5 Reasons Why I Will Never Look At My Husband The Same

When my husband and I were first married, it was adventure filled bliss! We could travel at the drop of a hat, explore new places and eateries, catch a show whenever we wanted…and then ALL of that changed.

It was like a switch flipped, and there were no more impromptu dates, and there was certainly no last minute secretly planned trips to destinations unknown.

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5 Reasons I Will Never See My Husband The Same

You see, we were becoming a family of 3…and eventually 4! 🙂

We traded in our impromptu dates, for cuddles and snuggles with our sweet babies. Our adventures had now changed to playground and park explorations, and splash pad fun! And most of our movie watching revolves around an animation of some sort.

But, here’s the thing! I wouldn’t trade any of it..EVER!

Okay maybe I have days where I might think about flying off to a fantastical place…just keeping it real…don’t judge! 😉

Seriously though, the love that is shared, and emanates from this family of mine is enough to make my heart melt.

Through the growth of our family I do have to say that I will never ever look at my husband the same.

Here is why…

Our children.

Watching those mighty arms swing the kiddos, and playing never ending games of catch. Waking all hours of the night to hold our babies who have had a bad dream, or needing to walk them back to their beds for the one millionth time. Getting down and dirty on the floor, and literally playing in the dirt.

There is NOTHING better than watching my husband with our children. My heart swells inside knowing the great love that he has for them. And believe me when I say, those mighty arms would literally move mountains for his kiddos.

I love watching this man’s love grow more and more everyday. Because of this…I will never look at him the same.

He has seen ALL of me.

I mean this quite literally!

He has seen my body shift in shape throughout the years. He has seen my hot mess self, and embraced it! He has seen me when I have been super stressed out, and those days that I have absolutely HAD it!

He has seen me sporting my proud mombun for weeks on end, and go days without showers because any free moment I had was trying to squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep.

He has seen my pregnancy waddle, and all that comes with labor. He has seen the after effects of birth, and new stretch marks that have made my body look like a treasure map.

AND he still loves me. This amazing man, never EVER goes a day without telling me that I am beautiful. Because of this…I will never look at him the same.

Checking In

Every single day my husband asks me how I am doing, and listens!

He is not doing this because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do, he genuinely cares about my well being and wants to know how I am feeling.

And in this thing called MomLife, having someone really engage with you and want to know what is on your mind is HUGE! It is a total bonus that it happens to be my husband. 🙂

Because of this…I will never look at him the same.


After having children we made a huge change. I stopped working outside of our home, and became a stay at home mommy.

This was a super scary move for all of us, but the best move ever for our family!

Through it all my husband has never complained, not even ONCE about being our sole provider. He is an incredibly hard worker, and puts in endless hours, all with a smile on his face.

Because of this…I will never look at him the same.

Family First

My husband is very engaged in his career, is a major sports enthusiast, loves his music and all of his toys.

Let me tell you, NONE of these things come before his family. He may not be at every school function, or every single event, but if it is truly important…he is there, EV.ER.Y.TIME!

He will find a way to make it work. He will sacrifice the big game, or a concert he has wanted to see for years, just to make sure that he is always there for his family.

Even if it’s a scorching hot soccer game where our child is too busy looking at the clouds to kick the ball, or a class performance where our child decides to sit down on stage instead of participating the entire time! 😉

Because of this…I will never look at him the same.

Throughout these years of marriage my perspective has changed. It has entirely shifted to the ‘us’ in our family. I love this man so deeply, and am eternally grateful that we get to spend our lives with him.

There is an incredible beauty that I see in my husband when we are in the trenches together doing this family thing. And because of this…I will never look at him the same.

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  1. What a beautiful heartfelt gratitude for the man you love!

    It’s really a blessing to have a life partner who turns out to be great dad and the provider. I can so relate to your feelings here and consider myself blessed too… to have a man who loves and cares for us to the moon and back!

    Thanks for sharing.. loved reading it !

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing this! The title made it seem like a negative post, but it’s so great to see the positive side <3

  3. This is so beautiful! It’s crazy how much we all change in a relationship when you bring new life into the mix. You’re both very lucky to have such a caring and loving partner in each other!

    1. It is super crazy how much we change! And do and say things that we never thought we would as mommies too! I am a very lucky girl indeed. Thanks so much for reading! XO

    1. Oh my goodness congratulations! Such an exciting time for you. I think you will find that your love will grow and flourish beyond your wildest dreams! Thanks so much for reading! XO

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your husband and all that he does. We know that women are the great multi-taskers, but it’s good to recognize the men who help to make us strong too.

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