgating, or football watching at home, this Easy Pico De Gallo Recipe is fabulous! It is light and fresh, and tastes good on everything! But, as you already know tortilla chips and salsa are the best snack EVER!

Okay, now that we are all collectively drooling, and wanting to eat ALL the things, let’s move onto making your burlap ribbon wreath!

How Do You Make A Burlap Wreath?

When I was first trying to figure out how in the world I was going to make this burlap wreath, I found all kinds of tutorials. They involved floral wire, some even had zip ties!

We had just moved into our new home, and I needed crafting catharsis quick…AKA ain’t nobody got time for floral wire. 😉

Enter the pipe cleaner! I know it sound slightly crazy, but I promise you it works incredibly well!

So, stick with me on our burlap wreath with pipe cleaners tutorial! I think you will be sold on the pipe cleaner idea! Plus, they cost less than floral wire! #winning

how to make a burlap wreath

First, you will need to ‘feed’ the pipe cleaner through your burlap ribbon. Since the burlap is cross hatched, this is incredibly easy to do!

how to make a burlap wreath


Next, you will twist the pipe cleaner around the outer ring of your wire wreath frame. This will hold the burlap in place.

how to make a burlap wreath

You will push a loop up through the first section, in between the outer ring and the next ring. It should look something like this. Repeat, this process until you get to the inner loop. You should now have 3 loops.

how to make burlap wreath

Now, you will just keep repeating this process.

You will need to twist the ribbon, to get it to keep making it’s way around the wreath frame. Just keep fluffing, and it will look great!

PRO TIP: Take a break in between sections to step back, and admire your crafting skills! It’s also a good way to see if you need to make your loops bigger or smaller, and perfect your gorgeous burlap wreath!

how to make burlap wreath

Finally, once you have made your way around the wreath, attach the end of the burlap ribbon to the wreath frame with a pipe cleaner. Exactly like you did at the start of the burlap wreath project!

Also, if you run out of ribbon, and need to add more. Just add the pipe cleaner to your new burlap ribbon, and do exactly as you did when starting.

how to make a burlap wreath

Finishing Your Burlap Wreath

You now know how to make your very own burlap wreath the easy way!

And, you have a new tip about using pipe cleaners! Who knew?

Now, step back, and take in the beautiful burlap wreath that you just made!

Look at you, you amazing wreath crafting machine!

Feel free to add to this burlap wreath base, to make it your own. You can easily hot glue some flowers, or add floral picks or ribbon for the different holidays and seasons!

Where will you be displaying your burlap wreath? 


This video by Vermillon Lane was the inspiration behind this burlap wreath. I improvised and changed a few things, but if you like video, Drea does a fantastic job at explaining how to make a burlap wreath!

Link to burlap wreath video tutorial here.
















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