Over 30 Of The Best Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding the right Halloween costume for your toddler is not easy! Especially, if they change their mind every time the wind blows. Check out this list of over 30 toddler Halloween costume ideas for some inspiration!

toddler halloween costume ideas
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Halloween is such a magical time of year. And, for toddlers it is no exception!

Your little one is now ready to knock on various doors, and proudly exclaim Trick or Treat!

And, don’t forget about showing off their Halloween costume! The little girls love showcasing their outfits, and little boys get wild eyed at the thought of being someone else for the day.

There are a lot of options when it comes to Halloween costumes. But, does the thought of going to the store to pick one out with your toddler in tow make you cringe? Raises hand from back of the room.

I feel you! I AM you!

Not only do toddlers change their mind approximately every 30 seconds when it comes to deciding on what to be for Halloween. When you add in the overwhelm and chaos of the stores…it’s like Whoa! Mama needs some juice. Am I right?

So, be sure to check out this list of over 30 toddler Halloween costume ideas that can be purchased from the comfort of your own home!


toddler halloween costume ideas

Cute Toddler Girl Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween costumes for your little girl, the possibilities are endless!

Does she want to be a princess? A fairy? A Disney character? Or maybe she is championing for a more unique costume!

Well, there is no need to worry because this list narrows the options down by category.

Here, you will find Disney halloween costumes, princess costumes, her favorite TV characters, and some unique Halloween costume options as well!

Be sure to let me know your favorites!

  • Disney Halloween Costume Ideas 

Disney characters and princesses are hands down one of our toddler girls favorites! Can we blame them?

Disney has this incredible way of making everything magical! And, each movie character is unique in her own way! Just like our awesome daughters!

And, if said Disney character becomes a princess! Whoa mama! All hands on deck, because our girls are about to lose their minds!

Whether she is a fierce and mighty Moana fan, likes to kick it classic style with Minnie, or can’t get enough of the Ariel mermaid action! There is a costume that is perfect for her on this list!

toddler halloween costume ideasLet it forever be known that the movie Frozen stole our daughter’s hearts! And, they won’t let it go! 😉

Really, the force behind Frozen is almost inexplicable. Side note: Have you been to Walt Disney World to ride the Frozen ride? First off, it is amazing and totally worth riding. Second, thank the heavens we had fast passes! My gosh y’all. People will wait forever to ride that thing. I mean, like two hour wait!

With that said, obviously Frozen is a force to be reckoned with. Kind of like our daughters. 😉 And, Anna represents all that is strong and mighty and positive.

So, if your daughter is all about some Anna, then she will love this Anna costume! Costume comes in sizes 2-3 years and 3-4 years.

toddler halloween costume ideas

Can we talk about how cool and magical mermaids are? I mean, they can flit around under the sea, and sunbathe on a rock with the rest of us. And, let’s not get started on how cool those fins are!

Yeah, yeah they aren’t real. But, whatever. I completely get the obsession and mystique behind mermaids.

And, my daughter Willow is completely obsessed too! Which I do not mind for one second!

We watch The Little Mermaid a lot around these parts. And, she became so mesmerized that we even threw her a mermaid birthday party!

Is your daughter obsessed with all things mermaid? Be sure to check out this super easy Mermaid lemonade recipe, and this Mermaid bark recipe!

If your little girl daydreams of being a mermaid too. Which, I mean duh…who doesn’t? Then get her this Mermaid costume. Comes in sizes 3T-4T.

Here are some more Disney Toddler Costume Ideas:

Need costumes for all the kids in your family?

Our little girls love them some TV characters! And, with so many great cartoons to choose from it is no wonder! Especially when it comes to Paw Patrol and PJ Masks!

toddler halloween costume ideas

Listen, I cannot explain what it is about Paw Patrol. But, these kids cannot get enough of it! Please know that you are not alone when you find yourself singing or humming the theme song to yourself. Seriously, what is up with those catchy tunes? Is it some kind of mystical theme song wizardry?

And, little girls everywhere absolutely love the character Skye. Maybe it is because she can fly, or is a puppy, or who knows why? Basically, the answer is that our daughters simply adore her!

If you have a Paw Patrol fan in your house, then you definitely need to get this precious Paw Patrol Skye costume. Comes in sizes Toddler(1-2 years) and Small(3-4 years).

toddler halloween costume ideas

I gotta say, I personally think PJ Masks is pretty cool. And, gosh knows our children would agree!

“Night time, is the right time, to fight crime!” Gracious, here we go again with those catchy tunes! Can someone please do a study on this? Is it the actual tune, or lyrics, or what? Because these theme song creators are evil geniuses!

Anyway, if your daughter loves watching PJ Masks, then she is probably a huge Owlette fan too! Which is awesome, because that Owlette is smart! She outwits those boys on more than one occasion! 😉

So, if she celebrates all that is Owlette. Then, let her show off her super powers in this PJ Masks Owlette costume. Comes in sizes Small 2T and Medium 3-4T.


  • Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Your sweet and precious toddler may want something completely unique for her Halloween costume! That is wonderful!

You already know that she is pretty special and amazing! So, why not think outside of the box, and dress her up in one of these unique costumes!toddler halloween costume ideasOkay, I feel like we need to take a moment to discuss the unicorn craze! First off, yes I love mermaids, but how ridiculously cool are unicorns too? They have horns, can fly, and I am pretty sure they are sprinkling glitter all over the place!

And, our daughters cannot get enough of these fantastical creatures! Who can blame them? They are beautiful and unique! Just like your amazing daughter!

Showcase her love of all things unicorn in this stunning Unicorn Princess costume! The tulle skirt comes in various colors, and the costume size is 2-4 years.

