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35 Incredibly Easy Halloween Treats You Need To Make

Kids and adults will love these easy Halloween treats! These treats are perfect for a Halloween party dessert, or as a

tasty snack for the whole family.

easy Halloween treats

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Halloween is such a fun time of year. The kids are excited to get dressed in their costumes, and proudly exclaim trick or treat!

And, the Halloween parties are in full swing too!

Whether you need a Halloween treat for school parties, or a Halloween party at your home. This list of 35 incredibly easy Halloween treats has got you covered!

Easy Halloween Treats Ideas

When it comes to Halloween treat ideas, you require one thing. EASY! And, bonus points for quick too!

Because you are a busy mom, with non stop moving parts and chaotic schedules. Let’s say that time can get away from you fairly quickly.

Of course you know that Halloween is on October 31st. However, the trouble lies in the fact that you aren’t even sure what day of the week it is today. Let alone the date. Am I right?

Girl, I feel you!

For instance, I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to do all the things, because I seriously thought that today was Friday. However, today is in fact Wednesday! Face palm! 

Are you on the hunt for Halloween costumes for your family? Be sure to check out this Ultimate List Of Kids Halloween Costume Ideas!

And, we all know that the Halloween parties are coming. School parties, neighborhood parties, or maybe you are throwing a Halloween party at your home!

But, keeping it all the way real. You may or may not be making snacks and treats until last minute. Raises hand from the back of the room! 😉

That is why this list of easy Halloween treats is amazing!

I have scoured the great interwebs just for you! This list even includes treats that you can make in mere minutes! Yes, MINUTES!

So, whether you are a last minute mama, or ahead of the game. You are going to love these incredibly easy Halloween treats!

  • Easy Halloween Desserts

When it comes to desserts there are countless options. Maybe you like bars, or brownies are more your style. Or, are you a cupcake kind of gal? If you are like me, then if it has Oreos in it then you are sold! Because Oreos are amazing!

So, whatever dessert style you prefer, this list of easy Halloween treats has got you covered!


easy Halloween treats caramel popcorn balls

Everyone will love these Caramel Popcorn Balls! A traditional and easy Halloween treat that is perfect to feed a crowd at a Halloween party!

And, with only 3 ingredients, these popcorn balls whip up in no time! Which is a winner every single time!


easy Halloween treats

And, you cannot get an easier than with these Halloween Twinkie Mummies by Cincy Shopper. And, I am a total sucker for those googly eyes!

I love this idea because it is incredibly cute, and easy to make. All you need are some Twinkies, melting white chocolate, and edible eyes. Seriously, in just a few minutes you have the perfect Halloween treat!

easy Halloween treats

Who doesn’t love pretzels? And when you add chocolate on top. Child, please. The salty sweet goodness is just amazing!

That is why I cannot get enough oft hese Halloween Pretzels by The Monday Box. And, she has a ton of decorating options to pick from too! I gotta say the owls and pumpkin are calling my name!

Kids and adults will be gobbling up these cute pretzels!


easy Halloween treats

Okay, how cool are these Bloody Cupcakes by Living Sweet Moments? They are perfect for a Halloween party treat!

If you are a cupcake baker, and want to go full on Halloween spirit. Then, these are definitely the cupcakes for you. And how cool are those syringes? They just scream Halloween! See what I did there! 😉


easy Halloween treats

While we are on a baking kick. How precious are these Halloween Spider Cupcakes by Living Sweet Moments?

And they have chocolate frosting! Need I say more! All the kids will go crazy for this creepy crawly Halloween dessert! I mean, if they can pry them out of my hands first. Just saying. Mama needs her chocolate!


easy Halloween treats

How cute are these adorable Pretzel Pumpkins by Freebie Finding Mom? And, they are so easy to make it is almost scary!

These would be perfect for a preschool or elementary school Halloween party. Who doesn’t love a great pretzel snack?


easy Halloween treats

And, I am going to need everyone to take a moment and check out these super cute Monster Cupcakes by Freebie Finding Mom!

