30+ Best Boys Halloween Costume Ideas

You can be the coolest mom in the world, and finding the right Halloween costume for your son can still be tough! Be sure to check out this list of over 30 boys Halloween costume ideas for inspiration!

boys halloween costume ideas

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Let’s face it, your son doesn’t want just any Halloween costume this year. He wants a ‘cool’ Halloween costume!

That could mean superhero. Or Star Wars. Or something completely different!

What is a mom left to do?

Well, you can always go brave the crazy stores, scour the aisles, and hope to make it out in one piece. And, without a dented mask.

Or, you could grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and check out all of these boys halloween costume ideas. Cool Halloween costumes included! ūüėČ

This list has everything from superhero costumes, to video game characters, and of course Star Wars Halloween costumes too!

And, all of them can be purchased from the comfort of your own home! All the praise hands!

Keep reading to find the perfect costume for your son this year!

Best Halloween Costumes For Boys

  • Boys Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Will all the Star Wars fans please stand up!

These Star Wars costumes have got your bases covered. Whether he is a fan of the Rebels, or more of a Dark Side lover. You will find the perfect costume for your son!boys halloween costume ideasDoes your son day dream of using the force for good? Imagining what it would be like to be Luke Skywalker for a day?

Is he obsessed with flying an X-wing Starfighter one day? (Yes, we all know there is no such thing. But, some of us…me…may have sons that are absolutely convinced that they will in fact fly the X-wing Starfighter one day!)

Do you find him running around, on more days than not, with a makeshift lightsaber in hand?

Then, your son will love this classic Luke Skywalker costume! Comes in sizes S and L.

And, Luke would not be Luke Skywalker without his Lightsaber!

Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas: If you have a baby in the family why not dress them up in this baby Yoda costume to keep with the Star Wars theme!

boys halloween costume ideas

Or, is your son more of a team player?

He absolutely loves Team Rebel, and has no problem representing! But, he would rather be spending his time fighting off the bad guys.

I mean, don’t get it twisted. He knows his moment to shine will come. He just doesn’t ‘need’ to be all up in your face about it. Know what I am saying?

Then, you should check out this¬†Jedi Knight costume. Perfect for the guy who stands in as the backup muscle. Because let’s face it. True heroes wouldn’t be anywhere without their backup!¬†Costume comes in sizes S-L.

No Jedi Knight costume would be complete without their trusty Lightsaber!

Do you need Halloween costumes for all the kids in your family?

boys halloween costume ideasAs a child of the 80’s, I gotta say that I am more of an old school Star Wars fan.

Let me be clear. I am in no way knocking the newer Star Wars movies. Instead, I think it is probably more of a nostalgia type thing.

With that said, I have a confession to make! I may or may not have had a slight crush on Darth Vader as a little girl. (Let’s not dive deep into the inner workings of my childhood mind mmmkay?)

So, if your son is a fan of the Dark Side too. Then, please know there is zero judgement from this side of the room! ūüėČ

If he likes to snuggle up, and kick it classic Star Wars villain style, then he will love this Darth Vader costume! Costume comes in sizes XS-XL.

And, you cannot forget Darth’s classic red Lightsaber to complete the look!

boys halloween costume ideas

Although some of us may be more old school Star Wars fans, that doesn’t meant that we do not appreciate the epic coolness of The Force Awakens!

And, if your son is anything like mine, then he is ALL about the Force Awakens! Like legit cannot get enough of the new Star Wars movies, and they are constantly playing in the background.

The Dark Side takes it to another level in the Force Awakens. Which may have your son sent into a whirlwind of fandom with the super villain Kylo Ren! I mean, he is a pretty epic villain.

So, if your son cannot get enough of Kylo Ren, and his darkness. Be sure to get him this Kylo Ren costume! Comes in sizes Small and Large.

Oh, and because he is such a bad mamma jamma. Kylo Ren has his very own Lightsaber too!


boys halloween costume ideas

Does you son run around the house screaming Pew Pew Pew at the top of his lungs? Does he use a pretend blaster to subdue anyone that stands in his way?

I feel you!

I mean, your husband may even get in on the Stormtrooper blaster action too. Not that my household would know anything about that though. ūüėČ

If he prefers to be part of the Dark Side team, then check out this Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper costume. Comes in sizes S-L.¬†And of course, don’t forget the Blaster!


  • Boys Superhero Halloween Costume Ideas

There is something about superheroes that sets boy’s hearts on fire! From the ability to fly, to shooting spiderwebs at will, to panther like reflexes. Super powers are pretty cool!

