First Day Of School Super Easy Teacher Gift – FREE Printable

Want a super easy first day of school teacher gift? Show your child’s teacher some appreciation with this adorable first day of school teacher gift with FREE printable tag!

first day of school teacher gift

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Back to school season is quickly approaching! Can we all collectively give a shout out to the amazingness that is our child’s teachers?

The first day of school is incredibly exciting for our kids, for us, and for teachers too!

We have had some seriously amazing teachers grace our lives. With that, I wanted to be sure to make a special gift for teachers on the first day of school.

Now, I am not a teacher, BUT I am a mom! Annndddd, I survive on caffeine and the occasional chocolate! 😉

So, I thought what better way to kick off the new school year for these incredible teachers than to give them both!


first day of school teacher gift

I gotta keep it real, and tell you that I am not ready for back to school season.

I mean I am “ready” in the sense that I am organized since I know these Easy Back To School Tips, but I am not mentally ready.

Our Summer was a one way ticket to crazy town!

“Let’s have a lazy Summer” she said. “Let’s take it easy this Summer, and have no plans” she said. (Insert eye roll.)

It was non stop travel, guests, camps, and felt like every hour was scheduled to do something. Never again! Do you hear me? Please keep me accountable on this, because I will forget once May hits!


Be sure to grab your copy of the First Day Of School Teacher Gift tags at the bottom of this post.

All this is to say that I am on the struggle bus with not being ready to say goodbye to my kiddos all day.

To work through my sadness, I did what any sane person would do and ate chocolate. 😉

That’s when it hit me: Chocolate solves all of life’s problems. Kidding, caffeine AND chocolate solve all of life’s problems!

Disclaimer: Of course caffeine and chocolate do not solve all of life’s problems. However, they do help! 

Thus the Caffeine and Chocolate first day of school teacher gift tags were born. And now, you can make one too! Because, I am ALL about sharing!


first day of school teacher gift


If easy is your jam, then you are going to LOVE this first day of school teacher gift!

Seriously…like night before school starts, throw it together, and BOOM…you are a rockstar!

Because, that is what WE are all about.

So, are you ready to make MomLife easy? (And the crowd let out a resounding YESSSS!)


Supplies For First Day Of School Teacher Gift

  • Mason Jars
  • Chocolates – I used Ferrero Rocher
  • Starbucks or Coffee Shop Gift Card
  • Twine – I LOVE this Jute Twine!
  • First Day Of School Teacher Gift Tags

Let’s talk about the chocolate.

I used Ferrero Rocher because it’s one of my favorites.

Yes, this is a gift for your children’s amazing teachers, but hey…self care!

My advice is to get whatever chocolate is your favorite, and hide a couple. Because, mama’s gotta take care of herself too. 😉


first day of school teacher gift


Assemble Your First Day Of School Teacher Gift

Place the chocolates, and gift card in your jars. Print out your first day of school FREE Printable tags.

You can leave the lid as is, or use some scrap fabric or pretty paper to cover the top.

I had some happy little yellow fabric scraps laying around, so I added those to mine. (Yes, I totally made it all Bob Ross like up in here! I am more than okay with it.)

Cut out the gift tags, and punch a hole in the center.

Now, take your twine and run it through the tag, and tie it off on the jar.


first day of school teacher gift


BOOM! Look what you made!

It is seriously the cutest, and is the easiest first day of school teacher gift EVER!

Have a great school year everyone! And, just remember…if the first week back to school is a bit crazy, you have extra chocolate hidden somewhere just for YOU!

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the First Day Of School Teacher Gift tags here.






first day of school teacher gift

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