The colors, and googly eyes are just too cool! And, even though they look super intricate anyone can make them! the thing about cupcake decorating is that you can make something look super professional with very little work. All the praise hands!

easy Halloween treats

Let it forever be known that I am a total sucker for a cake pop. One, they are too cute. Two, it is a bite sized amazingly delicious dessert. What is there not to love?

And, these adorable Spider Cake Pops by Home Life Abroad are no exception. Did you even know that a spider could be so cute? I certainly did not. And, I mean these cake pops are seriously easy to make too!

easy Halloween treats

You will never EVER go wrong with the tried and true Rice Krispy Treat! Kids love them. Adults love them. There is something magical about pairing rice krispies with that ooey gooey marshmallow goodness. Okay, I am now drooling.

So, if you are a Krispy treat fan like me. As you should be! Then check out these easy and delicious Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats by Saving Dollars and Sense.

easy Halloween treats

If you are felling like making an extra spooky, but incredibly easy Halloween treat. Look no further than this Skull and Bones Halloween Party Food by My Heavenly Recipes.

I love how cool the skulls and bones look. And, there are sprinkles. Which, let’s face it. Kids go crazy for, and everyone loves. Because in a world where there can be sprinkles there absolutely should be sprinkles!

easy Halloween treats

Okay, let’s talk about these Sweet and Salty Halloween Goody Bars by Baking Beauty. These Halloween dessert bars use ingredients that are reserved for the sweetest of dreams.

Do you love peanut butter and peanuts? It’s in there! Love a perfectly buttery cake. It’s in there! And, can you not get enough of marshmallowy goodness. Yep, it’s in there too!

So, if you are a sweet and salty lover. You definitely need to add these bars to your easy Halloween treat list!

easy Halloween treats

I am seriously drooling over the caramel goodness in these Caramel Apple Cupcakes by Baking Beauty. You had me, and will always have me at caramel! Where are my caramel lovers at?

These cupcakes are super duper easy to make, and they look like a million bucks! Be sure to add these delectable dessert table at your Halloween party!

easy Halloween treats

You cannot get any easier than with these Halloween Orange Scream Pudding Cups by must Have Mom. And, they are super cool too! All the kids will ohhh and ahhh in Halloween delight!

Plus, can you ever go wrong with pudding and Oreos? The answer is no…always no! First off, Oreos are amazing on their own. But, through in some white chocolate pudding mixed with orange scream milk. Ummm total deliciousness!


easy Halloween treats

All your party guest will be on the prowl to taste these easy Black Cat Cupcakes by Val Event Gal. They are so cute! And could anything be more appropriate for Halloween than black cat cupcakes?

And, don’t let the decorating intimidate you. These easy cupcakes whip up easily with a star tip for your piping bag! I have to say I celebrate the star tip. It is so versatile when decorating a cake or cupcake.

easy Halloween treats

You can’t find an easier Halloween treat than these Meringue Ghosts by Modern Day Homemaker. And, my gosh these are just about the cutest ghosts ever!

If you haven’t made meringue before let me tell you, it is super duper easy. And the melt in your mouth creaminess cannot be beat! These meringue ghosts will be a hit for sure at your Halloween party!

easy Halloween treats

These Halloween Monster Treats by Hustle Mom Repeat are as delicious as they are easy. Using only Swiss rolls, and icing. These Halloween treats can be made in mere minutes!

I mean I truly don’t think you can find an easier Halloween treat than these. And, who doesn’t love a Swiss roll? Clearly, if Swiss rolls are wrong then I don’t want to be right.


easy Halloween treats

Kids will go wild at your Halloween party over these Halloween Witch Hats Edible Treat Boxes by Mom Foodie. A quick and easy Halloween treat with a fun surprise inside!