So, if your son is a fan of superheroes. These costume ideas are sure to excite him!

boys halloween costume ideasWhat is it about Bruce Wayne’s alter ego that is just magical?

Maybe it’s the darkness in the crime fighter. Or, maybe it’s just the fact that he can fly around like a bat! You have to admit, that is pretty cool!

So, if your son is a fan of all things Batman, and daydreams of driving the Batmobile. Let’s face it, we can’t blame him. Who wouldn’t want in on the Batmobile action?

Then, grab him this traditional Batman costume. Comes in sizes S-L.boys halloween costume ideasWhen your son pretends to be Batman, he may prefer his alter ego to be a tad bit more beefed up. It takes some serious strength to fight off all those evil doers!

I think we call all agree that acquiring muscles that you didn’t have to actually work for is some pretty amazing stuff too!

Do you think they have an everyday busy mom costume that alludes to a perfectly flat tummy? I digress!

If your little guy wants to be Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, but the pumped up version.¬†Then, check out¬†this¬†Muscle Batman costume. Comes in sizes S-L.boys halloween costume ideasAhhh the classic and timeless superhero of choice is definitely Superman!

There is something so special about watching your son run around in his underpants with a raggedy blanket haphazardly tied around his neck. Pretending to fly, and save the day! Honestly, I think it is a right of passage for most little boys!

Who can blame them! Superman is incredibly strong, can fly, and is basically the quintessential good guy!

So, if your child celebrates all things Superman related. Get him this classic Superman costume. Comes in sizes S-L.boys halloween costume ideasAlright Marvel fans! Our hearts are exploding over Black Panther, and Wakanda!

First of all, if you have not watched Black Panther yet you need to get on it! It’s on Netflix so you better watch it tonight! ūüėČ

If your son loves Black Panther then get him this¬†Black Panther costume!¬†Comes in sizes S-L.¬†And, while you are there don’t forget to grab these¬†Black Panther gloves.boys halloween costume ideasYou know the drill. Your son is constantly moving! Seriously, like they only stop running around like crazy people when they are asleep! I strongly believe that they dream about running too.

When, you think of lightning speed, then The Flash definitely comes to mind!

So, in order to honor the guy that is always on the move! Get him this Flash costume. Costume comes in sizes S-L.

And, if he would rather go for the muscle look with his Halloween costume. Then check out this Muscle Flash costume. Comes in sizes S-XL.boys halloween costume ideasIs there anything cooler than shooting spider webs from your wrists? You can trap the bad guys, save the good ones, and stop entire magical worlds from being destroyed!

With all that coolness, who wouldn’t dream of being Spiderman? And, in my humble opinion. Spiderman is by far one of the funniest Marvel superheroes!

So, if your son’s spidey senses are out of this world, then check out this¬†Spider Man costume, and complete the look with these Spider Man gloves. Comes in sizes S-XL.boys halloween costume ideasWatch out Disney fans! There is a new craze in town, and it is all about the¬†Incredibles 2! Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back again!

If your son is a little bit younger, and not quite ready for all the Marvel and DC superhero action. Then, the Incredibles are perfection!

The characters are funny, and it is such an interesting spin to watch them navigate ‘normal’ life as superheroes!

So, if your son is a fan, then grab this Incredibles costume! Comes in sizes 4-6x.

Sibling Halloween Costume Idea: If you have a baby in the family be sure to check out this Baby Jack Incredibles costume!

boys halloween costume ideas

Does your son prefer for his superheroes to have more a faster, stronger, better feel? And, he also cannot get enough of thinking about riding around in his own Zord.

Then, you cannot forget this Power Rangers costume. This costume also comes in Red, Black, and Blue. So, he can be any Power Ranger his heart desires! Costume available in sizes S-L.


  • Boys Video Game Halloween Costume Ideas

Ahhhh, boys and their video games. Do we really need to discuss this much? Insert eyeroll.

I mean, I totally get that video games are fun, and all that great stuff. But, gracious the obsession is, let’s say intense.

With that said, we can all still honor our precious gamers in the best way possible! By dressing them up in their favorite characters costume!

boys halloween costume ideasMinecraft is a complete fan favorite! Kids are obsessed, and moms love that there is basically no violence what so ever!

If you or your child are Minecraft fans, then you definitely know Steve! Do you even Minecraft if you don’t know Steve?

I honestly am gushing over the fact that there even is a Steve costume in existence! I think it is about the coolest and unique Halloween costume idea ever! Don’t you agree?