Not gonna lie, I kind of wish they made this in adult sizes too. I would totally go all twinsies with my daughter for Halloween in this costume!

toddler halloween costume ideas

Does your daughter love it when everyone ooohs and ahhhs over her total preciousness? Ummmm yeah she does! And, why shouldn’t she?

She doesn’t mind the spotlight, and frankly it is where she belongs! Whether it is dancing, or singing, or telling a story. All eyes must be on her! (Can anyone tell that my daughter is this exact personality?)

Then, you should definitely get her this Donut costume! I mean, can you get any cuter than this? Comes in size Toddler (12-24 months).toddler halloween costume ideasDoes your daughter like to stand out from the crowd, and also love to make people laugh? She’s funny and charming, and cannot wait to tell you what happened today. With all the hands moving while doing so!

And, she is fantabulous at it too! Like you legit cannot wait to hear her stories, and are constantly laughing with her. Isn’t it so fun? Watching those awesome personalities flourish?

Then, this Gumball machine costume is perfect for her! She will definitely standout in this one of a kind costume! Comes in sizes 2T and 4T.toddler halloween costume ideasAttention all moms: You know that you have heard the Baby Shark song more than you care to admit! Like ALL the time! At home, in the car, singing it to yourself while doing laundry.

I figure what better way to embrace the Baby Shark craze than to just go all in!

So, if you are of the same mindset as me. And, figure what the heck. Let’s do this thing! Then, you need to get this Shark costume. Comes in sizes 1-2T. Hey, if you can’t beat em join em!


  • Other Halloween Costume Ideas

You may be thinking about going for a more timeless and traditional Halloween costume for your toddler girl this year. And, I completely get it! There is something to be said for a tried and true costume, and you cannot go wrong with any of these selections!

Toddler Boy Halloween Costume Ideas

Our toddler boys have stolen our hearts, and we are not ashamed! There is something so special about the bond between a mother and her son.

And, now being of toddler age, our boys are super excited about Halloween! They get to dress up and pretend to be anyone they want! And, candy!

From superheroes to video game characters, and everything in between! You are sure to find a costume that your son will love!

  • Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas

Our little guys love them some superheroes! From running around to leaping off the couch. Our little dare devils are convinced they can fly, and will do anything to keep us safe from evil doers!

Be sure to check out all of the superhero costume offerings for your son this Halloween!toddler halloween costume ideasSuperman is probably one of the first superheroes your son was introduced to. And, he was immediately hooked! This guy can fly, stop trains with his strength, and is definitely an all around good guy!

Plus, he has a cape! And again, he can fly! It is hard to explain, but do you remember the first moment your son ran around the house with his makeshift cape claiming that he was Superman? Ahhh! Okay, I may be tearing up a little. It is just so darn precious!

If your son loves him some Superman, then he definitely need this Superman costumeComes in size Toddler.toddler halloween costume ideas

Another, rite of passage for little boys, is to say ‘I’m Batman’ in the deepest scratchiest voice they can possibly muster. Am I right? Which I mean, we totally get. He is dark, and mysterious, and drives the Batmobile! I mean, I wanna ride in that thing!

And, he might have a fully Batman decorated room with ALL the toys! Gosh, so many toys! And sheets, and blankets, and rugs and curtain. Okay, I am rambling now. Get it together lady!

So, if your little guy wants in on the Batman action, then get him this Muscle Batman costume. Comes in size Toddler.

toddler halloween costume ideas

Or, does your son prefer to be the incredibly cool sidekick? Listen, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have your friend’s back and keep everything under control! I dig your son’s style!

It shows that he is loyal, kind, and definitely someone who will be a great friend! Good on you mama!

If this sounds like your son’s personality, then get him this Robin costume. Comes in size Toddler (2-4T).


  • TV Character Halloween Costume Ideas

There is nothing wrong with loving some cartoons! And, gosh do our sons love them!

If he is a fan of Paw Patrol or PJ Masks, then he is going to love these costume ideas!

toddler halloween costume ideasPaw Patrol is one of those TV shows that just sucks our kids in, and doesn’t let go! No, but seriously it is a really great show about team work and helping others. That is something us mamas can get behind!

If your son loves the show, and likes to be a part of a team. Or, he is just puppy dog obsessed. Then, you can’t go wrong with picking a Paw Patrol character Halloween costume.

If he digs how Chase is always on the case, then get him this Chase costume. Comes in size 2-3T. Or, if he prefers his Paw Patrol character to be of the fire fighter variety. Then, check out this adorable Marshall costume. Comes in size Toddler (1-2 years) and Small (3-4 years).

toddler halloween costume ideasWhen it comes to cartoons, PJ Masks is another fan favorite! Who wouldn’t dream of being a nighttime crime fighter? And, they are super smart, and have some pretty unique superpowers too!

The trio always works together to stop the silliness, and restore sanity back to their town. And, frankly our kids cannot get enough of the show!

So, if your son has cat like reflexes, and celebrates all that is Catboy. Get him this PJ Masks Catboy costume. Comes in sizes Small(2T) and Medium(3-4T).

Or, if he prefers his PJ Masks character to have powers of the lizard variety. Then, check out this  Gecko costume. Comes in sizes Small(2T) and Medium(3-4T).


  • Other Halloween Costume Ideas

Your son may want to go a bit more classic or traditional with his Halloween costume this year. And, that is awesome!

It shows that he has a timeless personality that knows how to go with the flow. Which is an amazing quality!

So, if wants to showcase his costume as a pirate or police officer. Or wants to show off his animal side. This list is sure to have a Halloween costume that he will love!


Wrapping Up

You now have a ton of costume ideas for your toddler boy or girl. And, you didn’t have to brave the stores! Yay you!

And, how much fun are you going to have getting out there and trick our treating it up with your little one? I am telling you, one of the most precious things ever is hearing them shout Trick or Treat!


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