Y’all these edible treat boxes are so cool! Ice cream cones are used to make the pointy part of these witch hats. And, there is empty space inside of those cones. So, you can put candy, stickers, or whatever your heart desires in these wicked treats!

These will definitely be making an appearance at Willow’s preschool Halloween party! Those kids are going to lose their minds over the awesomeness!

easy Halloween treats

Let it be known that you cannot go wrong with a truffle. If you are a truffle pro then you already know that they are crazy easy to make too! And, how incredibly cute are these Oreo Bat Truffles by A Few Shortcuts?

I didn’t even know a bat could be cute until I saw these. And, now I kind of want one. Okay, not really. But, I would happily devour these in a hot minute.

When you combine chocolate and Oreos. Everyone will want to be your new Halloween treat bestie!


easy Halloween treats

Did you know that you can make a spooky treat with Kit Kat bars? Well, you can now with these Halloween Kit Kat Bars by Val Event Gal are as cute as they are easy to make!

First off, hello. You are probably going to be handing out Kit Kat bars left and right to trick or treaters. So, while they are on hand. Why not make these easy and delicious treats for Halloween?

easy Halloween treats

If you are in need of another incredibly easy Halloween treat, then check out these No Bake Mummy Haystack Cookies by Inspiring Savings. Seriously, she had all of us at no bake!

There is something magical about no bake anything. It is right there in the name…no bake! You don’t have to worry about heating up the kitchen, and becoming a hot and sweaty mess. Or, sit around waiting for things to bake.

The only tough part is waiting for your delicious concoction to set.


easy Halloween treats

Everyone will love these unique Vampire Cookies by The Joys of Boys! These adorable vampire cookies are made with Oreos, white chocolate, and some icing.

Have you figured out yet that I may or may not be obsessed with Oreos? Clearly, I may have a problem.

Okay but really, these cookies are really easy to make. And, they look fantastic! All of your Halloween party guests will gobble these cookies up quickly.


easy Halloween treats

These RIP Halloween Dessert Shooters by Happy Foods Tube represent that I have myself together vibe. Which is not at all necessary. Listen, fake it till you make it lady! That is the way we roll!

Seriously, these shooters are incredibly beautiful! And you wouldn’t believe how super easy they are to make!

All you need to do is put some pudding in a shooter, and throw some crushed up Oreos on top. And, the gravestones are just lady fingers with melted chocolate on top. See, easy peasy!

easy Halloween treats

All the praise hands for these simple and easy Halloween Spider Web Cupcakes by Happy Foods Tube. Everyone loves a good cupcake. And, bonus points if they are cutely decorated.

And, these cupcakes are no exception. The spider webs are super easy to create too. But if you are nervous about recreating these…which you shouldn’t be…Julia walks you through it with her step by step decorating tutorial. Thanks Julia!


easy Halloween treats

Any Walking Dead fans here? Or, zombie fans in general? I think there is something mystifyingly creepy about zombies. But, that may be just me. I digress.

These Zombie Eye Pretzels by Coupon Cravings are a ridiculously easy Halloween treat. Like you can make them in less than 5 minutes easy! So, for all you last minute mamas…this one is for you! 😉


easy Halloween treats

Again, I don’t think I can truly express my adoration for cake pops! They are so easy to make, and you cannot mess them up! Really you can’t. I don’t think it is possible.

And, how cute are these Mummy Cake Pops by Centsable Momma for your Halloween party! All you need is cake, frosting, white chocolate, and black icing gel. These adorable cake pops can be whipped up in no time!


easy Halloween treats

You will never go wrong with the tried and true dessert choice of brownies! Kids love them, and adults who know what’s up love them too! They are a for sure crowd favorite.

And, I’m sorry but did you know that you can make brownies with Oreos on top? Say whaatttt? I am ashamed to admit that I did not even know this was a thing. Where has it been all my life?