Head on over to grab this Minecraft character Steve costume. Comes in sizes S-L.¬†Since you are down with all the Minecraft info, then you know Steve can’t do his thing without his¬†sword and pickaxe.

boys halloween costume ideasLike I said, I am a child of the 80s. So, when I think of video games my mind immediately jumps to Super Mario Bros!

True story: My husband and Jasper have been known to get down to some Super Mario Bros action. Yes, we do represent old school gamers and play Nintendo. Because that’s how we do!

So, if your son wants to dress up as the quintessential classic video game character, then you for sure need to check out this Super Mario Bros Mario costume, and this Luigi costume. Comes in sizes S-L.boys halloween costume ideas

While we are on the subject of video game classics. We would be amiss in not mentioning the other classic and fan favorite, the Legend of Zelda! If your son prefers to ditch the kitschy overalls, and prefers a pointy hat, then get this¬†Link costume. Costume comes in sizes S-XL.¬†Be sure to grab him Link’s sword and¬†shield¬†too!


  • Other Boys Halloween Costume Ideas

boys halloween costume ideas

Is your son the life of the party, or the class clown? Does he love pulling pranks on those he loves most?

Then, you have got to check out this Whoopie Cushion costume? Comes in sizes Youth S-XL.

This is such a unique Halloween costume idea! And, you know people will not be able to help but smile when they see him walking their way!

boys halloween costume ideas

We cannot forget the scary costume either! But, sometimes our kiddos want to go scary, but not full on whackadoo scary! And, frankly I get it! There are some wickedly scary, and gory Halloween costume options out there. And, all the truth being spoken. My kid ain’t ready for that!

So, if your son wants to go a bit scarier this year. But, needs his scary look to be on the tamer side of things. Then check out this Phantom costume! Comes in sizes Medium and Large. Kick it up a notch with this Grim Reaper Scythe.

boys halloween costume ideasOkay, we all know that Pokemon is one of those shows that you kind of ‘have’ to know. Remember the Pokemon Go craze? Y’all the streets in our neighborhood were full of kids wandering aimlessly, and running with fierce determination to find the next Pokemon.

I mean, if we could channel that passion into homework that would be great! But, whatev! We all must pick our battles.

If your son loves Pokemon, and can’t get enough of the precious yellow Pikachu. Then get him this¬†Pokemon Pikachu costume. Costume comes in sizes XS-XL.

boys halloween costume ideas

Are you ready for this fun fact? Harry Potter was released in 2001! Is your mind blown? Because, I am sitting over here like ummmm no that cannot be!

Harry Potter is huge, and so incredibly good that we cannot even believe that it has been around for almost 17 years. Gulp!

If your son is a fan, which he probably is! ūüėČ Let him keep the rest of us muggles safe in this¬†Harry Potter costume. Comes in sizes S-L.¬†And, you cannot forget Harry’s¬†striped tie and glasses¬†to complete the look!

Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas: If your son has a sister that wants in on the Hogwarts action check out this Hermione Granger costume!

boys halloween costume ideasDo you remember The Ghostbusters? Of course you do! But really, they were so cool! They were smart, funny, and paranormal crime fighters!

If your son dreams of fending off ghosts, and other paranormal bad guys. And, he isn’t afraid to get a little slime all over him. Which, let’s face it, not many boys are gonna be upset about slime anything!

Then, you should definitely get this Ghostbuster costume. Comes in sizes S-L. And, if you wanna get into the full on character feel of things, get this Proton Pack Projector too!boys halloween costume ideas

Does your son want to go a bit more traditional and classic with his Halloween costume this year? Great! Lucky for you, there are a ton of classic Halloween costume ideas for boys too!

If he wants everyone to know that he runs this place. But, always shows favor to his loyal subjects! Then, get this King Robe and Crown set. Fits ages 3-6.

Some other great costume ideas for the more traditional and classic Halloween types are:

boys halloween costume ideasFinally, I think we need to discuss the absolute unique coolness of this Jack Skellington costume from the Nightmare Before Christmas is perfect! Comes in sizes S-L.

This Halloween costume is perfect for your son if he likes to think outside of the box! And, it just so happens to be one of the best movies ever too! Ummm a movie that somehow magically combines my two favorite holidays. Yes please!

Sibling Halloween Costume Idea: If his sister wants in on the Nightmare Before Christmas action check out this Sally costume!

Wrapping Up

Now, you have a ton of Halloween costume ideas for your son! And, you didn’t even have to leave the house!


boys halloween costume ideas

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