How To Survive A Road Trip With Kids

Going on a road trip with kids is not for the faint of heart! Fight off backseat boredom with these tips on How To Survive A Road Trip With Kids.

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Road trips are a great option for many families who want to take a family vacation. Many families prefer to take a road trip with kids instead of flying.

Flying can be incredibly expensive, and you may prefer a road trip to be able to take in some scenery as well.

However, there are several stressors that can come into play when heading out on long car trips with kids.

But, you will be a road trip rockstar with these tips for long road trips with kids!

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How To Survive A Road Trip With Kids

First things first, snacks. And I mean ALL the SNACKS!

And, don’t forget variety!

Because you already know that while your precious darling ate 72 bananas on Wednesday because they are her favorite. Today is a different day, and they may hate bananas because they are disgusting.

You can definitely make some pitstops along the way on your road trip with kids, but man cannot survive on fast food alone.

The kids will get cranky, and gosh knows you don’t have time for an upset tummy!

You can whip up some premade snacks quickly. Throw them in a cooler if needed, and you will be all set for the best road trip with kids.


how to survive a road trip with kids


Snack Ideas On A Road Trip With Kids

You will love these quick and easy snack idea tips for your long road trip with kids.

Pro tip: Fresh fruit – Place individual grapes, slice apples, and peel oranges and place in Ziploc snack bags so that snacks are remade and ready to go for the kids!

If you or your kids have gluten allergies, or sensitivities be sure to check out this list of Best Gluten Free Snacks For Kids.

Game Ideas For A Long Road Trip With Kids

Next, you need to keep those kiddos entertained! You can only hear “Are we there yet?”, and “Mom, I’m bored!” so many times. Am I right?

I have got you covered!

I created a super fun Road Trip Bingo game for all of my readers!

How To Survive A Road Trip With Kids - FREE Road Trip Bingo Game

Get your hands on the FREE Road Trip Bingo at the bottom of this post.

Just print it out, and be sure to have washable crayons or markers for the kids to mark off all the fun things they will spot on your road trip.

And, don’t forget prizes! Nothing fancy here…think Dollar Store, or the dollar bin at Target.

Here is a list of some of my favorite easy prizes to give out for winning Road Trip Bingo.

Pump The Brakes

When out on a long road trip with kids, everyone is going to need a break!

It may slow down your trip just a bit, but trust me it is SO worth it. Your sanity level with thank you! 😉

Take some time every few hours, to stop the car, and let everyone stretch their legs.

Here are some pit stop ideas:

  • Pack a picnic, and head to a park
  • Check for any local playgrounds
  • Local farms may welcome visitors
  • Indoor playgrounds at fast food spots

Pro Tip: Since you know you will be making some pit stops, scout out some great spots before you head out. If you make it part of your plan, you will be less overwhelmed on your road trip with kids.

Do you have a child that is working on potty training? Bring that potty with you!

It’s great to have on hand for when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, OR cannot find a decent restroom to use!

Pro Tip: Always bring wipes, but also bring toilet paper and paper towels.

Because, do we really need to discuss the toilet paper in public restrooms? I mean why, just why? It’s like sandpaper!

Annnnnddddd how many restrooms do you go into that have ZERO paper towels? This, drives me insane!

You can put all your potty needs in the back of the car in a tote or basket, and you are ready to roll!

Entertainment For A Road Trip With Kids

You have now been on your long road trip with kids for several hours, and you may or may not be on the verge of losing it. When all else fails…plug them in!

Keeping it real, I hold off on the electronics for entertainment for as long as humanly possible.

I find that if you start with electronics, and the battery runs out, or heaven forbid you lose Wifi…well we all know what is about to hit the fan!

But, trust me, I do inevitably turn to electronics anytime we are on a long road trip with the kids. So, I feel you!

Here are a few tips on electronics road trip ideas with kids.

  • Make sure you have the chargers!
  • Preloaded movies on iPad or Tablet
  • Bring portable DVD/BluRay players
  • DVDs and BluRay discs
  • Headphones
  • Pre loaded playlist of kids favorite songs that won’t drive you insane. I’m looking at you Baby Shark!
  • Favorite podcasts
  • Audio books

You Are A Road Trip With Kids BOSS

You have got the snacks ready! Plenty of copies of Road Trip Bingo! Breaks and pit stops all planned out. And ALL devices are charged and ready to go.


Remember, this road trip with kids can be totally fun. I promise! 😉

Take a deep breath, relax, and slay that road trip with kids like a BOSS!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Printable Road Trip Bingo HERE.



how to survive a road trip with kids free road trip bingo



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  1. The bingo game looks like a lot of fun. It would work great with our erasable gel pens! I agree that screen time is unavoidable, and for me For me it’s a reprieve from the unrelenting play by play commentary on life!. My daughter downloads her favorite movies and tv episodes on Netflix to watch on the road.

    1. Okay I laughed out loud at the “play by play”! My daughter is the same! Haha! And I love the idea for the erasable gel pens with the road trip bingo! Such a good idea! XO Amanda

    1. Thank you so much! It really does help with entertainment for kids on a road trip! I hope your kids enjoy the road trip bingo game as much as mine do! And I hope everyone has fun at Cousin Camp! XO Amanda

  2. These are all such great tips! Snacks and stops are big for us – as well as traveling during nap times if we can. Ours are too young for a lot of games, but we try to sing silly songs or let them listen to songs they like while they’re awake, which always makes them happier!

    1. Snacks and stops are seriously a must for us on road trips with kids! I love the tip about nap times too! And silly songs are always fun on a road trip too! XO Amanda

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