Introducing these incredible Halloween Brownies by Mommy Evolution! Oh, and those tombstones that look crazy hard to make. They are candy! Seriously y’all Jennifer is a genius!


easy Halloween treats

If you need a really really easy Halloween treat look no further than these Witches Brooms by The Mommyhood Life.

I mean Reeses cups, icing, pretzel stick. Wash, rinse, repeat! That is one crazy easy dessert.

I love the ideas of these on fun display at your Halloween party dessert table. I think that hey would be really cute in random clusters, spread out throughout the display.

easy Halloween treats

Dirt cups are by far a kids favorite treat! An, what is not to love? They are cute and tasty!

Lucky for you, they are crazy easy to make too! So, if you are a dirt cup fan like me, be sure to check out these Zombie Dirt Cups by Sugar, Spice, and Family Life.

How cool are those zombie hands creeping up from the dirt? Jasper would lose his mind over these things!


  • Halloween Cookie Recipes

Cookies are hands down a crowd favorite! And, why shouldn’t they be. Soft and chewy, or crispy and crunchy. Cookies are handheld deliciousness in every bite.

So, if you are a cookie fan be sure to check out these easy and delicious Halloween cookie recipes. And, if you aren’t please tell me why? And how? No judgement at all I just really want to know how you cannot possibly like cookies.


easy Halloween treats

Alright, let’s take a moment to talk about peanut butter cookies. First off, they are amazing! They are my hands down favorite cookie of all time. You get the sweetness of the cookie base mixed with salty peanut butter. Ummm, it is basically perfection in your mouth.

And with these perfectly cute Halloween Spider Cookies by Cincy Shopper, you get a peanut butter cookie topped with a Reeses cup! Let that soak in for a minute. Peanut butter cookie with extra peanut butter and chocolate. Yessss!


easy Halloween treats

Everyone loves a great sugar cookie too! They are buttery and delicious, and melt in your mouth!

And, how cute are these Candy Corn Sugar Cookies by Joyfully Thriving? They would make the perfect addition to your Halloween party. Or, send them to your child’s school for Halloween!


easy Halloween treats

Calling all ‘oh no today is Halloween, and I completely forgot to make anything for the Halloween party’ people! Listen, we have all been there!

These Ghoulish Ghost Dip Cookies by Two Kids and a Coupon are for you! This recipe uses Nutter Butter cookies dipped in melted white chocolate. Then, you just add a little bit of icing. This is a seriously easy Halloween treat!


easy Halloween treats

If you like to kick off Halloween with more of a traditional take, then you should make these Candy Corn Cookies by Baking Beauty.

Warning, these cookies are definitely sweet. They use candy corn and white chocolate in the cookie base. But, my gosh are they crazy yummy! And, really easy to make too!

easy Halloween treats

I am loving these awesome Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein Monster Cookies by Moms Who Save. Aren’t they so neat? And pretty unique too!

Again, using the Nutter Butter dunking method, these cookies are really easy to make. But, they look like you spent hours creating a masterpiece. Gotta love that!


easy Halloween treats

These Frankenstein Sugar Cookies by Raking in the Savings are a perfect Halloween treat idea for a school party!

Now, if you are not an avid cookie decorator than these cookies may intimidate you. But, don’t let them do that! They are way easier to make than they look.

I used to be really intimidated by cookies like this. And, trust me my guidelines for decorating anything are it must be easy! Once, I tackled the cookie decorating beast I was able to learn that it is really easy!

So go ahead and get your cookie decorating game on. And, just so you know, Raking in the Savings walks you through the decorating process in the directions!

Wrapping Up

You now have 35 insanely easy Halloween treat ideas, that you can whip up in no time! And, you are going to look like a total Halloween treat rock star at all the festivities!

Tell me, which ones are your favorites? I gotta say that I love them all, but I am a sucker for a cake pop! 😉


These easy Halloween treats are perfect for kids school parties, and for adults too! With spider Halloween treats, and even no bake Halloween dessert ideas! Keep reading to find the perfect DIY Halloween treat for you!

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